The Legal Side Of Vacate Cleaning: Understanding Your Rights And Responsibilities

The Legal Side Of Vacate Cleaning: Understanding Your Rights And Responsibilities

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The end of tenancy is one of the crucial phases for tenants and landlords in Western Australia. Tenants are stressed because of their hard-earned bond money, while landlords expect the property to be in a pristine state to attract new occupants. Thus, it becomes imperative to understand the legal aspects of vacate cleaning to avoid unnecessary rental disputes.

Knowing your cleaning rights and responsibilities regarding vacate cleaning can help you pass the rental inspection and ensure a seamless move-out. According to the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (Western Australia), tenants must perform certain responsibilities, such as returning the property reasonably clean before the rental inspection. Unfortunately, most are unaware of their roles and fail to save their bond money.

So, here is a complete guide to help you understand your rights and responsibilities related to vacate cleaning. This will help you stay confident and relaxed throughout the process.

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1. Understanding Your Rights As a Tenant

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Ensure you know all your rights related to your tenancy to protect your deposited security. After that, you can hire professionals for vacate cleaning in Perth and impress your fussy landlord.

Right to Normal Wear & Tear

According to the residential tenancy laws in WA, daily wear and tear is acceptable. This means landlords can’t deduct your bond money in case of faded paint, minor scuff marks on walls, loose doorknobs and hinges, or cracks on settlings at the end of your tenancy.

Right to Filling Out a Property Condition Report

Believe it or not! The Property Condition Report is one of the crucial aspects during a move-out. Tenants must check and fill out it at the beginning of their tenancy. Acknowledging and documenting existing damages before the start can help you avoid unwanted disputes.

Right to a Reasonable Bond Claim

Property managers or landlords can’t unethically deduct your bond money. They are obligated to provide proof, such as photos of dirty walls, smudges on windows, etc. In simple words, tenants/renters have the right to receive full bond money if the property is left reasonably clean—according to the tenancy agreement.

Professional Cleaning is Not Mandatory

The tenancy agreement might include a specific cleaning clause and set standards, but landlords can’t force you to hire professionals for vacate cleaning. If you have prior experience, expertise and time, perform the cleaning chores on your own.

However, tenants hire vacate cleaning Perth experts because they follow a pre-approved checklist and can meet the expected cleaning standards of landlords and real estate managers. You can breakdown the costs of cleaning services and book experts within your estimated budget.

Disputing Bond Deductions

Tenants have the right to raise a dispute if the landlord unfairly withholds their bond money because of cleaning. You can also apply directly to the Magistrates Court for full bond disposal. Make sure you provide the necessary evidence, such as existing property condition reports, images and videos of existing dirt and damage.

2. Tenant’s Responsibilities Regarding Vacate Cleaning

The legal side of vacate cleaning mainly depends on the pre-defined responsibilities of a tenant. Have a look at the following:

Understanding Your Cleaning Clause

It is a tenant’s responsibility to understand the specified cleaning clause mentioned in the lease agreement. Whether you are required to maintain the outdoor areas or kitchen appliances, knowing your cleaning responsibilities when moving out becomes imperative. This will give you clarity and help you perform tasks without missing important spots (already mentioned in your agreement) to pass your end-of-tenancy inspection.

Referring to the Property Condition Report When Cleaning

As mentioned above, renters get a copy of the Property Condition Report. Make sure you refer to it and compare the property’s current condition. This will help you identify dirt-laden areas, new property damages, and other aspects that will help you prepare for a successful rental inspection process.

Tip: You can identify the spots that need detailed cleaned and attain desired outcomes.

Do Necessary Repairs Before Cleaning

According to the tenancy agreement, you are responsible for major property damages. So, after inspecting your property, make sure you fix the leaky taps, broken doors and windows, remove mould from walls and ceilings, etc. This will help you carry out end of lease cleaning more precisely.

Returning a Rental Property “Reasonably Clean”

This means you are obligated to remove visible dirt, dust, stains, grime and gunk from the entire property and return it to its pristine shine before the final inspection. That’s where professional vacate cleaning Perth comes in.

Professionally trained experts follow a pre-approved checklist to cover all rooms, kitchen appliances, walls, bathroom fixtures, fittings, exterior areas, garage walls, and much more. Remember that half-baked cleaning or leaving dirt behind can deduct your bond money. So, be precise and take the cleaning task seriously.

3. Legal Assistance: How to Resolve Rental Dispute and Claim Bond Money?

Rental disputes are common in the residential tenancy sector. If both parties don’t agree with the specific bond amount of the inspection result, they can contact the Western Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal or SAT to resolve the issue.

Make sure you provide all the necessary documents and evidence, such as a copy of the entry condition report, videos, and photos. Legal experts will review the evidence, hear both parties and make a final decision based on the submitted evidence.

4. Additional Tips For the Best Vacate Cleaning

Below are some quick tips and tricks to help you spruce up the rental property to pass the rental inspection:

Follow a top-to-bottom Cleaning Approach: It is always good to start from ceiling walls, fans, and light fixtures and work your way down towards windows, carpets, and floors. This will prevent dust from falling on already-cleaned surfaces.

Wash Windows Inside and Outside: If you want to pass your rental inspection, remember to clean your windows, both inside and outside, if accessible.

Pay Attention to Kitchen Appliances: Use vinegar to remove burnt food particles, grease, and stains from your oven, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Bathroom Surfaces: Clean showerhead, bathtub, toilet bowl, faucets, drains, etc. Make sure you disinfect germiest spots surfaces with rubbing alcohol.

Vacate Cleaning Guide: Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

The Legal Side Of Vacate Cleaning that you must know

Wrapping Up

Understanding the legal side of vacate cleaning is crucial for a hassle-free retrieval of bond money. With the help of this guide, you can perform your duties and responsibilities and seamlessly move out of your tenancy period.