What Are The 7 Steps In The Cleaning Process?

What Are The 7 Steps In The Cleaning Process?

By : Georgia
Cleaning your house routinely is essential to prevent dust, dirt, stains and spots. Moreover, without regular cleaning, household surfaces become hot spots for grime and millions of bacteria, viruses and fungi increasing the frequency of infections. If you don’t have a house sanitation schedule, your home looks dirty and bad smells linger in the air. Therefore, you must sanitise household surfaces effectively and efficiently to have a healthy home. Always clean with a plan to get the best results whether it is for maintaining routine house sanitation or performing professional vacate cleaning Perth. Take the right steps in the correct order to ensure your property is neat and tidy. It is how you can achieve results professionals can within a few hours. Don’t know how to clean adequately? Here is your complete guide outlining the 7 steps in the cleaning process. Have a look.

Declutter & Remove Trash

Most people don’t realise the importance of removing clutter from household spaces during routine house cleaning. A cluttered and disorganised house can overwhelm you visually, increasing stress and anxiety. Moreover, trash attracts germs, dust, pests and other illness-causing organisms making your home have an unpleasant environment to live in. Therefore, develop the habit of decluttering daily to collect trash and organise living rooms. Discard things responsibly to ensure you home only has things that serve a purpose.

Dust Fixtures & Surfaces Top to bottom

Majority of household areas get dirty due to accumulation of dust which includes dirt particles, allergens, hairs, dust mites, bacteria and other microscopic debris. Removing these particles from surfaces is necessary to maintain hygiene and maintain your home’s indoor air quality. Thus, using microfibre cloths, towels or dusters, dust all high and low lights, fans, countertops, shelves, hard surfaces etc. Don’t leave a single spot in your home. Avoid using a feather duster as it doesn’t capture particles and distributes them in the air, displacing dust. Also, while dusting always start with the top surfaces/fixtures and make you way down. Cleaning top to bottom is a professional technique used during budget vacate cleaning Perth.

Vacuum Furniture, Curtains & Upholstery

After dusting move to vacuuming furniture to get rid of dust and debris from hard surfaces and also the upholstery. Use the brush tool and crevice tool to remove dust from corners and flat spots. Use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter to reduce allergens and improve the indoor air of your home.

Damp Wipe Hard Surfaces with A Multipurpose Cleaner

The next step for deep cleaning hard surfaces involves spraying them with a gentle cleaning solution then wiping with a damp cloth. You can use a simple soap and water solution with white vinegar or baking soda to get effective results. This step helps remove grime, spots, marks and stains which attract germs and make your home smell bad. Make sure to clean countertops, shelves, cabinets and other hard surfaces.

Disinfect & Dry Wipe the Surfaces and Fixtures

After cleaning surfaces, disinfect the areas to ensure you also kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. Disinfecting before cleaning is ineffective because the dust particles and debris can shield the germs. Also, use a TGA-approved disinfectant to get the best results. Avoid using white vinegar, lemon juice or other natural ingredients for disinfection because they cannot eliminate a wide variety of pathogens.

Clean The Kitchen & Bathroom

After performing the steps above in living rooms, move to deep clean the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Wash the windows, sink, and stove
  • Clean the oven, microwave, coffee maker, and dishwasher
  • Clean and disinfect cabinets, drawers and other storage units
  • Wash and clean tiled areas and grouts
  • Apply the bathroom cleaners on the toilet bowl, bathtub and shower area to dissolve grime, mineral stains, soap scum and other build-ups
  • In the meanwhile, wash the tiled surfaces, windows, shower glass and mirrors
  • Wipe cabinetry from the inside
  • Descale showerheads, faucets, bidets and other areas with vinegar or a commercial limescale/calcination remover
  • Clean and disinfect the washbasin
  • Unclog drains and disinfect them
  • Wipe countertops, shelves, doors, knobs and handles
  • Scrub then wash the toilet, shower area and bathtub

Deep Clean Carpets/Sweep & Mop Floors

Some homes have hard floors while others have carpets, and both need thorough sanitation. To maintain hygiene, you should sweep the floors with a broom or sweeper before wiping thoroughly with a microfiber mop. For deep cleaning carpets, sprinkle them with baking soda before vacuuming in a ‘W’ pattern. Push the vacuum head straight ahead and tilt the head at 45º while pushing it back.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining household hygiene is imperative to have good physical health and mental well-being. You can take the assistance of professionals for regular housekeeping or cheap vacate cleaning Perth when ending a tenancy. But for a healthy home, follow the seven steps stated above for effective house cleaning and sanitisation.