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Simple Solutions to 5 Common Window Cleaning Problems

Simple Solutions to 5 Common Window Cleaning Problems
  • Georgia
  • Aug 27 2020
The cleanliness of a house can be deciphered by checking how neat its windows are since they are among the first things that are noticed from the outside. Keeping the windows clean is a necessary task everyone should pay attention to because not only does it make your house more appealing, but it also prevents contamination of indoor air.

Unclean windows can be reasons for pollution of air that comes from the outside, causing allergies, asthma, eye/nose irritation, and other respiratory problems. Cleaning windows thoroughly is also a crucial part of the vacate cleaning in Perth for tenants to move out successfully.

Here is your complete guide by professional cleaners in Perth if you are having difficulties keeping your windows sanitised or want to know how to keep them squeaky clean.

Invest in a Telescopic Window Cleaning Tool

Purchase a telescopic window cleaning tool that has a squeegee and a cloth wiper to clean windows in any room or part of your house comfortably. The telescopic wand of the tools helps clean hard to reach areas such as window panes, and the two attachments ensure cleaning solution is applied and wiped without streaking.

Having this tool increases your efficiency and makes it easy to remove dirt, spots, marks, and dust from windows positioned high or low. Even professional vacate cleaners in Perth use tools like these to clean windows during the end of tenancy cleans.

Use Microfiber Cloths for Wet or Dry Wiping

Want to have dust and streak-free windows? Then get microfiber cloths of various grades and sizes to wipe your windows at any time. You can use the cloths for wet or dry wiping because they are soft, versatile and highly absorbent.

The asterisk design of the fibres makes excellent cleaning tools because they can pick dust, dirt, debris, and even bacteria. Using these cloths will ensure the window glasses don’t develop scratches, swirls, whiteness etc. Using these cloths will also reduce the amount of cleaning products are utilised.

Clean Mould with White Vinegar

Windows of rooms that remain damp and have constant moisture such as the basement, kitchen, bathroom or laundry room may develop mould. The fungi can grow in the tracks, hinges, or the frames depending on where the moisture deposits.

To remove spots from these areas directly spray them with white vinegar and let the acid kill the spores for at least an hour. With a microfiber cloth remove all the residues and let the area air dry. If required, you can further remove any residues using soap water and microfiber cloths.

Regularly Vacuum Window Frames and Tracks

Dust, cobwebs, hair, and other contaminants can dirty the window frames and tracks in your house. Therefore, it is wise to vacuum these areas using a crevice tool every week to prevent accumulation. The tool will help you get the debris and particle lodged in the narrow spaces, nooks, and crannies.

The pollutants in these spots need to be removed regularly because they get carried inside the house through the air that comes from outside. These pollutants contaminate the indoor air quality making you more susceptible to have sick building syndrome.

Avoid Damaging Windows with these Tricks

Many times people face problems while cleaning windows like streaks, swirls, scratches, dullness or milky formations. To avoid these things from happening and damaging your windows, here are some tricks by professional vacate cleaners in Perth.

  • Don’t use baking soda excessively to clean window glasses as the product is abrasive and damaging is used repeatedly.
  • To clean windows without causing streaks, starches, or dullness using right supplies like a mild soap, white vinegar, rubber squeegee, microfiber cloth, etc.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals or cleaning tools like scouring pads, wire brushes or anything that may lead to damage to the glass, paint, and accessories of the windows.

When to Hire Professionals?

There are times when hiring professional cleaners are necessary. For example, when at the end of a tenancy, you will have to book professional vacate cleaners in Perth who will clean the entire property, including the windows.

Besides this, you may require professional assistance when your windows have blinds, or you lack the knowledge, equipment, and training to clean them safely. Expert cleaners may be hired for cleaning the house including windows after major renovations or refurbishments and also if there is significant mould infestation.


Cleaning windows is a chore most people feel unmotivated to perform. Still, it is necessary because neat windows make your home welcoming, visually appealing, and reduce the chances of the indoor environment being contaminated.

While cleaning windows, you may face some challenges or problems. Therefore, this guide by professional cleaners in Perth can help you know simple solutions to some of the common cleaning problems like mould growth, reaching high windows, avoiding damage and much more!