Vacate Cleaning Tips: How To Get Your Bond Back

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Vacate Cleaning Tips: How To Get Your Bond Back

By : Georgia
Moving out from a rental property itself is a stressful job that people don’t get enough time to clean up the entire house before the final inspection. It is very difficult and annoying to manage the situation when your property manager holds back your bond money just because the property is not cleaned the way it should be. 

You can hire the services of professional vacate cleaners in Perth, who can help you in cleaning the rented property before its inspection. They leave no stone unturned until I received my complete security deposits from the property manager or landlord.

Apart from this, you can follow some super-easy vacate cleaning tricks that will reduced a lot of burden from your shoulders during your end of the lease period.

Vacate Cleaning Tips for Every Tenant

1. Prepare a Cleaning Checklist

Most of the tenants living in the Perth don’t get time from their professional life to get involved in end of lease cleaning tasks. To simplify your work, you can start with creating a complete cleaning checklist.

Try to mention those areas or things that need extra care when it comes to cleaning. Make sure your list includes all the areas where cleaning is imperative, such as carpets, floors, doors, door handles, ceiling fans, bathrooms, kitchen, furniture, etc.

The list will help you during your end of lease cleaning process, without wasting your precious time.

2. Clean Light Fittings

These are one of the most overlooked areas. Most of us forget to clean the light switches, light bulbs and ceiling fans, but property managers and landlords always examine these areas from the scratch.

If you want to secure your deposits, make sure your light fittings are in good condition. You can wipe off them using soft hands with a cloth.

3. Carpet Cleaning

Don’t forget to vacuum your carpets if you want to get your bond money back in hand. Carpets and rugs gather most of the dirt and dust that can cause asthmatic problems and other harmful diseases. That is the reason why property agent closely inspects the carpets and rugs.

To keep your carpets clean, you can vacuum them once or twice in a week. If you are moving out, make sure you give it a thorough clean while removing the tough stains and other spots from it.

4. Clean Balcony or Garden Area

If you have a private balcony or garden, then keep the area clean because nobody wants to lose their bond amount just because you forget to remove dust from your patio furniture.

Make sure you Trim all the plants, remove all the dry leaves and clean the outer areas of your rented property.

5. Hire professional cleaners

No matter how much time you spent in cleaning your rented property before the end of the lease agreement. If you want to secure your deposits, you should hire the Perth’s best end of lease cleaners that can give you 100% bond money back guarantee.

6. Clean Windows

Do not forget to spruce up your windows inside and out (if accessible) using a white vinegar solution. Sparkling clean windows not only impress landlords but also let the direct sunlight penetrate inside your house.

First, get rid of dust, dirt, and grime from your window sills and frames using a vacuum cleaner or a dry microfiber cloth. Now, spray the white vinegar and soapy warm solution and run a squeegee to bring back the lost shine of your windows. This will not leave streaks behind- which is a great thing.

Also, clean each of your blind to get rid of accumulated dust and dirt. Wash curtains in hot water to kill germs and bacteria.


These are some great tips that will help you get the bond back without any kind of stress. You can also consider hiring professionals for a thorough vacate cleaning in Perth and pass the rental inspection with ease.