Vacate Cleaning Tips to Get 100% Bond Back 

Vacate Cleaning Tips to Get 100% Bond Back 

By : Georgia
When you move out of the rental house, your biggest concern is whether you will get back your bond money or not. The uncertainty of getting back the amount can be highly stressful and constantly keep you distracted. That can negatively impact your moving process. Although many factors influence the refund of the deposit money, the most important one is cleaning the rental property.

Therefore, you should know how to accomplish the task perfectly before moving out of the house. Most tenants prefer to hire professionals who offer the best vacate cleaning Perth. The professionals clean every nook and corner of the property to help you clear the final inspection. You can also get the job done with a little bit of guidance and elbow grease.

Here are some useful vacate cleaning tips to get your entire bond back.

Prepare a Checklist

When you clean the rental house at the end of the lease agreement, you have to ensure that every corner of the property looks perfectly clean. The best way to do that is by making a detailed checklist. The list will ensure that you do not forget any important spots.

That is why trained cleaners who offer vacate cleaning Perth also use a checklist during the cleaning. You can either make a list on your own, which can be time-consuming or get it directly from a cleaning company website.

Start From Kitchen

Removing dust, dirt and stains from the cooking area is the most challenging and time-consuming part of the vacate cleaning. It is because the kitchen has different types of surfaces that require different cleaning techniques.

Therefore, it is advisable to start your cleaning from this room so that you can focus on all the small areas and not overlook anything. If you leave it for the last, you might have to clean it in a hustle. As a result, you can skip a few spots, which can be an issue.

Pay Attention to Bathroom

The tenants often ignore the cleanliness of the bathroom until their tenure ends. Removing stubborn dirt and stains from bathroom surfaces can be very difficult.

Therefore, you should contact a professional vacate cleaning company in Perth to make it look sparkling clean. If you want to clean it on your own, focus on spots like the toilet, bathtub, sink, etc. Make sure you clean mineral stains from your bathroom in a perfect manner.

Clean the Neglected Spots

When tenants clean their rental property during the lease period, they usually focus on the areas that are easily visible and easy to access. As a result, some posts get neglected. When you are preparing the rental house for the final inspection, you need to make sure that you clean these areas, such as ceiling corners, fan blades, light fittings, window blinds, etc.

Clean Spots that Matter Most

There are certain spots in the property that property owners carefully check during the final inspection. They check because the expense of repairing or replacing them can be costly.

So, you need to make sure that you clean those particular spots. If the landlord finds any of these spots dirty, you might lose a hefty amount of money from the security deposit. Such spots include:

  • Light Fittings
  • Oven
  • Carpets
  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Remove Spots from Walls

    You should also make sure that your walls look spotless because it is one of the first things the property owners will notice during the final inspection. So, you need to get rid of all the furniture scuff marks, crayon and pencil marks, hand prints, food stains, etc. There are a few things like food stains and handprints that you can clean with a damp cloth.

    However, to remove crayons, pencils and scuff marks, you need a magic eraser. Slightly dampen the magic eraser and rub it on the spot until the marks disappear. It is one of the effective uses of a magic eraser.

    Hire Professionals

    Perhaps the best possible vacate cleaning tip to get the entire bond back is hiring Seasoned vacate cleaners in Perth. They have expertise in removing dirt, dust, and stains from the household surface, so you can expect a flawless result. If professionals clean the rental house, your chance of getting back the deposit money increases a lot. The professionals use advanced tools and methods that make their cleaning so effective.

    Clean Carpets at Last

    The cleanliness of carpets is one of the most common factors that lead to a dispute between the property owners and tenants. So, you need to make sure that the carpet looks sparkling clean. If you want to do that, vacuum it only a day before the final inspection. If your carpet is too dirty, take the help of professionals. They use powerful tools like vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners.

    Take Away

    Getting your entire bond money back is not as difficult as it looks. All you need to do is to clean your rental property by following the tips mentioned above. If you want to minimise the stress when moving and avoid the hassles of scrubbing, rinsing and vacuuming, hire professionals who offer reliable vacate cleaning in Perth. You can expect the best possible result from them.