How to Remove Water Stains From Leather?

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How to Remove Water Stains From Leather?

By : Georgia
When you take a property on lease, it becomes vital to return it in the same condition. If the property or its belongings are damaged, it’s likely that you may not receive back your bond money. When it comes to the leather furniture, water stains can be a big problem. It’s not easy to fix them. And if you do not treat them well, your leather furniture or furnishings can be destroyed.
Apparently, it’s not possible to keep the leather furniture free from all these kinds of stains, especially water stains. Many people think that they can remove the stains by themselves, but it’s better to take help of professionals. Cleaning water stains from your leather furniture can make your leather look new and beautiful again.
Common marks such as those caused by water can cause permanent damage and can ruin your furniture’s look. Water tends to dry out leather’s natural oils, so it is important to condition the leather after removing the stain. It can be done effectively with the help of professional and experienced vacate cleaners in Perth. And when the property you are living in is on the lease, it becomes essential.

The following tips will tell you in detail, ways of removing water stains from your leather:

Avoid sunlight

Try not to put the furniture in constant sunlight. This can fade out the colour and dry out the leather. So, find a place with shade to keep the furniture even when using it outdoors.

Wiping off the water

As soon as you find a water stain, wipe it off immediately using a clean sponge. The more time you will give it to set, the more difficult it will become to remove it. However the cleaning companies have the solution for that also, but it’s better to be careful and remove it as soon as it gets on the leather. Wiping the water off without delay will avert a stain.

Don’t use the saddle soap as a cleaner

When people try to remove the stain, they use the regular saddle soaps available at their homes, containing harsh chemicals which further worsen the marks. Do not use saddle soaps to remove these stains; this can make things terrible for you.

Using a damp sponge

You cannot use just any piece of cloth to remove the stain. If you use any random fabric, there is a significant chance that it already has stains of food or beverages which can cause further damage to your leather. You must use a damp sponge to wipe off the spot on the leather. The damp sponge is clean and free of different materials that can add extra stains.

Remove outline of the water spot

All the water spots, whether it’s due to a messy drip or because of a glass left on your leather, they leave an outline. Remember to remove these first. Also, such outlines can occur during your own cleaning process as well. Hence, you must avoid the use of excess water while wiping off the surfaces.

Start cleaning

To remove a stain, start moving the damp sponge over the stained surface of your leather. Start from the stained area and wipe outwards gently. If you are cleaning the arm of the furniture, etc., use the sponge to drench the entire area you are cleaning. In this way, it is less likely to leave new stains.

Let the leather dry

Wiping the leather completes the process. Wipe it with a clean and dry cloth once you have cleaned the stained area using a wet sponge and warm water. Let the surface dry.

Take professional help

Home remedies sometimes work, but usually, they cause problems instead of solving them. Experimenting can be risky. If it’s your on lease property, then trying out different home remedies can ruin the furniture, causing you an extra penalty on your bond.

But, keeping your leather furniture free from water stains is inevitable. No matter how much you try to keep it safe, it will get these stains. If your leather furniture gets water stains, it’s natural to panic.
You can’t take the risk of the furniture of your rental property. In the process of doing it themselves, people mostly end up destroying it by applying multiple techniques available on the internet.
Hence, it’s better to take professional help to avoid demolishing your leather completely. They have all the necessary cleaning solutions and tricks up their sleeve to get rid of such stains.

Wrapping Up

Taking care of your leather furniture is not easy. And if you have to give back your leased property to your landlord, the state of the leather furniture is a priority. It should be in the same condition as mentioned in the contract if you wish to get your bond back. It is wise to take help of best professionals in Perth like Bond Cleaning in Perth for the job. They have massive experience in their work and can make your leather look like new again.