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If you want to do some cleaning on your own, we are here to help you with some handy tips. We can also provide you with expert advice from our experienced cleaners. Like some pointers on spot cleaning of the walls, cleaning the windows leaving no marks, and removing soap scum from the shower screen. You will be amazed at learning how simple things can change the entire look of your house.

cropped image of a man wiping a gas stove with a rag

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Stove Naturally?

  • Georgia
  • 28 July 2020

Cleaning your cooking stove is a crucial activity which should be performed daily for maintaining hygiene and cooking safely. An unclean stove not only harbours...

How to Get Your Full Bond Back At The End of Tenancy?

  • Georgia
  • 27 July 2020

Moving out of a rental apartment is a stressful process, but the thought of losing your full bond money can be really upsetting. Being a...

a happy couple sitting on the floor in their kitchen
cropped image of two person exchanging Australian currency

What Can Landlord Deduct From Your Security Deposit?

  • Georgia
  • 24 July 2020

One of the biggest concerns of any tenant moving out of a rented property is to receive his/her security deposit or bond money which is...

10 Ways You're Cleaning Your Bathroom All Wrong

  • Georgia
  • 21 July 2020

A clean and germ-free bathroom requires deep cleaning once a week to prevent infections and illness. It is good to spend more time on sprucing...

cropped image of a woman wiping the bathroom floor with a wiper
cropped image of a young woman vacuuming a carpet

Your Regular Carpet Maintenance Checklist

  • Georgia
  • 20 July 2020

Different types of carpets as flooring have their own advantages and limitations. It is a heavy textile that covers the floors to add comfort and...

9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Vacate Cleaners

  • Georgia
  • 16 July 2020

Moving out of a rented property is never easy since a host of activities need to be completed to manage the movement successfully. Among the...

a young man wiping a window glass with a rag