The Right Way To Clean Painted Walls

The Right Way To Clean Painted Walls

By : Georgia

Beautiful and shiny painted walls in a home take a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. They can become dull and dirty with dust build-up, food splatters, grease, smoke, spider webs, smudges, insect droppings and much more.

The worst part is that most people are unaware of how to clean their painted walls and thus ruin its finish by using harsh chemicals or abrasive tools.

If you are concerned about your rental property’s aesthetic value and hygiene, make sure you use proper cleaning supplies to clean your walls like a pro. You can also hire seasoned professionals for an expert vacate cleaning Perth and get your bond back without hassle.

If you are doing it yourself, consider the following tips to maintain clean, shiny painted walls for years. This guide also includes different types of paints and the right way to tackle grime without causing any damage.

Let’s Get Started!

What are the Types of Wall Paint?

There are commonly two types of paints available for interior walls, including:
  • Oil-Based Paint: It is used in rooms with excess moisture as it is more durable than water-based paint.
  • Latex or Water-Based: It is resistant to crack and chipping but needs special attention to tackle stains. It can give an old house a clean look when you choose right colour combination.

What are the Different Types of Paint Finishes?

It is important to know the type of finish before tackling stains and grim from your painted walls. Below are some common types:
  • Matte Finish: It is a no-shine finish prone to harsh cleaners and abrasive tools.
  • Eggshell or Satin: It simply reflects light on the wall surface and requires less cleaning effort.
  • Semi-gloss: Reflects light with a shine and is excellent for bathrooms, kitchens and trim.
  • High-Gloss: This is the most durable paint finish, ideal for cabinets, furniture, etc. It can be cleaned with a degreaser or mild detergent.

A Complete Guide to Cleaning Painted Walls Like a Pro

Professionally trained cleaners follow the same guide when performing professional vacate cleaning Perth to help tenants impress their fussy landlord and claim their bond back without any dispute.

Gather Cleaning Supplies

Make sure you have the following cleaning tools and products for shiny walls:
  • Sponges
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Vacuum machines
  • Melamine Sponge or magic eraser
  • Ladder or step stool
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • White vinegar and warm water solution
  • Baking soda
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Borax powder

Tips to Deep Clean Latex or Water-Based Wall Paint

Below is a step-by-step guide to cleaning your latex-painted wall:

Tackle Loose Dirt and Dust

Use a HEPA-filtered vacuum with an extendable handle to remove dirt, loose particles and cobwebs from your walls. You can also use a step stool to reach the nooks and crannies.

Wash Walls with Mild Detergent

Prepare a homemade cleaning agent by mixing one dishwashing liquid and two parts warm water.
  • Dip a cloth or sponge in the solution and wring out excess water
  • Begin from the top and work in a small section.
  • Gently rub the area in a circular motion to clean walls and ceilings of your rental property.
Tip: Check the property condition report and do necessary repairs before the final move out.

Remove Heavily-Soiled Dirt

If you want to clean areas around light switches and furniture, turn off the electricity. Dip a cloth in baking soda and water paste and gently rub the surface. Baking soda is mildly abrasive and can remove heavy soil and grime with ease.

Rinse and Dry

Dip a clean sponge in the water and wring out excess water. Rinse away soap residue and let the wall dry completely.

Tips to Clean Oil-Based Painted Walls

These are delicate and need special care to remove accumulated dust, soil and stains with precision.

Get Rid of Dust

Use the same dust removal strategy to remove cobwebs and inspect marks and dirt from your oil-based wall paint.

Use White Vinegar to Tackle Stains

It is good to use green cleaning solutions to eliminate stubborn stains and grime from your home walls and other surfaces. Mix one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and half a teaspoon of white vinegar in warm water. White vinegar is an acetic acid yet non-toxic cleaning agent that can cut through grease, grime and stubborn stains with ease. Dip a cloth and wring out well to avoid excess moisture. Make sure you clean the affected area in a circular motion. Tip: Always test the product in a hidden area to see the results.

Use a Magic Eraser For Caked-on Grime

If your painted walls are filthy and laden with grime and grease, use borax powder as a cleaning agent and a melamine sponge. Sprinkle a generous amount of borax on the affected area and wet your magic eraser. Gently scrub the area in a circular motion. The best part is that you can use this tool on semi-gloss and high-gloss oil paint finishes.

Rinse and Dry the Wall

Make sure you rinse the wall using a damp cloth and get rid of residue and cleaning solution.

How to Remove Stubborn Stains From Painted walls?

Here is a quick guide to tackling the following types of stains without damaging the paint finish:
  1. Permanent Marker: Dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and test the hidden area of your wall because it could also damage the finish. Dab at the stain and rinse the area with a wet sponge.
  1. Crayon Marks: You can use baby wipes or rub it with a non-gel toothpaste or baking soda with a damp sponge.
  1. Mould and Mildew: These unusual spores on ceiling walls and other areas can cause various health hazards. If you want to remove mould from painted walls, use warm, soapy water, baking soda and borax to achieve the best results. Apply the product and leave it until you rub it with a non-bristled brush. Rinse and dry the area completely.
If you are preparing a rental property at the end of your lease, book experts for a quality vacate cleaning Perth and get your bond money back with ease. They will clean everything, including your painted walls, with perfection.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning painted walls requires no elbow grease or fancy products. You can keep these tips in mind when removing dust, grime and stains from latex and oil-based painted walls and achieve shiny results.