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Located just 6kms north-east of the city’s CBD, Bedford is a prominent suburb of Perth offering high-end amenities and tons of housing options. It is a low-density residential region with a total population of only 5,438 people. The suburb is home to Beaufort Park, Grand Promenade Reserve, Lawn Bowls Club, RA Cook Reserve, Browns Lake Reserve, and various renowned religious places. There is a popular Galleria Shopping Centre, and other small shopping strips along with cafes, restaurants and art scenes. The close proximity to the CBD makes Bedford a perfect suburb for settlement. All types and sizes of residential properties are in the process of buying, selling and renting. The increasing demand for rented properties in the suburb has also raised demand for a thorough vacate cleaning service. With Bond Cleaning in Perth as your vacate cleaning partner, you do not need to worry about anything as our experienced bond cleaning professionals in Bedford are committed to high-quality cleaning. Our excellent cleaning service ensures that our clients get the bond money back (Ts & Cs apply) without getting involved in any trouble with the property managers or other inspection agents.

Hire the Best Bond Cleaning Professionals!

To assist you get the bond money back, we have the best end of lease cleaning team in Bedford.


Bond Cleaning in Perth is a reliable name in vacate cleaning industry. With years of experience and trained professionals, we are offering numerous advantages at the same time.

This is the most significant aspect of our success. We use advanced tools and the latest methods for cleaning which ensures the best possible results for our clients. We follow a checklist for cleaning that has been approved by the REIWA.

Our reliability is what gives us an edge over other service providers. We make sure you get the best quality and prompt vacate cleaning service in Bedford. Once we are done, we take your feedback to see if you are satisfied with our service or not.

We do not use commercial cleaning products and never recommend the same to our clients. These solutions have harmful chemicals that are not safe for the environment and our cleaners. Thus, we only use eco-friendly products to provide vacate cleaning in Bedford.

We do not charge any additional amount from our clients besides the final quote provided during the first call. Our services are affordable and thus everyone can use them. Being a professional end of lease cleaning company in Bedford, we don’t compromise on quality.

With our vast experience in the field and technically sound professionals, we make sure that you get the bond money back (Ts & Cs apply). We are aware of the specific things the inspection agents look for and cover them with caution during the clean-up.

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Surrounded by beautiful views, high-rise buildings and lush-green spaces, Bedford is a perfect suburb for families with kids, retired individuals, working professionals and young couples. It has a number of single-family detached homes, with various commercial developments and a full-fledged shopping strip. The suburb offers top-class schools, including St Peter’s Primary School, St Mark’s College, etc. Travelling from or to the suburb has also become easy with Transperth routes 66 and 950 and other rail services. The median property price for a 3-bedroom house is around $650,000 and the rent is $445 PW in this peaceful suburb.



As we are one of the best vacate cleaning company in Bedford, we ensure you get a comprehensive cleaning service. Our professional cleaners cover the entire property and religiously follow the REIWA approved checklist for cleaning. From light fittings, fans, air conditioners, light switches, power points, skirting and architraves to standard blinds, rails and cords, we clean everything. Our experts properly vacuum the carpets and mop the hardwood floors.



With our highly experienced end of lease cleaners in Bedford, we offer proven cleaning services which avoid any dispute with the landlord/property agent. They work according to the needs of the clients and ensure that you get the bond money back (Ts & Cs apply). Our experts are specialised in cleaning, sanitising, organising, deodorising and disinfecting the rented property using the best tools and latest methods.

No Hidden Costs

We are a reputed vacate cleaning company in Bedford, and thus we value our customers, and their satisfaction is our primary concern. When you book our service, our customer support team provides the quote upfront and explains all the charges that you need to pay. Apart from that, you don’t pay for anything else.


The vacate cleaning companies usually use the commercial cleaning products to remove the stubborn dirt from tiles of the kitchen, toilet floors and so on. But they do not realise the harmful effects of chemical-based products on the environment and the people using them. We, at Bond Cleaning in Perth, do not use any such products and never recommend it to our clients. Our vacate cleaning experts in Bedford use environmentally-friendly products that do not release toxic particles in the air and water. Thus, if you want a clean and healthy bond cleaning experience, contact us today. By using these eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we not only keep the environment clean and healthy but also protect our end of lease cleaners. Chemical-based products can have an ill-effect on the eyes of the users, who can also experience skin-related problems. Thus, we always use safe products and recommend green cleaning to our clients in Bedford.


Household cleaning is cumbersome and challenging. We help you to simplify the chore by offering expert guidance in the form of our cleaning tips on a variety of cleaning methods.

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