Top 5 Cleaning Tasks To Uplift Your Mood

 Top 5 Cleaning Tasks To Uplift Your Mood

By : Georgia
Did you know that post the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, around 29% of Australians have become addicted to cleaning? Among this percentage, 44% of young families and 43% of millennials spend time cleaning their homes daily. This increased motivation to clean started during the pandemic when most people were stuck at home and stressed about the virus.

So, cleaning more frequently helped them release this stress and improved their mood.

And now, that trend has stuck, and cleaning has become a way to alleviate your stress and make your feel more uplifted after a tiring day. If you also want to uplift your mood and join the cleaning bandwagon, you should try these five tasks recommended by bond cleaners in Perth.

1. Declutter Your Space

  • The first and foremost task you should start with is decluttering your space.
  • Around 54% of women spent most of their time decluttering their homes during the pandemic, as it helped them control their space and take their minds off things.
  • You must declutter your home because the more clutter and chaos you have, the less focused you will be.
  • You will also be less motivated to clean and perform any task because of the mess. This can lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression and also feelings of hopelessness.
  • Thus it is essential to eliminate the extra items and organise the clutter in your home to help you feel more productive.
  • When you start decluttering your space, you might also find things and objects that instantly trigger positive memories and uplift your mood.
  • A more organised area is also easier to clean and will help you focus on other tasks like vacuuming and dusting.
  • 2. Gardening And Mowing Your Lawns

    Gardening and mowing your lawns have become a rising trend post the pandemic as people found it relaxing and rejuvenating. 51% of Australian men put on their garden gloves and started taking out the weeds, mowing lawns, planting new soil and seeds and tending to older plants and flowers.

    It would be best if you also started gardening as it helps you feel closer to nature and puts you in a good mood instantly. You will automatically feel more relaxed when you are gardening as you get to enjoy the warm Australian sunshine.

    3. Make Your Bed

    Your bedroom is your safe space, and you should spend time cleaning it every day. Making your bed and putting on clean sheets and pillowcases will help you sleep better. A good night’s sleep improves your mood and makes you feel less stressed and anxious.

    Expert bond cleaners in Perth recommend that you start the day by making your bed so that you are motivated to take any task on. You will also feel more relaxed knowing you have a warm, clean bed to climb into at the end of the day.

    4. Dusting Your Surfaces

  • You feel more anxious and stressed if you are constantly surrounded by dirt and dust in your home.
  • These dust mites are also harmful if ingested and can trigger allergies.
  • So, you should get your cleaning cloth out and wipe all the surfaces in your home to get rid of this dirt.
  • You can also make it fun by putting on your favourite playlists to instantly improve your mood.
  • It would help if you also used white vinegar or baking soda to disinfect these areas to kill all germs and bacteria.
  • This will make you feel more in control and safe and significantly improve your home’s indoor air quality.
  • You can always hire a cleaning expert who offers professional vacate cleaning Perth to do a deep cleaning of your home from time to time so that it is easier for you to maintain.
  • 5. Vacuuming Your Home

    Quality bond cleaners in Perth recommend that you vacuum your home every day. This is important to eliminate all the daily dirt and dust mites in your home. You can also place mats near the high-traffic areas to reduce the dirt on the carpets.

    Make sure you use a vacuum with HEPA filters that are powerful enough to trap all bacteria and viruses and thus keep you safe. Seeing clean floors and carpets will also make you feel more at ease.

    If you want a more deep cleaning of your carpets, you can ask professional cleaners to help you steam or dry clean them every two to three months. This deep cleaning has many health benefits as it will help eliminate embedded stains, pet scents, and dirt and brighten up your carpets. This will also make your home look brighter and clean and make you feel more uplifted.


    Thus it is good to perform cleaning tasks like decluttering, making your bed, vacuuming, gardening and dusting to help boost your mood. You will feel more focused and organised, and having a clean home will make you feel more relaxed and safe.