What Is Property Condition Report? How Is It Important?

What Is Property Condition Report? How Is It Important?

By : Georgia
If you have ever lived in a rental property, you must have heard about the term ‘Property Condition Report’. It is one of the most crucial documents in a rental tenancy agreement that can’t be overlooked before and during the lease.

A condition report is a document that includes the detailed condition of a rental property before a tenant/renter starts their lease.

According to the Residential Tenancies Act in Western Australia, landlords or property managers must give their tenants a PCR (Property Condition Report). It is a legal requirement that can save tenants from rental disputes and financial issues.

It is important to check the PCR to know what needs to be repaired and cleaned before the final inspection. You can also book an experienced company for a cheap vacate cleaning Perth. They follow the proper checklist to clean all rooms, nooks and crannies and help you get the full bond back with ease.

However, if you are renting for the first time, then read the following guide and know everything about the Property Condition Report and its importance.

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What is a Property Condition Report (PCR)?

It is one of the most important documents that outline the actual condition of a leased property at the beginning of a lease. It covers a list of items in the property and their condition, along with necessary repairs that need to be addressed. It basically includes the following details:

  • The property’s address
  • Inspection date
  • Detailed information of the property, such as its size, type and age
  • A description of the property’s interior and exterior condition, such as dirty areas, damages and defects.
  • Recommendations for property repairs

The landlord or property manager will prepare the report, sign it and give two copies to the tenant before they move in. Later on, tenants/renters have seven days to read the report, inspect the property to check for existing damages and fill out the report. It can protect both landlords and tenants from rental conflicts.

What is the Importance of a Condition Report?

Having a proper Condition Report for your rental property can be an invaluable asset for tenants. It serves as a reference document throughout the tenancy period, from the entry into the property to the final move-out at the end of a tenancy.

It can be used as pivotal evidence at the end of a lease in Perth, in case of any dispute regarding property damages and cleanliness. It is good to check the entry condition report before you repair or hire the vacate cleaning professionals in Perth.

You can take photos of the property before the final move-in and provide a copy to your landlord.

If you don’t report any existing damage at the start of a tenancy, you may end up paying for them when moving out. So, be careful and inspect every nook and cranny according to the list of items mentioned in the report. This will help you outsource professional cleaning for property management and get the full bond back at the end of your tenancy.

What are the Common Areas included in the PCR?

The Property Condition Report (PCR) may vary depending on the type, condition and size of the premises. However, some basic areas are almost the same in every report. Make sure you check them before the final inspection:

  • Ceiling Walls and Fans

These areas are added to the document, and make sure you check them before you move in. As a responsible tenant, it is vital to remove dust, dirt and grime from ceiling fans, walls, vents and, nooks and crannies.

Tip: Do not forget to remove mould from ceilings when moving out of your rental property.

  • Light Fixtures and Fittings

Check for damages before signing in the report. This is because tenants are not liable to fix existing damages or issues. It is good to clean them on a regular basis using a microfiber cloth, especially before the final move-out.

  • Kitchen Appliances

Check the oven, microwave, BBQ, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine and other kitchen appliances for damages. It is important to thoroughly clean them at the end of your lease to get the full bond back.

  • Windows and Blinds

Believe it or not! Dirt-laden windows and blinds can hold back a part of your bond money. It is good to re-check the report and clean your window sills, frames, and panes properly. Also, vacuum clean your blinds to maintain a clean and shiny rental property.

  • Bathroom Tiles

These are also important areas to consider in the condition report. It is good to check for mould and mildew infestation before you move in.

Make sure you remove dirt, grease, grime and stubborn stains from tiles and grout lines using safe and sound products.

  • Toilet Seat and Sink

These are also mentioned in the report. Make sure you clean them thoroughly using proper tools. It is good to remove brown stains, calcium deposits and grime from the toilet and sink before the rental inspection.

  • Carpets

According to the lease agreement, normal wear & tear is acceptable, but you can’t overlook embedded dirt, dust and stains, as it can ruin the look and feel of your carpets.

It is good to remove carpet stains using vinegar and warm water solution and keep your delicate floor coverings shiny and intact.

  • Exterior Areas

This covers the roof, doors, siding, driveway, patio area, garage and landscaping. Make sure you regularly clean these areas during your lease.

After fixing the property repairs and sprucing up the property, you will need to schedule a final rental inspection. You need to be extra careful because a landlord can deduct security money for cleaning and repairs.

If you are concerned about your hard-earned bond money, book the best professionals for a budget vacate cleaning Perth. They check the condition report and clean everything according to the approved checklist.

Wrapping Up

A Property Condition Report is an important binding document for both renters and landlords in Western Australia. It can be used as evidence in case of a rental dispute related to cleanliness and damages. It basically outlines the condition report of the premises and helps tenants compare it with the current condition for a smooth and successful rental inspection.