Important Feng Shui Tips to Clean Your Home

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Important Feng Shui Tips to Clean Your Home

By : Georgia

Regular cleaning makes your house spick-and-span and gives you a satisfying feeling, but not if you are using chemical-based cleaning products. Such products make you inhale and touch toxic particles that can give you a headache, dizziness and you might also experience skin irritation.You need natural products for cleaning as it can improve mental energy. While some people hire the vacate cleaning company in Perth for the job, others believe in Feng Shui cleaning and follow it. This is because such cleaning procedure focuses on generating more life force energy (or chi energy) in the home, which can get obstructed by the clutter and grime of the house, and that leads to a depressed state.

In this post, you will learn about some simple tips that can give you a mental lift and create opportunities to bring happiness to your house.

How to Clean Your Kitchen

Do yourself a favour and keep your kitchen neat and clean! It is an essential part of your house that provides life-supportive energy. Your kitchen should be a place that gives you vibrancy and radiating warmth because that energy will get absorbed in the food you cook.

An ideal kitchen should be clean and have an appropriate amount of light and air. It should also have bright and cheerful colours that portray a sense of happiness, health, and vitality. The design of the kitchen should be functional where cooking can be easy, and you have a lot of storage.
Always remember that the kitchen reflects the state of your health, so it should be clean, and you should maintain the hygiene.

What to do?

Clean out your freezer, refrigerator and cupboards of food that are not fresh anymore. Donate or throw any packaged food that you haven’t used in the last 4 to 6 months. Keep your kitchen free from any junk food and chemical-based cleaners. Instead, go for natural cleaning solutions.

Open your cabinets and take everything out of it. Then have a close look at everything and get rid of things you don’t or rarely use. Clean your burner, fridge, cabinets, pots and pans, counters and light fixtures. People usually opt for vacate cleaners in Perth, but you can also do it on your own.

Time to bring in live plants, potted herbs and whole foods in your kitchen.
Clearing all the clutter and dirt to create a new pathway for Chi energy to flow will make the kitchen more alive. And this, in turn, will make you feel a lot healthier.

How to Clean your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place where you sleep and your body and mind repair itself. This place promotes a balanced flow of emotional and physical energy. Your bedroom is your private space, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a boring, unhealthy and depressing place. It should be a relaxing and enjoyable place where you can have a quick nap or a quality sleep.

The bedroom should be properly clean because that will allow the fruitful Chi energy to come in the room and stay there. This will not only make a positive impact on your sleep and health, but it will also improve the state of the relationship with your partner.

What to do?

Take out all the items that have been kept under the bed for a long time. This clutter doesn’t allow the positive energy to enter the room and thus you can’t have a peaceful sleep. You can relocate, donate or discard the items.

The closet should be organised and free from clutter to stay away from the stagnant Chi energy. Gather all the clothes that you haven’t wear for months or items that you haven’t used. After that, donate, sell or throw them to create more space for proper flow of energy.

If you have any electrical devices in your bedroom like a computer or TV, remove them immediately! They destroy all the positive feng shui energy. They not only have harmful effects on health but also add stress. Moreover, it is a massive distraction, so it hampers the relationship with your partner.

Skin-colours are considered as the best colours for your bedroom, and that can vary from a pale white to a rich brown. Go for the tone that speaks most to you. Your bedroom colour can promote a healthy and happy life.

You should avoid any sad and lonely images as artwork in your bedroom. You should use images that make you feel good and happy. This will give you positive energy. Thus, go for something that is related to love, body healing, exercise, spiritual, happy relationships, and so on.

It is essential that the bed is easily approachable from both sides and have bedside tables on both sides to convey balance and equality. Also, remember that you should be able to see the bedroom door right from your bed. However, avoid having the bed in one line with the door.

Keep your bedroom as spacious as possible and free from dust to increase the flow of positive energy in the room. This will undoubtedly make a positive impact on your sleep and consequently on your overall health.

How to Clean Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a place that we use to clean our body to feel fresh, so it should be clean, and hygiene should be maintained. Otherwise, it will not only make us sick but also increase the negativity around us.

Like kitchen and bedroom, feng shui also ask to get rid of everything that no longer serves you. Comprehensive cleaning is most important here. That is why, is it advisable to go for vacate cleaning in Perth. However, if you have enough time for spring cleaning, do it yourself.

What to do?

Remove any unnecessary things such half-empty bottles, or use a shower caddy to hide them but make sure you remove all the clutter around the shower or tub. Try to have air purifying plants like succulents as they hardly require any water but do their job and clean the air. These plants not only purify the air but also bring freshness and vitality.

Do not keep your photographs in your bathroom or any of your friends and family members. Instead, go for more appropriate images that exemplify purification like trees, meadows, flowers, the sea, or a mountain.

As per Feng Shui, greens and blues colours are maintains positive energy inside the room as blue represents water that purifies, while green signifies life, growth and a new beginning. White is also a great option as it stands for purity and cleanliness.

Use orange-infused vinegar or tea tree oil candle in your bathroom as it detoxifies and purifies the air. These are non-toxic and capable of removing anything that has stagnant energy such as mouldy showers and grimy counters.

Last but not least, you must keep the bathroom well ventilated and allow the air, light and positive energy to flow. People often overlook the importance of cleaning the bathroom and keeping it neat and clean. You should revamp the space, and use clean bath mats, shower curtains and towels.