1. Remove Pet Fur using High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner

    Pet hair or fur embeds deep inside your upholstery furniture, carpets, rugs and other delicate surfaces. Professional vacate cleaners in Perth recommend using a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner to remove pet fur and dirt without causing any damage to the fibres.

    Use a HEPA filter and an efficient brush to extract hair without gliding over surfaces. Daily vacuuming is imperative if your pet is dealing with heavy shedding.

    Quick Tip: Regularly clean the filters to prevent the unpleasant smell of clogged pet hair.

  2. Act on Pet Stains Proactively

    Even the best-trained dogs can have accidents and leave stains behind. So, being a responsible pet owner, ensure that you act on urine stains or clean the vomit instantly.

    Removing pet stains from floors and hard surfaces is easier than carpets, couches and rugs. All you need is warm water, vinegar and soap solution. Spot-clean the area using a microfiber mop or cloth. Scrub it for settled stains.

    For carpets and other delicate surfaces, consider the following hack:

    • Absorb the excess fluid using paper towels.
    • Add equal parts of vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle
    • Spray the solution on the affected area
    • Blot the surface with a clean cloth
    • Repeat the process if required
    • Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda to banish bad odours
    • Vacuum and freshen up your carpets.

    Steam cleaning is also an ideal way to revamp your floor coverings. Ensure you allow your carpet to dry completely after cleaning to prevent mould growth.

  3. Wash Pet Toys and Bedding

    These can be the prime source of germs infestation, fur and bad odours. Thus, wash the bedding and soft toys of your dog or cat in hot, soapy water. Toss them in a washing machine and add one cup of white vinegar to tackle stubborn stains and grime.

    Quick Tip: Wash bedding on a regular basis to prevent the spread of fur and germs.

  4. Clean and Disinfect Pet Bowls

    Dirty bowls of your pet can lurk harmful germs, causing various health problems. Make sure you regularly clean them in hot, soapy water. Rinse well with plain water and air dry before refilling.

  5. Neutralise Pet Odours Naturally

    young woman with her dog

    Do not use chemically-laden room fresheners or deodorisers for your home with a pet. Toxic fumes can irritate and affect their respiratory system. Luckily, you can fight bad odours without chemical cleaners:

    • Baking soda: Tackle bad smell from delicate floor coverings and upholstery.
    • Essential Oils: Use lavender, orange, and rose to freshen your home.
    • White Vinegar: The solution of white vinegar can do wonders in tackling stains, bad odours and grime.

    You can also hire certified vacate cleaners in Perth to clean your rental property before the final inspection. They can help you avoid rental disputes by transforming dirty premises into sparkling glory.

  6. Upgrade Your Couch

    Pets, especially dogs, spend most of their time on a cosy sofa. The problem here is that upholstery furniture is a magnet for fur or pet hair. So, it can be great to upgrade your couch and look for pet-friendly furniture, such as a leather sofa. It won’t embed fur, and cleaning the surface is quick and easy.

  7. Purify Indoor Air

    Lingering pet smells can affect the indoor air quality. So, it is to open your windows for 10 minutes and let fresh air come in. Make sure you clean air vents to keep dust, dirt and grime at bay.

    You can also install indoor plants to remove allergens from the air and keep your home and pet healthy.

    If you are preparing a rental property for the first time, contact experts for a quality vacate cleaning Perth and secure your hard-earned bond money. They will clean everything according to the checklist for your peace of mind.

  8. Prepare a Dog Cleaning Station

    Set up a dog/pet cleaning station at your entryway to prevent the muddy paws and other pet mess inside the home.

    If there is a lack of space, transform your laundry room into a dog-cleaning station.

    Tip: Keep a spray bottle, paper towels and wipes in your entryway.

  9. Regularly Groom Your Pets

    Setting up a pet grooming routine can reduce the amount of fur, dirt and grime in your home. It can also keep them clean, healthy and happy. So, washing your pet with plain water and using shampoo once a week is good. This will keep dirt, mud and fur at bay. After an outdoor adventure, clean their paws and maintain a healthy home.

    Don’t forget trimming and de-shedding depending on the breed of your dog. Make sure you brush your pet outside the home to prevent the invasion of loose fur inside your home. Practising these hacks can keep your furniture and carpets fur-free.

    Make sure you read the pet laws when renting a property or ask questions to your landlord for better clarity.