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We are experts in offering vacate cleaning in Ashfield and other prominent suburbs of Perth. Our cleaners come equipped with all the required tools to eliminate all the dirt and grime from the hard-to-reach surfaces. You can contact our support team to get a customised package that is priced according to the size of the property and its condition.

Professional Vacate Cleaning in Ashfield

Vacate cleaning experts can prove to be saviours when you need the bond urgently to manage the moving expenses. Hiring professionals ensures the inspection goes smoothly and the property owner does not claim the bond. Experienced cleaners are aware of the expectations of the property managers and meet them perfectly. They have the right tools and use appropriate techniques to remove dirt, debris and grease from the rented property. This is why most tenants prefer hiring our end of lease cleaning Ashfield services that come with a bond back guarantee for 7 days (Ts and Cs apply). We even offer a free re-clean within 72 hours if there is any inconsistency in our services. Our detailed cleaning service encompasses the entire property including kitchen appliances like oven and BBQ and bathroom fixtures. Ashfield is a residential suburb surrounded by Swan River and has various beautiful fine-dining restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and a busy shopping strip. If you are planning to move here, we can help you with the cleaning chores.

We are a highly recommended vacate cleaning company in Ashfield. If you are looking for the best bond cleaning service, contact us.


We are a well-known name in the cleaning industry of Perth and a popular name in Ashfield. The following factors have helped us to create a unique identity.
Organised Cleaning Methods

To provide comprehensive end of lease cleaning in Ashfield, we make sure that our professionals follow industry benchmarks and a pre-approved cleaning checklist. It showcases the quality of our service and the customer-centric nature of our business
Trained and Verified Cleaners

Being a reliable vacate cleaning company in Ashfield, all our cleaners are appropriately trained so that they can take on any challenges. And keeping in mind the safety concerns of our valued clients, all our employees are police verified.
Eco- friendly Products

We, at Bond Cleaning in Perth, do not use any chemical based commercial cleaning products. By following and promoting Green cleaning methods, we ensure that you get a safe and eco-friendly cleaning experience.
Bond Back Guarantee

We always give the best possible cleaning service to our customers, and thus, we offer a bond back guarantee for 7 days (Ts & Cs apply). If required, we re-clean the property within 72 hours to resolve any concerns and help you get the bond money back.
Cost-effective service

This is another crucial factor that makes us a highly recommended name in the market. As we look to build a long-term relationship with our clients, we do not charge any additional amount besides the upfront quote. So, our services are affordable for everybody.

Contact our customer support team to get all the vital information regarding our vacate cleaning service in Ashfield.




Situated in the heart of Perth city, Ashfield is a beautiful, affordable and relaxed region offering top-class amenities, a fully-developed residential area and heritage sites. It has the best schools, gyms, fitness centres, healthcare facilities and other local facilities. The median price for a 3-bedroom house is around $483,000, and the rent is $360 per week. If you are planning to move within the suburb, we can help you achieve the best end of lease cleaning Ashfield. We ensure your tenancy ends amicably with our exceptional service that gets the bond back and helps you enjoy the move to your new home.



We are one of the most reputed companies for end of lease cleaning in Ashfield and its suburbs. Our cleaners are appropriately screened by the local police and trained effectively to offer exemplary services to our esteemed clients. They also keep the health and safety standards in mind while performing the cleaning tasks to prevent injuries and damage to property. To make sure our clients get the best vacate cleaning in Ashfield, our professionals use advanced cleaning tools and products. They clean every corner of the property thoroughly with extendable rods and sticks that can be used on heights and in remote crannies.



Our commitment to quality is perhaps the biggest reason why we are considered one of the best services for vacate cleaning in Ashfield. Thanks to our experienced team of bond cleaning professionals, industry-grade machinery and advanced methods, we provide top-quality cleaning at an affordable price, which makes every dollar spent worthwhile. Our indisputable quality has helped us get the bond back for several customers without any problems. We respond quickly to your concerns and customise the process for your convenience. Our friendly and professional staff members listen to your needs and provide the service you desire within your budget.

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Get Your Bond Back Easily

It is a well-known fact that all tenants have to clean their rental properties before moving out to ensure they get the bond money back. Thanks to our team of highly experienced professionals, renters no longer have to deal with unrealistic demands and let go of their bonds. Our vacate cleaners in Ashfield are fully aware of the industry standards for cleaning at the end of the tenancy and ensure the house is returned to its original condition, barring fair wear and tear. We have years of experience in the field and have never dissatisfied our clients because we value your trust. Our mission is to help you glide through the tough period by shouldering all the responsibility of cleaning and sanitising the house.


We perform end of lease cleaning in Ashfield with the help of top-of-the-line equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products that are completely safe and effective. We disinfect the toilets and kitchens using organic solutions that work wonders in removing all types of stains and grime without affecting the environment. Our tailored services involve using proven techniques that have been designed for different floorings and textures. The natural ingredients are non-toxic and do not create air or water pollution. We conduct a deep cleaning of the rental premises to leave no space untouched, even if it has been dirty for years and is loaded with stubborn stains. We work extremely hard and reduce the stress of our clients associated with vacate cleaning Perth chores to give them shining results. We are the one-stop destination for cleaning because we bring our own supplies and do not need supervision during the clean-up. Our successful track record showcases our progress and prowess in the industry and we continue to serve our clients with the best service


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