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Vacate Cleaning Tips To Get Full Bond Back In Perth

Vacate Cleaning Tips To Get Full Bond Back In Perth
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  • Aug 03 2021
Ending a tenancy is stressful and challenging since you have to complete a variety of moving-related tasks simultaneously. Among these tasks, vacate cleaning is essential because you cannot get your bond back in full without it.

The bond is up to four weeks of rent in Perth unless the weekly rent is above $1200 per week. Therefore, you must fulfil your responsibilities as a tenant to get a complete bond repayment.

Vacate cleaning is different from regular cleaning and requires expertise, equipment and skills. Thus, most tenants hire professional vacate cleaners in Perth to manage the task, which is a wise and practical solution. You can hire them to ease the burden and end your lease without stress or hassle.

Additionally, follow these vacate cleaning tips to pass the final inspection and get your entire bond back.

Streamline Your Work

Since you have to manage various responsibilities in a few months or weeks, you should start streamlining your cleaning related tasks. Create a checklist of everything you need to do such as sort your belongings, find good vacate cleaners in Perth, get the necessary equipment for the final clean, and much more.

Prioritise chores according to importance and urgency to complete everything within a stipulated time. You can use applications like Spotless, Today, Clean My House or any other to create checklists and share them with household members.

Know When To Hire Professionals

As a tenant, you need to vacate the rented property and ensure it is in the same reasonably clean condition it was in at the start of your tenancy. A landlord cannot legally force you to hire professional vacate cleaners in Perth for bond cleaning. But, when the landlord or the previous tenant had the property cleaned by professionals, you are obligated to do the same.

Thus, ask the landlord for the receipts by professional vacate cleaners to know what tasks they performed and plan accordingly. For example, if the professionals performed bond cleaning with carpet shampooing or any other additional service, then you need to vacate cleaners in Perth to do the same.

Clean When The Property Is Empty

If you plan to execute a DIY bond clean, make sure your rental property is empty before starting the process. Since it is for the final inspection of the house, the last thing you do before handing the keys to the landlord is clean.

Also, deep cleaning is easier to perform when property areas don’t have furniture, heavy appliances, home decor items, etc. Even reputed vacate cleaners in Perth take a booking when you assure them the rental property will be empty on the job date. It enables them to clean fast and reduce the risk of getting injured by topping furniture or accidentally damage your belongings.

Get Quality Products & High-Performance Equipment

During DIY cleaning, ensure you use good quality products to clean and disinfect different areas of the rental property effectively and efficiently. Additionally, you can buy or rent high performance and multi-surface cleaning equipment like a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner or pressure washing machine.

Vacate cleaning is an important activity that you cannot complete without proper cleaning products, tools and equipment. Thus, get them before you start sanitising the different areas of your rental property.

Pay Extra Attention To Carpets

Tenants often lose their bond because the carpets are cleaned inadequately. To avoid this, ensure you get the fixtures sanitised by professional vacate cleaners in Perth, even when you plan to do bond cleaning yourself.

Professional cleaners have the experience, equipment and expertise required to clean carpets thoroughly without damage. You can hire professionals for vacuuming, steam cleaning or shampooing your carpets, as per requirement.

Test Products Before Using

Usually, professional cleaners test cleaning and disinfecting products on inconspicuous areas of surfaces to ensure they are safe to use. You should do the same to avoid discolouring, eroding or damaging the surfaces and fixtures of your rental property. While testing, read the label of the products for usage instructions and follow them correctly to get desired results.

Clean Then Disinfect

Cleaning and disinfecting are two different activities, and you need to perform them in the correct order to sanitise your rental property optimally. Professional vacate cleaners in Perth always clean surfaces first to remove physical contaminants and grime, as they can shield the germs from the disinfectant and render it ineffective.

Ensuring your rental property is clean and disinfected is crucial to make it suitable for the next tenant or buyer of the house/unit, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic persists.


Vacate cleaning is an important but challenging task you need to complete to end your tenancy successfully. Hiring professional vacate cleaners in Perth is one of the best ways to manage this time-consuming and tiring activity.

Professionals have the skills, training and years of experience to clean residential properties. Plus, most reputed cleaners offer a 100% bond back guarantee. However, if you plan to clean yourself, follow the tips shared above to get your full bond back in Perth.