Mom’s 6 Best Kept Cleaning Secrets!

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Mom’s 6 Best Kept Cleaning Secrets!

By : Georgia
Many people acquire the habit of cleaning from their mothers because they witnessed them complete a host of chores. Several end of lease cleaners in Perth even admit getting the motivation to take up cleaning professionally from their moms. It is not a surprising fact because mothers are responsible for cleaning in a majority of homes, which makes no less than experts. Therefore, for anyone who wishes to clean their homes adequately and efficient, it’s important to learn tricks passed on from generation to generation. Here is a list of mom’s best-kept cleaning secrets and how to get motivated to clean.

Use Vinegar to Disinfect Any Surface, Floor or Item

White vinegar is a versatile product that is excellent for cooking, but it is also the secret cleaning weapon used by mothers everywhere. Vinegar’s disinfecting properties make it an ideal sanitiser for almost anything. It is useful in removing mineral stains, grime, and deposits from surfaces, floors and fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom, living rooms etc. One of the best ways to make an instant disinfectant is to mix vinegar and water in 50-50 ration in a spray bottle. Use this solution to kill germs and becterias on sinks, counters, stovetops, points of contacts, faucets, kitchen appliances etc.

Apply Baking Soda to Remove Grime & Odours

Baking soda is called the wonder cleaning powder because it is highly effective in removing grime and odour from any surface or object. It is used extensively by professional cleaners in Perth as well to perform end of lease cleaning tasks. Baking Soda can be used for cleaning in a variety of forms depending on what needs cleaning. For removing grease and food residues from ovens, BBQs, dishwashers, sinks etc. the paste of baking soda and water is very potent. Besides being helpful to make an effective cleaning paste, baking soda can be used directly to soak grime from floor or surfaces and remove odour from beddings, carpets, upholstery, garbage bins etc.

Remove Blood, Wine, and Other Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide

Accidental spillage is unavoidable, but it can damage the appearance of items, especially carpets, beddings, curtains, clothes etc. It is hard to remove stains from these surfaces with regular washing if the spillage is of blood, wine, juice, curry, or any other substance that can stain badly. However, they can be removed by using hydrogen peroxide. To treat a stain, you will need to prep the spot by washing it with warm water then pouring a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide over it. Let the solution work its magic for about an hour before scrubbing with a brush dipped in liquid detergent and washing with warm water again. If the stain doesn’t disappear the first time, which it mostly does, repeat the process until the spot is clear.

Deep Clean Every Season

Spring cleaning is not only restricted to the season of blossoms, and it needs to be done every season to keep your home neat and clean. You can start by preparing your annual timetable consisting of cleaning tasks to complete before the start or end of each season. Delegate the tasks for each seasonal clean to different members of the house. Also, set a deadline to get the work done on time. Some of the quarterly duties to include in your timetable are:
  • Decluttering your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living area
  • Clean hard to reach areas such as behind and underneath furniture, refrigerator and other hard to reach areas.
  • Thoroughly clean your carpets, window blinds, door frames, dishwasher, oven, BBQ etc.
Note: If you are unable to find the time or energy to purge your house every season, hire an affordable end of lease cleaning company in Perth that offers spring cleanings services.

Be Proactive and Prevent Built-ups

It is essential to keep up with your cleaning chores rather than catching up. Hence, it is vital to stay on top of your game by cleaning dust, spills, stains, and other remains from surfaces/ items before they become stubborn build-ups. It pays off to spot clean immediately, dust/sweep/mop regularly, and complete daily/weekly/monthly tasks diligently. The best way is to all this is to keep supplies on hand and make everyone else in the household aware about the need to spot clean as soon they see dirt, debris, spillage etc.

Eliminate the Cause of a Smell Rather than Masking It

It is easier to spray room freshener when an area or room smells bad, which is not a long term solution. The fresheners only mask the smell and not treat the root cause. If you want to keep the odour from returning inspect the area/room/object to determine what is causing it. The culprits can be mould, leftover food, dirty laundry, pet accidents, dirt/grime, and seepage, among others. Once you know the cause chart out your plan of action by deciding the cleaning supplies and your modus operandi. In cases of leakage, mould or other serious issues, you may need to call professionals like real estate contractors, expert end of lease cleaners in Perth, etc. for assistance.
How to Get Motivated To Clean?
To implement these tricks, it is essential to feel motivated to clean regularly and here’s how.
  • Create a playlist of songs to have fun doing chores
  • Set a reward system to motivate yourself and others to partake in cleaning activities.
  • Clean for 10-20 minutes daily but regularly
  • Consult professional cleaners in Perth
  • Take the assistance of friends to make cleaning a group activity
Wrapping Up
Routine cleaning, organising, and decluttering are positive practises everyone should inculcate in their lives. Keeping your home tidy is the key to lead a healthy and stress-free life, which is why it is essential to incorporate the cleaning secrets shared above. If you are daunted by cleaning, start small to develop a habit gradually. Also, don’t hesitate to take professional assistance by hiring experts from a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Perth.