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How to Prepare for an End of Lease Cleaning?

How to Prepare for an End of Lease Cleaning?
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  • Oct 06 2016
The end of lease cleaning holds a significant value for both the tenants and landowners in Perth, Western Australia as it is essential for receiving the full deposit. It is estimated that more than half of deposit disputes are linked to complex issues that involve cleaning as a part of it. Luckily, the end of lease cleaning does not necessarily mandate that the tenants hire a professional cleaning company, and they can easily do it on their own if they choose to do so.

While the landlord has every right to request that their property is left at the same level of hygiene as it was before the tenants moved in, how the cleaning is to be done is up to the tenant. To ensure that the property has been thoroughly cleaned, you can, of course, depend on your skills. But the better option would be to hire professional end of lease cleaners who can get the job done swiftly and without any issues.

Before You Begin

A thorough end of lease clean will work to your advantage as you will be meeting all the responsibilities contained in the tenancy agreement. Otherwise, the landlord may give you a hard time in winning back the tenancy deposit. While cleaning the entire household isn't something to be afraid of, you might consider hiring a professional end of lease cleaning company if your responsibilities regarding moving are too overwhelming.

If there has been any damage to the property by you or any visitor, make sure that it is fixed or replaced. But before you begin the cleaning process, contact the landlord or agent and request the checklist containing the final inspection items. You need to match the requirements in the list so as to be sure that you've met the cleaning expectations of the landlord.

Steps of the End of Lease Cleaning

Declutter: Seriously, how could anyone manage to clean up the place if there is an endless amount of stuff lying around? For this apparent reason, you should always begin by decluttering that will not only aid you in cleaning the place better but moving out as well. Clothes, chairs, memorabilia, toys, and junk items should be put where they belong or better yet, pack directly into a box to stay one step ahead.

Empty: The next logical step would be to empty all the appliances, wardrobes, cupboards, shelves, and every other place of need. It's important that you pack wisely and remember and accurately categorise the wardrobe items before stuffing them into several boxes. This will allow you to arrange everything in the wardrobe of your new home in Perth quickly so that you can concentrate on other pressing issues at hand.

Cleaning primary house areas: Most landowners in Perth place a lot of emphasis on fewer areas of the house like the kitchen(especially the oven), living room, and bathroom. This is because these regions are not only bare necessities but also places of potentially high aesthetic value. So, to create a good impression on the property owner is better that you thoroughly clean these areas, leaving no room for complaint at all.

In the kitchen, empty all the shells and cupboards, remove the leftover food crumbs and deposits, thoroughly clean inside and out of appliances, removing cobwebs, fixing the decorations on bookshelves, proper dusting and vacuuming are all needed for the kitchen and the living room. For the bathroom, make sure you scrub everything including the toilet, bath, sink, mirror, and other accessories to give the place a new shine. Also, clean the floor by removing limescale buildup from metallic surfaces and mould from the walls.

Cleaning secondary house areas: The walls, windows, furniture, stairways and hallways, curtains, blinds, and carpets all have to be cleaned so that they make the best impression on the new tenant. Take care of the dirt, debris, foul smell, and other agents that may be causing these areas to be less appealing.

When should you consider hiring a professional cleaner in Perth?

· If you are allergic to dust or other cleaning products

· Don't have the energy or the free time

· Don't have the necessary expertise

· Do not know how to handle a professional equipment

If you do not meet with the above-mentioned criteria, then consider hiring a cleaning company in Perth for complete peace of mind. While the list of "To-do" things is almost infinite, the tips mentioned above should give you a brief idea on how to prepare for the end of lease cleaning.