What Is Vacate Cleaning & Why It Is Important

What Is Vacate Cleaning & Why It Is Important

By : Georgia
Moving out of a rented house can be a stressful and challenging time. Tenants usually feel overwhelmed at the end of their tenancy because they have to return the property to its original condition. This means thorough cleaning is required to get rid of accumulated dust, dirt, stubborn stains, grease, mould, mildew and germs from all nooks and crannies. This sprucing is called vacate cleaning or end of lease cleaning. It is more precise and needs extra care because a landlord inspects every inch of the premises before returning the bond money. That’s one of the main reasons why tenants prefer hiring seasoned professionals who can perform a thorough vacate cleaning in Perth and help you pass the rental inspection. However, before getting into the process, you should know everything about vacate cleaning and its importance. We bring you some great tips that will help you make a well-informed decision with ease. Let’s Get Started!

Meaning of Vacate Cleaning

In layman’s terms, vacate cleaning is the process of dusting, wiping, scrubbing and disinfecting rental properties according to the standard checklist at the end of the tenancy. According to the lease agreement, tenants must perform a thorough vacate or end of lease cleaning before the final inspection to get the full bond back. Whether it is about vacuuming carpets or scrubbing kitchen walls, you have to do everything to impress your landlord. Below are some key reasons why it is important:

1. To Simplify the Move-Out Process

Landlords or property owners have a clause in the lease agreement itself for pre-occupation condition return. A move-in condition report with photographs is provided, and it is expected that the rental property will be in the same condition at the end of a tenancy. A half-baked cleaning or dirty premises can hold back a part of your bond money. You can even face legal hassles or get into a rental dispute. This can also create obstacles in your move-out process. So, it is good to cross-check the initial condition report and spruce up the premises from top to bottom with the help of professional vacate cleaners in Perth.

2. Ensures Hygienic Indoor Environment

Tenants have to remove dust particles, grime, and germs before the final move out. That’s why landlords inspect the premises and ensure that it is ready for the new tenant. If you leave it in a dirty condition, the landlord has the right to deduct your bond money and use it to hire professional cleaners for sparkling results. When you thoroughly perform vacate cleaning in Perth, WA, you promote a clean, healthy and hygienic indoor environment.

3. Get Bond Money Back Without any Dispute

One of the critical reasons why the end of lease cleaning is essential for tenants is that it increases the chances of getting the bond money back. You should consider hiring trained professional vacate cleaners in Perth because they have years of experience in cleaning all types of rental properties with perfection. From dusting and scrubbing to sanitising and disinfection, they can do anything to help you get the full bond back. The professionals know specific areas that landlords check during the rental inspection, so they spruce up the premises accordingly.

4. Leaves Great Impression on your Property Owner

Give importance to vacate cleaning if you want to leave your landlord/property owner a good impression. It will help you get the deposited money back and get good referrals if you are moving to the other rented property. Your new property owner might contact the old landlord get feedback about you. So, don’t leave any chance and properly spruce up the premises from top-to-bottom using only eco-friendly products.

5. Gives Peace of Mind

A thorough cleaning of the rented property can give you peace of mind that you won’t face any difficulty and get the full bond back. Most tenants fail to return the premises in a pristine condition and end up with a rental dispute. On the contrary, professional cleaning ensures the spick-and-span state of all rooms, including walls, kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles and showerhead. They will also cover hard-to-read areas and tight spaces between the door slides and windows so that you can focus on the other tasks related to your move. Tip: Make sure you do proper research and find the most trusted vacate cleaning company in Perth to give you quality service at the best price.


In-depth cleaning of a rental property is known as vacate cleaning or end of lease cleaning. It is performed at the end of a tenancy or before the final inspection so that you can return the premises in its original condition to your landlord. The reasons mentioned above in the article are enough to decide why it is essential for a tenant in Perth, Western Australia.