Top 7 Tips For Cleaning The House After Thanksgiving

entire family enjoying thanksgiving dinner party

Top 7 Tips For Cleaning The House After Thanksgiving

By : Georgia
Thanksgiving is always exciting because you get a chance to spend some quality time with your loved ones. You invite your close friends and family, decorate your house and prepare delicious food to make the occasion memorable. However, no one can deny the fact that cleaning up the house after Thanksgiving is the most frustrating part of this grand feast. Preparation of this special day requires a lot of time and effort. So, nobody likes to spend hours cleaning the house after the guests gone. Luckily, there are some useful tips that can make the cleaning task a lot easier. Many people prefer to hire a company who offer reliable vacate cleaning in Perth. Their professionals provide other additional services like thorough cleaning of the house. You can also opt for such a service, and they will ensure the best possible cleaning. If you want to perform the task on your own, you should know about the ways that can make the task easier and quicker for you. Here are a few useful tips for cleaning the house after Thanksgiving.

1. Load Your Dishwasher

After the thanksgiving dinner, your biggest challenge is to clean the dirty dishes and glasses. So, the first thing you should do is wash the dishes. The easiest and the most effective way to do it is by using the dishwasher. Scrape the leftover food and grease from the plates into the garbage can before loading them into the dishwasher. Then, add dishwasher detergent as per the instruction and run the hot water cycle. If you are still not happy with the result, repeat the process once or twice. After a thorough wash, dry the dishes and glasses inside the appliance and take out to wipe with a clean and soft piece of cloth.

2. Give Your Kitchen a Thorough Cleaning

Thanksgiving is a popular celebration in which people invite their friends, family and cook delicious food. Thus, your kitchen is expected to accumulate the maximum amount of dirt, grease, stains, spills, etc. To regain the cleanliness of your kitchen, you need to scrub and wipe all the surfaces properly. From the stovetop and inside the oven to the countertop and kitchen sink, make sure there are no spills and stains. Use a plastic knife to remove sticky food particles from different spots. Prepare an all-purpose cleaner using hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, liquid Castile soap, water and essential oil. Use this cleaner to clean every corner of the kitchen in the best possible manner.

3. Look for Stains and Spills on Upholstery

When you have a lot of guests for the grand feast, then you can expect to see some wine pills and food stains on your upholstery. Look for them and if you find any, try to remove it as quickly possible. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to remove. If spills or stains are fresh, then use a paper towel to blot the area. Then use liquid dish soap and water to clean the remaining residue. Do not use an abrasive scrubber to remove the stains as it can damage the surface of the costly upholstery.

4. Vacuum Your Carpets and Sweep the Floor

When you are cleaning the house after Thanksgiving, do not forget to vacuum your carpets and sweep the floor. When so many people enter your house without taking their shoes off, they bring along a lot of dust, germs and bacteria. All these things accumulate in the carpets and floors. The places also collect different food particles, stains and spills. Thus, it becomes essential to vacuum your carpets properly and get rid of the stains. If you want to regain the beauty and softness of your carpets, hire professionals who offer the best vacate cleaning in Perth. They also provide additional service such as carpet cleaning. Opt for their service, so the carpet look sparkling clean. To clean the floor, sweep it and then mop it.

5. Clean Your Toilet

Your toilet is already a dirty place that has germs and bacteria, but its hygiene level further deteriorates when your guests use your bathroom. Thus, it is essential to clean your toilet after Thanksgiving and disinfect it thoroughly. To clean the inside surface of the toilet, first, you need to sprinkle baking soda even. After that, spray white vinegar and wait for a few minutes before scrubbing the surface with a brush. Finally flush to remove all dirt and germs from the inside surface. Also, clean the seat, cover, tank and flush lever of the toilet with soapy water and rinse the surface. After moving the moisture, use hydrogen peroxide to sanitise it properly.

6. Disinfect the Frequently Touched Places

Disinfect all the spots, including a toilet that your guests may have touched. It is essential because you shouldn’t take any chance during the coronavirus pandemic. These spots include the doorknobs, handles of the appliances, particularly oven and refrigerator, dining table surface, kitchen countertop, light switches, TV remote, etc. Also sanitise the couch handles, centre table and other similar spots. You can either use commercial disinfectants, which are readily available in the Perth market or chemical-free products like rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. Sanitising your home is essential to keep your family safe.

7. Hire Professionals

If you want to make your home look sparkling clean but have a tight schedule, then hire experienced vacate cleaners in Perth. The professionals not only have expertise in cleaning the rental property at the end of the lease period but also recommend for thorough cleaning of your house. They also offer additional services like carpet and oven cleaning. So, if you want to get high-quality without wasting your time and efforts, contact professionals.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning the house after Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a stressful task if you follow the right tactics. Do not forget that you have thoroughly cleaned your house as a part of the preparation. So, when your guests are gone, you need to focus on the specific spots that require cleaning. If you are planning to clean your house, then consider the tips mentioned above.