Questions To Ask When Hiring Vacate Cleaning Services

Questions To Ask When Hiring Vacate Cleaning Services

By : Georgia
There is no doubt that cleaning your entire house is a tough task. Plus, if your end of tenancy is near, it becomes essential to deep clean the entire residence. Doing it yourself is not a practical option, especially if you have a busy schedule. Also, vacate cleaning needs advanced equipment and techniques that you might not know.

To get your bond money back in full, hiring professionals who offer vacate cleaning Perth is the best choice. They have all the necessary skills, expertise, experience, and equipment to conduct a deep cleaning session. However, it is important to hire the best company through an effective research process.

Here are the questions to ask when hiring vacate cleaning services. It will help you select the right service provider.

1.   Which Cleaning Services are Included?

To avoid confusion later on, it is essential to know the types of services that are included. Request for the quote and ask for a detailed breakdown of tasks the professionals will complete.

It must cover everything, including regular cleaning tasks such as dusting and vacuuming. The task list should also include deep cleaning of the kitchen appliances, bathroom cleaning, and even cabinet and closet cleaning.

Lastly, ensure they are water efficient as well. Knowing what services are included helps you manage your expectations while finding the right service provider. It also presents a good opportunity to have a discussion about any additional service you might need, such as specialised carpet cleaning.

2.   What Types of Products Do They Use?

It is essential to know what types of cleaning products the professional vacate cleaner in Perth uses. Are they eco-friendly, non-toxic and even pet-friendly? It is best to avoid hiring a company that uses commercial cleaners that are filled with harmful chemicals. Understanding the products helps you know about the service provider’s commitment to your preferences.

The ones who do care will ensure the safety of your home. Furthermore, it might be a good option to discuss any specific product or DIY cleaning solution you want them to use especially if you or your family members have allergies or sensitivities.

3.   Do They Have References?

The best way to ensure the service provider is genuine and reliable is if they are open to providing references or showcasing online reviews and testimonials. Checking them offers you an inside look at the quality of service and the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. It gives you insight into their track record as well as the experience of the previous customers.

This will give you an exact picture of the company’s performance in similar cases. Take the time to read the online reviews. Pay extra attention to any visible similarities between all the reviews. Notice any points made about the cleaning quality and professionalism of the staff.

4.   Are They Insured and Licensed?

Genuine vacate cleaners in Perth should have all the required licenses to operate in the area and must also carry liability insurance. Having the necessary license means the service provider has met standards set by the local government or a similar authority.

This ensures the company follows the guidelines and is committed to providing high-quality service. Similarly, they must carry liability insurance. It will cover the costs related to any damage done during the cleaning process. For instance, if the professional suffers from an injury or does any damage to your property, the insurance will take care of the associated costs.

5.   Do They Provide Any Guarantee?

Offering a customer satisfaction guarantee is a crucial inclusion in vacate cleaning services. Ask them if they offer it. Basically, it will mean that if the services are not up to the mark, then you can call them back to correct the issues. A company providing it means that they are committed to offering quality service.

Remember to understand the terms of customer satisfaction. It will include things like the required timeframe to request for re-cleaning. A satisfaction guarantee helps you confirm that the service will be done with utmost care and precision.

6.   What is Their Availability?

Learning about the availability and scheduling process of your preferred vacate cleaners in Perth is vital. Communicate with the service provider to check if they can adapt to your preferred date and time. This will help you get the work done before the final property inspection and get your bond money back in full.

Additionally, ask them about the cancellation policy and the associated fees with cancellation or rescheduling. The process of scheduling must be simple and straightforward. It should be flexible for adapting according to your requirements. Having clarity about the availability and scheduling process helps you ensure your rental property is in pristine condition.

Wrapping Up

Hiring professional vacate cleaners is essential for cleaning your house and making it ready for the final property inspection. Without professional help, it will be difficult to get your bond money back. By asking the questions from this article, finding a genuine and reliable company will become straightforward.