Which Cleaning Products Are Safe To Use on Marble

Which Cleaning Products Are Safe To Use on Marble

By : Georgia
Using natural stone like marble is the best way to add elegance to a living room, bathroom, cooking area, and other such places. However, to ensure that the surface always looks sparkling clean, you need to spend some time and make some effort. Natural stone like marble is a costly investment, so you need to be a little careful while cleaning it. It is important because any inappropriate products, tools or methods can cause damage to the surface. So, if you have a marble surface in your house, you must know the correct technique and products. Many people prefer to hire experienced vacate cleaners in Perth because they have expertise in cleaning all types of surfaces. The professionals are usually hired at the end of the lease period to get back the bond money. However, you can contact them to clean your carpets, ovens, BBQ, entire home and even workplace. To clean a marble surface perfectly, you must know what is appropriate for the surface and what is not. Read on to know which cleaning products are safe to use on marble.

1. Microfiber Cloths

To get rid of the dust and dirt from your marble countertops, the first thing you need is a gentle and lint-free microfiber duster. The high-quality clothes are not only perfect for removing the dust and dirt but also the excess moisture present on the surface. As a result, the water spots do not get a chance to diminish the appearance of a polished marble surface. People also use sponges for cleaning, but experts who offer vacate cleaning Perth recommend using a microfiber duster as the material traps all the dust and makes the surface look perfectly clean. Such cleaning cloths are very gentle, so the duster won’t cause any damage to the sealant or leave behind scratch marks on the counter surface.

2. Soap and Water

One of the simplest and best ways to maintain the cleanliness of the stone surfaces is the combination of gentle dish soap and a mixture of warm water. Make sure that you stay away from any cleansers that contain acidic elements, such as lime, lemon and vinegar. The combination of soap and water can surprisingly clean the most difficult areas of your house. It is advisable to rinse the marble surface with clear water after you have finished cleaning the dust, dirt, and grime. It will also remove any soap residue that might linger and lessen the polished look of the surface. Once the cleaning is complete, give everything a quick wipe down with a dry, clean microfiber cloth, which will prevent water stains.

3. Baking Soda and Water

If any stains manage to get past the sealant and reach the porous stone, then you need to make an attempt to remove them. A baking soda solution is an excellent method to accomplish the task. All you have to do is make a paste of the natural cleaning agent. Add water in an appropriate amount, so the paste becomes thick and creamy. Apply the baking soda paste to the stained area, wrap it in plastic wrap, and use tape to secure the edges. Leave it like that for one day, and then remove the paste to check if the stain has faded. If the stains are visible, repeat the complete procedure. You can contact a company that offers the best vacate cleaning Perth since some stains may need professional assistance.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

No matter how carefully you maintain the cleanliness of your marble countertops, you will encounter stains occasionally. There are a few ways for a more thorough cleaning when such things happen. If soap and water have failed to remove the stains, you can use hydrogen peroxide solution. It is one of the brilliant cleaning shortcuts from the pros. The solution can be a very effective option, but there is a restriction. You can only use hydrogen peroxide solution to a light colour marble. On a black marble stone, you wouldn’t want to leave behind light colour marks. The good thing about dark colour marble is that stains on such a surface are not easy to notice, unlike a light colour surface.

5. Marble Stone Cleaner

There are several marble stone cleaners available in the market. However, the top ones will have a few essential qualities. While you can get lured to costly and popular marble-specific products, you need to stick to a natural stone cleanser that has a neutral pH. Spending a little more on stone cleaning has the advantage of making the process easier and more effective. The marble surface can be cleaned with just a wipe and a spray; no washing or drying is needed. Moreover, there are numerous solutions available that can help in maintaining the seal, possibly delaying the need to reseal the surface.


If you have a marble surface in your home, then keeping it clean can be very stressful. However, you can minimise your stress and keep the surface spick and span by using the products mentioned above. If you want to avoid the hassles of cleaning, contact professionals who offer thorough vacate cleaning in Perth. They will make your marble surface look clean.