5 Golden Rules for Home Cleaning

smiling woman mopping the floor

5 Golden Rules for Home Cleaning

By : Georgia
Home is our safe haven, our comfort zone. We cannot get enough of this space which warms our heart after a fun family dinner or fills us with excitement after a pillow fight with kids. We all love coming back to our lovely abode after a long day of work. However, the bliss is quickly turned into aversion when we are welcomed by piles of clothes on the couch, dirty dishes in the basin, dust-laden carpets, stained floors and stinking bathrooms. Making matters worse is our hectic schedule and lack of energy to clean the mess up which is why hiring an end of lease cleaning company in Perth is such a brilliant idea. In case you have been planning to take matters into your own hands and deal with the grime over the weekend, you need to follow the five golden rules of home cleaning. Smart work is more fruitful than hard work, so avoid hurting your muscles and begin the cleaning routine in a quick and simplified manner. It is also a good idea to ask your spouse and kids to pitch in and help you with the chores. If that does not happen, then fold your sleeves, put on your headphones and begin the dirty work.

1.  Follow the Top-Down Approach

Start from the top floor and find your way down while cleaning the house. In the rooms, begin with removing the cobwebs from the ceilings and dusting the fans. It is important to take this approach otherwise all the dust from the ceiling will fall on the cleaned furniture beneath and double up your work. So always go from top to bottom.

2.  Don’t Procrastinate

Here is a quick fix for cleaning tough and stubborn stains like gravy on the carpet or a wine spill on the couch. Make it a point to jump at the sight of a stain with your sponge and cleaning solution to avoid drying up of the blot. It is easiest to remove such stains when they are still fresh. If you delay, then you must get used to looking at permanently stained upholstery and several health conditions in the family due to the growth of bacteria.

3.  Start With Dusting

Every cleanup routine has a set of dry cleaning activities like dusting and vacuuming and another set of wet cleaning jobs like glass spray cleaning and mopping. Ideally, you must cover the dry tasks first so that the dust particles floating in the air do not get settled on the wet surfaces which have been wiped with a solution. Otherwise, you will witness dust descending on the glass-tops as soon as you are finished vacuuming the room.

4.  Begin With the Easy Work

If you are starting off the cleaning routine with the scrubbing of the floors, you are going to get drained midway. So don’t put too much pressure on your body and take things easy. Vacuum the place and then sit in one place to wipe off the dust from the decorative items. Resting your legs will give you strength to get back on your toes to finish the mopping. Do not use harsh chemicals or steel cleaners that can damage the surfaces to hurry up with the task. Be gentle and use only environment-friendly products.

5.  Divide the Work Around the House

With the tight schedules and kids wreaking havoc in the house, it is almost impossible to clean the entire place in one go. Take it one at a time, which means start with the bedrooms first, then use the next spare time of the week to clean the living room followed by the kitchen and the garage. This way you won’t be spending too much energy and time in doing one chore. If you are expecting guests, then it is a better idea to call a cleaning company in Perth to do the job for you.


An important thing to remember when you are cleaning your house is to use proper safety measures such as wearing gloves and using chemical-free products. Read the directions given on the labels before going ahead with the cleaning, and you will be sorted for the day. If this all seems a bit too overwhelming, then you can always call the professionals cleaners for a quick makeover of the house.