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If you want to do some cleaning on your own, we are here to help you with some handy tips. We can also provide you with expert advice from our experienced cleaners. Like some pointers on spot cleaning of the walls, cleaning the windows leaving no marks, and removing soap scum from the shower screen. You will be amazed at learning how simple things can change the entire look of your house.

a bowl and a spoon full of baking soda

7 Things You Should Never Clean With Baking Soda

  • Georgia
  • 22 October 2020

Baking soda is an excellent ingredient to clean your household surfaces. Unlike commercial products, this multipurpose cleaner is very cheap and cause no harm to...

How Much Does End Of Tenancy Cleaning Cost?

  • Georgia
  • 20 October 2020

Have you been dreading the end of your lease? For most of us, the end of the tenancy is easily one of the busiest and...

young woman with a blue apron standing in a kitchen with a bucket and a wiper
group of young professionals sprucing up a house

7 Step Process For End Of Lease Cleaning

  • Georgia
  • 14 October 2020

When you move out of a rental property, one of the important things that you need to do is cleaning the property thoroughly. From the...

Minimalist Halloween Decor & Cleaning Tips

  • Georgia
  • 13 October 2020

October is the Halloween month and right from its beginning, most people start getting excited about the spooky festival. You put decorations and cook good...

young kids enjoying the Halloween fest
young woman spraying something on a window glass

Window Cleaning Tips: How Often Do You Need To Clean Windows?

  • Georgia
  • 6 October 2020

Cleaning the windows in your house or apartment is integral for maintaining overall appearance and hygiene of your property. People sanitise the interiors of their...

How Should You Clean A Rental House Before Moving?

  • Georgia
  • 30 September 2020

The excitement of moving to a new place can quickly disappear if you realise that cleaning of your rental property has not been done yet....

Young man with a broom and a woman with flower pot standing inside of a house