Bond Cleaning in Perth is a renowned company offering a complete range of cleaning solutions to home owners, tenants and businesses at the best price.



We provide affordable and safe end of lease cleaning!

Bond cleaning is a specialised service that needs thoroughness and precision to get the desired results. We, at Bond Cleaning In Perth, offer the same along with cost-effective prices. Our credibility can be gauged from the fact that we are recognised as a trusted cleaning partner by households and businesses in the city. With our bond back guarantee (Ts and Cs apply), you can rest assured about getting your deposit back without any trouble. We ensure the highest standard of cleaning by training our teams in in-depth disinfection and sanitisation techniques and equipping them with all the required tools. Our eco-friendly approach delivers scintillating results without putting any burden on the environment.

Our Unparalleled Service Tops All Aspects of a Perfect Vacate Clean!

We make your leased property look neat and inviting with our superior effort. Call us today to get a free quote.



You can count on us when it comes to cleaning every part of the house or office with efficiency. Our vacate cleaners in Perth follow a detailed and methodical approach to clean up your rented place.


Vacate Cleaning Perth

We work in compliance with the REIWA approved cleaning standards which help us to satisfy the needs of the property managers. Our comprehensive cleaning covers everything from bathroom sanitisation to kitchen disinfection and general dusting. The mission of our cleaners is to get your bond back by putting their best foot forward.


Oven & BBQ Cleaning Perth

Oven and BBQ are the dirtiest surfaces in the house as they are subjected to daily use with minimal cleaning. Oil vapours, food particles,stuck or burnt crusts and dirt and dust make them unhygienic and full of grunge. Our bond cleaners in Perth use organic cleaning products to clean all the removable parts and the inside and the outer surface of these appliances to allow hygienic and healthy cooking.


Office Cleaning Perth

Businesses planning to relocate are under a lot of pressure to restart everything in a new place and inform the clients about the same.Cleaning the premises is an important part of the relocation as it helps in getting the bond back. Thus most entrepreneurs rely on our competent and knowledgeable vacate cleaners in Perth to transform their rented office space. We spare no effort in cleaning every nook and cranny and bringing it back to its original condition.


Spring Cleaning Perth

House cleaning before a get-together or a party can be difficult to accomplish as you have to run errands and take care of the food and drinks.Thus it is best to leave the task to professionals who are adept at grooming your living spaces to make them appealing and inviting. Whether you need assistance with spring cleaning or an after-party clean-up, we are equipped to handle all kinds of dirt and dust. Call us today to give a makeover to your residence.


Carpet Cleaning Perth

Carpets make or break the impression that you are trying to create on the property manager on the day of the inspection. If the carpets are stainedand unclean, then you can forget about getting the bond back. You need specialists to spruce up the floor coverings with heavy-duty vacuuming, spot cleaning of stains and sanitisation. Our deep cleaning methods ensure that all the dust stuck in the inner layers of the carpets and the pet hair, food particles and dirt accumulated on the surface are removed effectively.

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Our local bond cleaners are verified by the police and are fully insured. You can trust them to reach any corner of the city and its adjoining suburbs without any delay in the timelines.


Our valuable clients take the centre-stage in all our processes. We make the customised packages work according to their desires and utilise proven cleaning strategies to achieve the results.


Contact Us For A Quote

Our customers can contact us on 08 7078 0067 and get an obligation-free quote from our support team. Also, the first bond clean comes with...


The Cleaners Take Up The Job

We utilise cutting-edge tools and our proven methods to clean-up your property within the specified timeframe.


Completion and Feedback

We put emphasis on customer feedback to understand their satisfaction levels and provide a free re-clean within 5 days if they are not happy.


Happy Customers


Service Guarantee


Experienced Cleaners


Property Cleaned


Here are the commonly asked questions about our services and pricing policy which will help you to get all the answers.

The cost of bond cleaning entirely depends upon the size of the property and how messy it is. The average cost of cleaning a 1-bed and 1-bath unit is around $250. The cost of cleaning a 3-bed and 2-bath unit is close to $400 and that of a 2-bedroom unit is approximately $300. To get a customised quote, you must call us on 08 7078 0067 today.
Booking vacate cleaning in Perth is quite simple. Here is what you need to do.
  • You just have to fill out the ‘Request a quote’ form on our website or call us on 08 7078 0067 to start the process.
  • Our support team will be happy to assist you with your queries and provide you with an upfront costing. The price is based on the size of your rented property. If you need additional services, then it will be added to the cost.
  • You can then pick a date to book the cleaning service as we offer flexible scheduling.
  • Our cleaners arrive at your doorstep on the desired date along with all the equipment and supplies.
  • You can get your leased property cleaned quickly and effortlessly with our efficient cleaners on the job.
  • We scrub, mop, sweep, vacuum and remove all the dust, grease and dirt from every corner to create a sanitised space.
  • After we are finished, we ask you to examine the property and then we take your leave.
  • If your landlord is dissatisfied with the service, then we can arrange for a free re-clean within 5 days. However, it rarely happens to us because we follow REIWA cleaning checklist and pay attention to every detail.
Whether you want to be present on the property during the bond clean or not depends on you entirely. However, it is preferable if you leave the property vacant so that our cleaners are not disturbed while working. They will inform you once the cleaning is finished, and you can then have a look at the property. Some of our clients keep the keys at a safe place for our cleaners to collect and go to work. You can also do the same or stay around to examine the property before we leave the premises. However, make sure that you do not bring pets and kids along during examination as they can quickly make the place dirty. We are fully capable of working in a dedicated manner without being monitored by the clients. Our cleaners are thorough professionals who are committed to maintaining quality and aim to get the bond back. They work tirelessly to spruce up the property and make it presentable for the final inspection. With our trusted service, you can take the day off and cover other chores related to the end of tenancy. We keep your instructions in mind and follow your requests carefully throughout the process.
Yes, we do require access to electricity and other essential amenities, such as hot water for cleaning. Here is why it is necessary.
  • It allows us to look into all the nooks and crannies in the dark areas like the garage and the laundry. Without power supply we will not be able to find the dust easily.
  • Electricity is also needed to use our mechanised tools including vacuum cleaners and carpet steam cleaners (if requested by the client).
  • Hot water helps in removal of grunge and grime effectively from trays of the oven and griller and the range hood filter.
  • We need water to make chemical-free soapy solutions and other cleaning solutions that are needed for wiping away dirt from several surfaces since we do not use commercial cleaners.
  • We also need water to wash the removable parts of appliances like ovens and BBQ that need hygienic cleaning for perfect sanitisation.
  • Thus if you are planning to disconnect the electricity and utilities before the cleaning, then you must inform us about the same.
  • We will then have to bring a generator and water tank to complete the tasks mentioned above. However, it will add to the final costing. Therefore it is recommended to keep the essential amenities connected until the cleaning.
Yes, we offer a bond back guarantee for 7 days (Ts and Cs apply). Our bond cleaners are adept at offering superior cleaning services which cover the entire property. We follow the REIWA approved cleaning checklist, which helps us to satisfy the expectations of the landlord or the property manager. You can rely on us to get your precious bond back without any hurdles in the process. Our immaculate cleaning ensures that you pass the final inspection without making any effort. With our bond back guarantee, you can relax through the process and leave your cleaning worries to us. We have the expertise, equipment and technique to transform your rented place into a spick and span residence. We are equally skilled in cleaning commercial spaces and offices. Thus if you are relocating in Perth or its surrounding suburbs, then you must make it a stress-free experience by hiring our capable cleaners.
Yes, you must remove all the furniture before the vacate cleaners take over the task of cleaning the rented premises. Here is why it is important to do so.
  • For the furnished apartments, you can leave the property as it was when you leased it. You should check for the inclusions and exclusions for bond cleaning of furnished properties on our site.
  • If the furniture will not be removed, then the cleaners will not be able to perfectly clean all the areas under the heavy items like beds and sofa.
  • It will be challenging for us to cover the carpets while vacuuming if your belongings are still on top of it.
  • Spaces behind the wardrobe and the refrigerator can be extremely filthy. Thus moving all the belongings is essential.
  • So make sure that you book the removalists before booking vacate cleaners in Perth so that we get a free space to clean and cover every inch of the property without any obstructions.
  • If the rented property has fixtures that belong to the landlord, such as light fittings, air conditioners, oven, BBQ, etc., then these need not be removed. We will clean them and bring them back to their original condition.
At Bond Cleaning In Perth, we provide a one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs, such as office cleaning, spring cleaning, oven and BBQ cleaning and carpet cleaning. Just give us a call and let us know about your requirements and we would be happy to assist you with our exceptional cleaning services. We have specialised teams for each task and they are adept at sprucing up a variety of surfaces, including glass, granite, tiles, wooden floors, mirrors, etc. They have been trained to clean without damaging or harming the texture or quality of the surfaces and items. You can trust us to provide you with the ultimate cleaning experience within your budget. We have the right tools to provide tender cleaning to delicate items like carpets and rugs. We also provide special and exclusive services like carpet steam cleaning which helps in restoring the shine of your floor coverings. Our systematic and proven methodologies along with high-tech tools let us perform the most appropriate cleaning. We are so sure of our efficiency that we provide a bond back guarantee for 7 days for end of lease cleaning in Perth. So whether you are looking for a quick clean-up before the holiday season or need to rejuvenate your carpets, you can contact us for all your cleaning needs
It is not necessary as vacate cleaning in Perth is the responsibility of the tenant. Here is what you need to do.
  • As soon as the landlord offers the notice to vacate, you need to start looking for a new leased property.
  • After finding one, you have to confirm the date of moving your belongings. You must book the vacate cleaners around this time to avoid the last-minute rush.
  • You don’t have to inform the landlord about the date of the cleaning. You only need to confirm the date of inspection with him.
  • Our professionals make sure that everything goes smoothly and your property manager is satisfied with the clean-up.
  • Our confidence in our work allows us to offer a bond back guarantee for 7 days (Ts and Cs apply). So you need not worry about your bond after hiring our end of lease cleaning service.
  • In case, the landlord is not happy with the cleaning, then you can inform us about it. We will arrange for a re-clean within the next five days without charging anything. However, we are sure that such a situation never arises.
  • We are always thorough with our work and do not disappoint you in any manner.
Yes, we use a REIWA approved cleaning checklist and also create a custom-made checklist to make sure that nothing is missed. At Bond Cleaning in Perth, we follow one simple rule which is to clean everything inside the property. For all the inclusions and exclusions, you can check out the vacate cleaning in Perth page on our website or contact our support team for the same. It helps us to follow a systematic cleaning procedure which covers every spot on the property. From the stove top in the kitchen to the ceiling fans in the bedrooms, we clean everything from top to bottom. The customisation of the checklist allows us to include your preferences in the process. For instance, if you want the windows to be cleaned first, then we can follow your instructions and do that for you. Besides these special requests, our tailored packages allow us to accommodate additional services which are not a part of our inclusions. We add the cost of these services in the final price and provide it to you upfront at the time of booking. If you need to get your rented property cleaned, then you can contact us today to book vacate cleaning at an affordable price
There are no standard timelines for bond cleaning as the duration depends on the size of the property and its condition. You can get a fair idea about the timeframes in the list below.
  • Bond cleaning usually takes up to 10 hours for a 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom house. On the other hand, a 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom unit takes around 6 to 8 hours.
  • However, this is an average estimate as the time required to complete the task is dependent on the condition of the property, the number of rooms and its dimensions.
  • We note down the size of the leased property over the phone and provide you with the expected duration of the clean-up upfront.
  • It can increase if the house is extremely dirty or has not been cleaned for months. However, you must honestly inform us about the condition at the beginning so that we provide you with the exact timeline and costing.
  • The duration can decrease if you do not want us to cover the garage and the patio. We can reduce the price accordingly.
  • If you plan to add some extra services like pest control, pressure cleaning and upholstery cleaning, then the duration will be increased as these specialised services take time.
Bond Cleaning in Perth has been servicing the city and the suburbs for the longest time. Our professionals are locally recruited individuals who are trained extensively in all cleaning techniques and processes. We use only eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning supplies to ensure minimum pollution. Our fully insured and police verified workers utilise the REIWA approved cleaning checklist. They customise the clean-up to accommodate your requirements and give the best possible service. Our bond back guarantee for 7 days gives you the peace of mind you need when you hire professionals for the job.
Our cleaning checklist covers every nook and cranny of the property, including the light switches, exhaust fans, air conditioner, rangehood, BBQ etc. Our professionals are equipped with state-of-the-art tools that allow them to remove grease, grunge, dust, stubborn stains, and debris easily. They use heavy-duty vacuum cleaners to eliminate the fluff, dirt, dust, and dander from the deepest layers of the carpets and rugs. They use warm water and organic solutions to degrease the cooktop, rangehood filter and trays and racks of the oven. They have sponges, dusters, squeegees, and telescopic rods to reach the hidden corners and drive out dust.


Bond cleaning in Perth is a well-recognised cleaning company which has been catering to the growing cleaning demands of the residents and businesses in the region. Our proficient workforce is skilled in creating neat and tidy spaces and that is the reason we give you a Bond Back Guarantee for 7 Days. If your property manager finds any flaws with cleaning, we send our team again for a free re-clean.

Our cleaners have been vetted by the local police and are fully insured which means you can trust them with your rented space. They have been in the cleaning industry for several years and have helped various types of tenants to get their bond back. Our experience helps us to understand the requirements of the clients and their landlords with ease. With our proven processes and high-end cleaning tools, we are able to achieve the best output in the least time.

Our diversified cleaning services go way beyond bond cleaning and include other special services like spring cleaning, office cleaning, BBQ and oven cleaning, and carpet cleaning. We always aim for customer satisfaction and go above and beyond to bring the bond back without getting into any confrontations with the landlord or the real estate agent. Plus, our eco-friendly products ensure that we do not harm the surroundings and work to the best of our ability. Thus if you are looking for professional end of lease cleaners in Perth, then we are just a phone call away. We are sure that our competitive prices will make you come back for repeat work.



Why Are We Different


With the assistance of highly skilled and experienced cleaning professionals, we have earned the reputation of being the NO.1 BOND CLEANING COMPANY in Perth for a reason.

Know-How and Capability

Our team has been working in the cleaning industry for years and happen to know every trick of the trade. We are aware of the requirements of the property managers and work hard to meet their needs with our knowledge and competence.


Organic Cleaning

Our cleaning products are purely biodegradable and non-toxic. These natural cleaning solutions are strong enough to disinfect and sanitise a variety of dirty surfaces without affecting the environment.


Vetted and Trained Cleaners

We have a team of highly-certified, vetted and fully-trained cleaners who have years of experience in cleaning all types and sizes of properties. They love what they do!


Household cleaning is cumbersome and challenging. We help you to simplify the chore by offering expert guidance in the form of our cleaning tips on a variety of cleaning methods.

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