Tips To Clean Your House For The Festive Season

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Tips To Clean Your House For The Festive Season

By : Georgia
Keeping your home neat and tidy during holidays is crucial as you have near and dear ones over for Christmas or New Year lunches, dinners and parties. However, maintaining household hygiene during the festive season is challenging, especially when you have demanding work or personal life. You can feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed when your home is dirty before the guests arrive or after they leave. If you are a lessee ending a tenancy before or after the holidays, hire professional end of lease cleaners in Perth to deep clean your rental property and help you get a complete bond refund. With the surety that professionals will do the needful for readying your leased house/unit for the final inspection, you can manage other tasks and celebrate festivals without stress. For having a sanitary home generally, here are tips for cleaning your house for the festive season. Have a look.

Be Prepared

Since you need to vacuum, wipe, mop and dust your home more often during holidays, you must be prepared. Thus, make sure you have the necessary cleaning products, tools and equipment at one place to maintain household cleanliness without stress. Additionally, develop a routine to sanitise your home daily or weekly to effectively and efficiently complete tasks. It would also help to create checklists to streamline the house cleaning process before your guests arrive or after they leave. Even professional end of lease cleaners in Perth follow checklists to sort their tasks and manage the work expertly.

Take Out Trash & Declutter

One of the best ways to free space in your home and make it less messy is to remove trash and unwanted items. When you have people over at your home, decluttering becomes even more important because you have paper plates, cups, bowls, wrappers and other trash. If you have decorations, gifts or anything else that needs sorting, you should do it as soon as possible. Store items in your home after using them or when their purpose is to prevent your house from becoming messy and unkempt.

Vacuum Regularly

When you host gatherings, it is normal for household surfaces and fixtures, especially those in high traffic areas to accumulate dust, dirt and grime. Thus, you need to regularly vacuum the carpets, countertops, floors, upholstery, curtains, and other things in your home. Make sure to use to vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters to get rid of allergens, dust mites and illness-causing pathogens from polluting the indoor air quality of your home.

Keep Doors & Windows Clean

Windows and doors are among the first things people notice when they visit your home, which is why keeping them clean is necessary during the festive season. In addition to vacuuming them, sanitise these fixtures with good cleaner and microfiber products. While wiping or vacuuming doors and windows, don’t forget to clean their tracks and frames because they accumulate debris, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants.

Give Cleaning Products Proper Dwell Time

Stains, spots and stubborn grime can form on different household surfaces when family members and guests use them repeatedly. To effectively and efficiently remove them, give cleaning products proper dwell time. Every cleaner requires a few minutes to dissolve residues and make it easier to get rid of stains, spots and greasy messes. Thus, read the label for direction for usage and follow them to get excellent results like the professional end of lease cleaners in Perth who also ensure a product remains on a surface long enough to work adequately.

Divide Tasks Among Household Members

Deep cleaning your home before and after the holidays is necessary to maintain hygiene and prevent family members or guests from getting sick. However, cleaning your entire house alone is time-consuming and tiring. Thus, divide the chores among household members to ensure multiple tasks are efficiently done. Create a list of tasks and delegate each one to a household member. Additionally, allocate deadlines to ensure completion of the chores happens in time.

Focus On Cleaning The Kitchen & Bathroom

These areas are the dirtiest in your house as household members commonly and regularly use them. Additionally, your guests also visit these rooms upon arrival, making it necessary for you to focus on cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen and bathroom. The surfaces and fixtures of these rooms are constantly exposed to dirt, grime, debris and illness-causing pathogens. Thus, use a potent cleaner and a safe disinfectant to thoroughly sanitise these areas effectively.


The festive season is when you need to keep your home neat and sanitary at all times, as near and dear ones come for visits. However, it is not easy when you have work or personal commitments. You can hire professional vacate cleaners in Perth to deep clean your home, especially if you are moving out of a rental property during Christmas or any other holiday. But, follow the house cleaning tips shared above for maintaining general household hygiene.