Top 5 Tips to Make Your House or Room Smell Nice

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Top 5 Tips to Make Your House or Room Smell Nice

By : Georgia
Everyone likes a fresh, clean and gently fragranced house with a natural aroma but if your house smells bad, it is not a welcoming sign for anyone. Lingering odours make your home not only an unpleasant place to live in, but it becomes difficult to breathe when it is filled with dusty, mildewed and repugnant air. If your house is filled with some smell, it’s easy to become used to it but outsiders and guests might sense these odours right away. To get rid of the nasty stench from the house you have to use some measures that will work right for exterminating such smells. You may be taking certain measures like keeping fresh flowers or other fragrances to get rid of bad odours, but some scents are so strong and stubborn that they can not be treated easily. Hence for that, you should hire professional and reliable vacate cleaning company in Perth. They will make your house free from all the stinky smells with the use of natural and effective green cleaning techniques. However, sometimes you need quick fixes for which you should know some fast and guaranteed ways to make your home smell good. Use these top 5 inexpensive and toxin free tips and tricks to make your house smell nice:

1. Air it all out

Opening the windows to let clean and fresh air come inside is the best way to get the old and fusty air move out of the house. Don’t pack up the house all the time, make it fully ventilated and let air pass through it. Even in winters, just open all the windows for few minutes; it will be enough to fill up the house with fresh air that helps in eliminating the bad stinking smell out of the house. Most people don’t know, but the air inside your house is more polluted than the air outside. It is because of the fuel-burning appliances and cleaning products that we use which emits harmful gases. Hence make it a habit that the first thing in the morning you do is open windows of all the rooms and let the clean air and sunlight come inside.

2. Eradicate the culprits

Decluttering is the first step of cleaning and making the house smell nice. If you want to clean your house deep and remove the odours, you have first to declutter your premise as it’s much easier to clean clutter free areas. Even if you have sprayed your favourite scents multiple times in a day, your house can not smell good unless you get rid of the smelling sources that spread these odours everywhere. You have to spot these areas and treat them well. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest culprits are:
  • Garbage disposals and trash cans- Garbage inside the house if kept for long can spread stinking smell all around the house. Therefore you must keep clearing the trash of your house.
  • Stinky pet beds/litter- The pets’ urine has a powerful and stubborn smell. It’s important to clean it regularly so that you don’t get used to of your pet’s smell.
  • Leftovers in the fridge- The fridge starts foul-smelling very soon due to the unused items which are kept for a long time. See that you clear off the leftovers regularly.
  • Mouldy bathroom corners and mildewy towels- Bacteria thrive mostly in the bathrooms which gives your towels and clothes musty smell. This smell spreads in the house through the bathroom. The problem can be worse if the bathroom is small or not well ventilated. Due to water supply, the corners also get mouldy.
  • Soggy laundry- Make sure you don’t keep soggy laundry for more than one day as it will give a rotten smell in no time.
  • Kitchen- Don’t forget to turn on the exhaust fan of your kitchen when you start cooking, exceptionally strong smelling foods such as fish or eggs etc. The neglected oven also starts staining if you don’t keep it clean.
  • Sink drains- The drains of your Kitchen and bathroom collect dirt and smell bad, so keep checking these drains regularly.
  • Dusty places and furniture- Keep dusting and cleaning your furniture on small intervals, the corners and behind of your furniture might have dead insects or spiders. They usually are the reason for the rotten smell of your room.

3. Smoke out the smell

Many products can make your house smell good. Candles, air sprays, incense are excellent products for eliminating stinky scents. They are all strong and instant ways to fill your home with lovely fragrances. Candles, of course, are the most common and obvious way to make your house smell good, but some good replacements are also there. You can use linen sprays, essential oil diffusers and sachets etc. You can also make candle warmers out of your used candles. Another great option is using incense. These sticks are easy to put around, and they smell great.

4. Indoor plants

The indoor plants are air purifiers, and they clean the air while adorning your house. These plants not only change the look of your home but helps in eliminating the bad smells. Some of the best plants to keep inside your house are Arabian jasmine, Cuban oregano, gardenias, peace lilies, corsage orchids, geraniums etc. Many of the house plants have pleasant fragrances. A good example is a eucalyptus which is a commonly used houseplant. It looks beautiful and has strongly aromatic leaves. You can put a few fresh or dried leaves and twigs in a vase, and your room will look and smell great for a long period.

5. DIY house scent filled jars

Making your own scent jars is a great inexpensive way to make the house smell nice. Instead of sticking to one scent go for a couple of different scents at a time, it will be a unique scent that will roam around your house. Mixing two or more scents will give a divine scent to your house. Just for a quick example, you can pair masculine with a feminine scent to make deodorising room sprays. Let’s see an easy recipe for a homemade scent here: All you need is 1 tablespoon baking soda, water and 2 to 3 drops of your favourite essential oils- lavender, cinnamon, orange, peppermint etc. Using essential oils in the scents is the best method because they have natural and non-toxic benefits. All you have to do is mix these ingredients well and fill it in a spray bottle. Shake well before using. You can also add your favourite ingredients to these jars like cinnamon sticks, dried apples or lemons, anything that you like. Use these scents by normally spraying into air or else you can also spray on a smelly couch or any other place. You can also make potpourri using ingredients that smell great like fabric softeners, shampoo or your favourite cleaner, orange peels, lemons, cloves, cinnamon sticks, scented oils etc. All you have to do is boil water and any of these ingredients in a pan. The steam will take the smell throughout the house.


Use these tips and make your house free of bad smells. However, if you don’t have any time to try these methods or you are not getting desired results then you should take help from professional like Bond Cleaning in Perth. They have a trained team that is experienced in deodorising the house. They have best solutions to abolish the stubborn odours. They use natural and eco-friendly techniques and have the organic explications to discard awful scents from your home.