How To Use Magic Eraser For Cleaning?

How To Use Magic Eraser For Cleaning?

By : Georgia

Magic erasers are effective and natural cleaning tools that are perfect for scrubbing surfaces in your home. If you are wondering how magic erasers work, it is first important to understand how these cleaning tools are made.

When non-toxic melamine is compressed by heat into a foam, it results in tiny air pockets that mesh together and create a soft and flexible cleaning tool that is the magic eraser.

These tiny air pockets are surrounded by upside-down triangles that can scrub grime, dirt, grease and oil splatters from your home. Also, the tiny points at the end of the triangles, called struts, attach themselves to dirt and remove it from a surface like a wiper.

However, before you use these magic erasers, you must test them as the slightly abrasive foam can scratch materials like varnished wood, glossy surfaces, stone, and painted surfaces.

Once you have tested the magic eraser, you can start cleaning with it in the following ways: 

How To Clean Your Home With A Magic Eraser

Wet The Sponge To Make It More Effective

Even though the dry melamine foam in magic erasers is effective enough to remove dirt and grime, it becomes even more powerful when you wet the sponge. Bond cleaners in Perth recommend soaking the sponge and wringing out the excess water so it does not break apart easily.

Rub The Magic Eraser In Circular Motions

Once you have removed excess water from the magic eraser, you should clean dirt, grime, grease and mildew from surfaces in circular motions. This will make the sponge more powerful and prevent any marks or streaks.

The best part about these erasers is that they can be harder than the soiled area they clean and softer than the surfaces they wipe. Here are some surfaces you can effectively clean with a magic eraser.

Remove Grease And Grime From Kitchen Countertops

According to the professional vacate cleaning in Perth, one of the best uses of a magic eraser is to remove grease and grime from kitchen countertops and stoves. You can use your magic eraser to scrub tough grease and oil spots in gentle circular motions and repeat as necessary.

Do not add any chemicals or cleaning solutions to this eraser, as it can damage the foam. You can also scrub the baseboard behind your stoves, kitchen sinks, cupboards, and shelves with a magic eraser.


Avoid using a magic eraser to clean stainless steel stoves and use these natural solutions instead.

Get Rid Of Soap Scum From Shower Doors And Tracks

Besides grease and oil stains, magic erasers are powerful enough to remove soap scum from your shower doors. You can wet the foam slightly and use it to scrub the soap scum in circular motions to remove it.

You can also use this flexible tool to remove dirt and grime from shower door tracks and corners. Lastly, wipe away hard water stains and marks off your shower floors with a magic eraser to keep them clean and shiny.


Here are some more tips on how to remove soap scum from your bathroom.

Wipe Off Scuff Marks, Fingerprints And Smudges From Your Walls

Besides removing soap scum, professional bond cleaners in Perth recommend using magic erasers to remove scuff marks, fingerprints and smudges from your walls.

The melamine foam is gentle enough to remove these marks without leaving any scratches or streaks. But if you have painted or glossy walls in your home, it is best not to use magic erasers as they can discolour your walls. Thus, it is best to always test the magic eraser on a hidden part of your wall before cleaning it to see that it does not damage the surface.

Scrub Off Mould And Mildew From Your Bathroom Floors

Next, magic erasers can remove mould and dampness from your bathroom floors. This is because the melamine is abrasive enough to remove the mould spores and does not leave any debris.

But you must wear protective gear like rubber gloves, goggles and a face mask when cleaning mould, as it can become airborne and cause infections and respiratory problems. Lastly, always clean and rinse the area with a dry microfiber towel to prevent the further growth of these mould spores. 

Restore Dirty Sink and Faucets

There is no denying that kitchen faucet, sink, and handles can lose their shine due to accumulated grime, mineral deposits and stubborn stains. If you want to restore their shine, use a magic eraser without causing any damage.

It is one of the effective tools to remove grime and stains from sinks and faucets. You can tackle built-up soap residue, scum and stains while leaving the surface shining. You just need to dampen the magic eraser and gently scrub the surface. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to elevate the overall look and feel of your kitchen and bathroom sink and faucets.

Other Objects And Areas You Can Clean With A Magic Eraser

  • Wipe marks and soil off the soles of your shoes
  • Remove food debris and stains from your ovens and microwaves
  • Clean permanent marker stains off your dry-erase boards
  • Get rid of pet smudges and marks from your glass windows
  • Scrub off mug stains from your tables
  • Get rid of dirt from your shower curtains

Some Additional Tips 

  • You can make your eraser last longer by cutting it into pieces.
  • These small eraser pieces are also perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach spots in your home.
  • Always dry your sponges after using them so they are more effective.
  • Do not scrub an area too hard, as it can cause your magic eraser to crumble and break into pieces.


Besides a magic eraser, here are some more cleaning tools you should own.


Thus, magic erasers are quick and safe cleaning tools that contain no chemicals and can easily remove dirt, grime, grease, oil and debris from surfaces. You can use it to clean your kitchen stovetops, ovens, microwaves, shower tracks, doors, and walls. But make sure you first test it on a part of the surface so that it does not scratch or discolour the area when cleaning it.