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Nothing disturbs tenants more than the idea of losing the deposit. With our vacate cleaners in Perth on your side, you can forget about the stress of the bond getting withheld. Most of our customers rely on our excellent service and expert vacate cleaning in Thornlie to get the bond back. Our 100% service guarantee gives them a relaxed and effortless move.

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Nestled 15 kilometres south-east of the Central Business District, Thornlie is a densely populated suburb of Perth, WA. It is a large residential region offering super-affordable housing options with all top-class amenities. People can witness the beauty of the Canning River, which passes through the northern side of Thornlie. Being a dormitory suburb, it connects well with other regions of the city via public transport links. There are various fantastic restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs, parks, boutiques, art and music scenes, swimming pools, sports recreational areas, gyms etc. The total population is 23,153, and this will grow further with the constant development of residential and commercial areas. From spacious houses to villas, cottages to apartments, you will explore different types of dwellings in the region. Rental properties are also in demand among families and young couples. If you are at the end of your tenancy, hire a reliable vacate cleaning company in Perth like us.

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Want to clean the rental property before moving out? Allow our vacate cleaners in Thornlie to do the job flawlessly at an affordable price.


Bond Cleaning in Perth has emerged as one of the leaders of this industry owing to the unmatched services we offer and the expertise we showcase.

To ensure we are providing our clients with the best possible cleaning service and not compromising on quality, we strictly follow the REIWA-approved checklist. This helps us to get your bond money back without any dispute.

Being a highly recommended end of lease cleaning company in Thornlie, we are committed to quality service and provide the best possible results to our clients. To achieve this we use high-tech cleaning machines and innovative methods.

Our vacate cleaning service in Thornlie has been specifically designed to make it affordable for all our clients. As we look to build long-term relationships with our clients, we do not charge any additional amount or extra fee.

We are confident about the vacate cleaning quality we provide to our clients, and thus we offer bond back guarantee (Ts & Cs apply). We have helped numerous clients in Thornlie to get their deposit back.

We have vast experience in providing high-quality vacate cleaning service to our clients. We have received a lot of appreciation for our quality, affordable price, reliable service and friendly customer support.

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Home to Thronile Square Shopping Centre, the suburb is a vibrant place where you can live and raise your family. It has the city’s best schools, hospitals, restaurants, cafes, parks, gyms, and much more. When it comes to public transport modes, there are bus services and a passenger rail service that terminates at Thornlie railway station. Both the services connect well with other regions of Perth. The residential property market is also performing well because of affordable prices. The median price for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house is $345,000 and the rent for the same is $350 per week in the suburb.



The market is flooded with various cleaning products to keep your home clean and sparkling. The strong chemicals in these solutions make the floors, countertops, and toilets germ-free, but it is also harmful if inhaled or touched by the vacate cleaning professionals. That is why, we only use eco-friendly cleaning products and recommend them to all our clients in Thornlie. Eco-friendly products not only protect our employees but also keep our environment clean.



We have a team of highly experienced and technically sound professionals. We train them and conduct tests to analyse their progress. They are aware of all the latest cleaning methods and equipped with modern machinery to ensure high-quality services for vacate clean in Perth and suburbs. Thanks to their years of experience, our bond cleaners are aware of the specific things the landlords and property managers look for during the final inspection.

Give Your Property the Makeover It Requires

If you are moving out, it is not easy to clean the rented property on your own. Not only you will feel exhausted, but also lose the bond money as you will fail to match the professional standard. Allow our vacate cleaning experts in Thornlie to finish the cleaning job so that you can get the bond money back (Ts & Cs apply).


First Step: If you are looking for high-quality vacate cleaning service in Thornlie, call our dedicated customer support team. Discuss your requirements, and they will give you an instant quote. If you have any questions or confusion regarding the services, you can clear your doubts. So, here you can book our service on a specific date and time. Second Step: Once you have booked our service, we send our experienced vacate cleaning professionals to your property for a comprehensive cleaning. To ensure we are not compromising on quality, our bond cleaning experts follow a cleaning checklist approved by the REIWA. Do not worry about their authenticity as they are all policed verified cleaners. Third and Final Step: Once our professionals are done with the job, we take your feedback to ensure your home is clean and you are satisfied with our service. We can even send our cleaners back to your house if you are not happy with the cleaning standards.


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