8 Effective Uses of Magic Eraser

cropped image of a woman wiping bathtub with magic eraser

8 Effective Uses of Magic Eraser

By : Georgia
The Magic Eraser is like a magic wand that can clean anything in seconds that makes your house look dirty. Just wet it and wipe it on the built-up grime, grease, marks, etc. available on your floors, furniture, table, & stovetop and see the results on your own.Even, most of the reputed companies that are offering vacate cleaning in Perth have included this SUPER-AMAZING tool in their cleaning toolbox – thanks to its effective and whirlwind outcomes. It is not just a fancy product, but it can also deal with those cleaning chores that are tough to perform.

What are Magic Erasers?

Magic Erasers are made up of melamine foam, which has been used for years as a soundproofing and insulation material. However, now it has been used as an effective cleaner that can help you eliminate dirt and grime on the fly. The open microstructure of the foam fetches the dust and traps it there. If you haven’t tried, then include it in your regular house cleaning products. Below are the eight effective uses of magic erasers that will make you curious to try it immediately. Here we go!

1. Cut Out Grease Spots From Kitchen Surfaces

Whether you are cooking your favourite apple pie or frying chilly potatoes, grease splashes abound. It strews in tiny droplets and cleaves to your stovetop, backsplash, cabinets and on other kitchen surfaces. The spatter of grease gets tough with time, and you may find difficulties in getting rid of it, especially if you don’t have appropriate cleaning tools and right household cleaners. If your kitchen surface is also dirty because of built-up grease and grime, then magic eraser could be an ideal option for you. It works wonders as a stain remover and can help you get rid of stubborn grease and burnt-on grime from a stovetop, cabinets and electric cooktops. Use a vinegar and warm water solution. Dip the eraser in the solution and wipe it off gently.

2. Say Bye-Bye to Coffee Stains

Sometimes, dealing with caffeine stains on a mug or plate becomes daunting due to the lack of right cleaning product. You may have rubbed your favourite cup using a dishwashing soap/solution to purge out the stubborn stains, but you’ve failed in achieving it. Instead of doing this much of hard work, make use of a magic eraser. Most of the companies providing vacate cleaning in Perth use a magic eraser to pull out tough stains of coffee and tea from mugs, table and countertop. All you need to do is to wet the affected surface, wipe off the stain using a magic eraser and it’s gone. No harsh chemicals or fancy cleaners are required!

3. Rekindle Your Computer Keyboard

Computers keyboards get dirty and may transfer some serious infections into your body via hands. So make sure you use the best trick to eliminate dust, grime and germ from your keyboards. Well, you can achieve positive results by using an amazing magic eraser. It can help you get rid of all the dirt. Make sure you rub the product gently on and in between the keys. Once you are done with this, take a microfiber cloth and wipe the keyboard down to bring its shine back. Tip: Don’t forget to disable your keyboard before you begin the cleaning process.

4. A Great Silver Polisher

Bring back the shine of your silver plates and jewellery with the help of magic eraser. The Melamine chemical present in the eraser makes it easy for you to polish your paled and murky silver items. It lets you remove the tarnish swiftly in a matter of few minutes. Tip: Perform this trick in every six months to see better results.

5. Clean your Oven & BBQ

Oven cleaning is one of the daunting chores, especially when you are doing it at the end of your tenancy period. The spatter of oil or grease on the walls and surface of an oven may prompt you to outsource thorough vacate cleaning in Perth from a reliable company – which is a good thing. But there are some super- easy tricks with a magic eraser that you can use on a regular basis or whenever you use your oven to get rid of those sticky stains and grime. All you need to do is to scrub the Magic Eraser on the spots and rub it gently until the stain vanishes. The tool makes your oven cleaning task an easier and quicker one while providing you great results.
6. Evacuate Rust Residue
Are you tired of rubbing those rigid rust residues from your doors and window slides? Here is an excellent technique for you. Instead of using an expensive rust-free cleaning product, make use of magic eraser. Swipe it off with the sponge to evacuate the stains left on your door and window slides.
7. Clean Your Patio Furniture
Magic erasers are one of the best tools for sprucing up dirty and stained metal and plastic patio furniture. Make a solution of liquid dish soap and warm water. Now dip the magic eraser sponge in the solution and attack on grimy spots. Rub it gently. Tip: It can help you remove mould, mildew and other tough stains in a breeze.
8. Remove Clothing Stains
Use magic erasers to get stains out of your clothing. You could use this tool if you spilled coffee on your favourite white shirt. It works amazingly in removing ink and coffee stains with a little bit of elbow grease. Tip: Don’t use this trick on delicate fabrics, including rayon, cashmere and silk.
Include magic erasers in your house and office cleaning products because it has dozens of benefits when it comes to speed and quality clean. If you are looking for deep-oriented vacate cleaning in Perth, make sure you hire the best and most reliable cleaning company that has years of experience in Perth’s cleaning industry.