How to Keep Carpet Clean in a Pet-Friendly Home

Happy child playing with dogs on the carpet

How to Keep Carpet Clean in a Pet-Friendly Home

By : Georgia
From muddy paws to hair dangles, shedding to pet stains, there are number of annoying things that can happen to the carpet in a pet-friendly home. No wonder pets bring joy to our lives but don’t forget they bring mess, dirt, and bacteria into the home as well. Both cats and dogs in your home spend most of their time on the carpet –playing, eating and even urinating on it. They make carpets their own territory and create a mess on it. The situation becomes worst when you are living in a rental property and running at the end of your tenancy. According to the tenancy agreement, a tenant has to return the property in a clean condition to get the security deposit/bond money back. And most of the landlords in South Perth hold back the deposited money because of the dirty floorings. If you have a pet and want your property as well as carpets to be cleaned professionally, call for the best vacate cleaning experts in South Perth. They are well-versed with advanced cleaning techniques and equipment to give you quality cleaning experience with peace of mind. But, if the situation is different, and you are living in your own house, then you don’t have to give up your old carpet to maintain a clean look in your home. Here are the most useful tips for keeping carpets sparkling clean with pets.

1. Ensure Clean Paws of your Pet

There is no doubt that most of the dirt particles and grime that gets inside the home from a pet come from their paws. Both the dogs and cats roam freely inside and out of the home, bringing all the dust on the carpet and spreading germs. In order to maintain your clean carpets, make sure you keep their paws clean every time they enter the home. This will help you prevent the damage to high traffic pet areas such as carpet and rugs. You can keep a clean towel near your entry gates to clean their paws whenever they re-enter the house. Make this a routine and keep your floorings dirt-free.

2. Install a Protective Walkway

Adding tile floor near pet walkway or doorways make your work easier, and you can clean it in no time. It simply adds a barrier to prevent the outdoors from becoming part of your indoors. The installation of tile floor near doorways allows your pet to shake off their dirt before entering into the rooms. This will keep your carpets away from dirt, dust and mud. The best part about the tile floor is that paw prints can be easily cleaned without much effort – saving you time and energy.

3. Keep your pets clean

If you want to ensure a neat and clean carpet, make sure you keep your pets groomed and tidy — the tidier the pet, the cleaner the floor coverings. Since carpets easily attract the dry dirt, hair dandles, ensure that you keep your dog’s hair maintained. This will limit the amount of trash and make your carpet cleaning job a bit easier.

4. Buy carpet runners and area rugs

Yes, you love pets, but you can’t deny the fact that they create a huge mess, especially when they are on carpet. Well, with the use of an area rug or a carpet runner, you can protect your main floor coverings for the pet stains. If your pet pees on area rugs and runners, they can be easily washed and quickly put back in place.

5. Vacuum Clean your Carpet

It is good to vacuum the carpet and rugs twice a week in your pet-friendly home in South Perth. This cleaning shortcut will help you remove build-up dust, dirt and hair that are accumulated deep-inside the fibre. To take some time out of your busy schedule and vacuum your floor coverings to bring back the lost shine.

6. Remove the Pet Stains When They are Fresh

How do you deal with the situation when your pet urinates on the carpet? If this accident happens, you can remove the stain as soon as possible. First, remove the excess from the affected area before you blot it. With the use of white vinegar, baking soda, and lukewarm water solution, you need to blot the area with a paper towel or a microfiber cloth.
7. Hire the Professional
If you have tried your best, and your flooring is still looking the same – dirty and smelling, then calling the best carpet cleaning professional can an ideal decision. Professionally-trained cleaners know how to treat pet stains and bad odours and can help you achieve a fresh and clean carpet without a hint of stress.
Pets make us feel happy and bring companionship with emotional support. They reduce the stress level and save us from loneliness. But don’t forget that pet-friendly homes easily become the victim of dirty and messy carpets. Both dog and cat make the carpet dirty with hairs, urine, shredding, etc. But with the help of the tricks mentioned above in this post, you can bring back the shine of your carpets. In case you are at the end of your lease period, consider hiring experienced vacate cleaners in South Perth. They know how to clean the property, including the carpets to help you retrieve the bond money after the property inspection by the landlord.