How to Get Your Security Bond Back at the End of Tenancy in Perth?

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How to Get Your Security Bond Back at the End of Tenancy in Perth?

By : Georgia
A lease agreement is a legally binding contract that tenant and property owner/manager enter when one party rents out a property and the other occupies it. In most cases, the tenant has to submit a security deposit before starting the occupancy, which is not more than four weeks of rent.

This bond money is refunded at the end of the tenancy when the lessee fulfils his/her responsibilities to move out successfully, and the property owner/manager gives the approval after the final inspection.

As a tenant getting your entire bond money back is crucial, which is why knowing what to do is necessary. To help here is your complete guide by experts in Perth on how to get your security bond back at the end of a tenancy.

Refer Original Condition Proofs

To get your bond back, it is essential to return the rented property in the same condition it was in at the time of occupancy. Therefore, if you were proactive and have proofs of the original condition of the property, then as you approach the end of the tenancy, referring to these proofs would be wise.

It would help you to know about what is required to do for returning the property to the same state it was in when starting the tenancy.

Live in the Rented Property Responsibly

As a tenant, it is your responsibility to take care of the property and not cause any damage due to neglect or intent. If you had the property in pristine condition at the time of occupancy and it was without any pest infestations, mould growth, water damage, or broken components then ensure they don’t happen while you stay.

In case there is damage be responsible and get the issues fixed before the end of the lease term to get you bond money back.

Reread the Lease Agreement

After you have found a new property to occupy and the moving date is decided, the next step to ensure you get your bond back would be to reread the lease agreement.

It would help you chart out the plan for moving out by refreshing your memory regarding the notice to serve and what things you have to do to move out successfully. By rereading the agreement, you can also learn about the bond cleaning clauses, wear and tear, etc.

Know what is Fair Wear and Tear

When renting a property, the term fair wear and tear is used many times, and as a tenant, it is important for you to know what it means. Generally, it is wearing off of the property that happened naturally during the stay of the tenant. For example, if the paint fades from outdoor walls due to sunlight exposure will be considered fair wear and tear.

Similarly, wearing of floors and other components of the property due to fair use gradually will not cause you to face deductions. Therefore, make sure to get a list of things that would be normal wear and tear from the property owner or manager at the time of occupancy.

Acquaint Yourself with the Bond Claiming Process

Once the landlord receives the bond, he/she has to lodge the bond with the Bond Administrator in Perth and provide the email addresses of all the parties involved in the transaction. After a tenancy ends, a claim to get a full refund has to be made and after its receipt of the Bond Administrator processes it within five working days.

The claim has to be undisputed, and the lessor or the lessee shall make it. In case, there is a dispute related to the amount to refund the bond disposal will only happen when all the tenants who paid the bond and the landlord agree.

To resolve the dispute an order by the court or the tribunal is necessary and the matters of rental property issues can only be settled by a magistrate or the State Administrative Tribunal.

Ensure the Property is Empty before Vacate Cleaning

A lessee should understand the importance of moving out completely from his/her rented property before vacate cleaners in Perth arrive for purging it. This step is necessary for several reasons which are

  • Makes it easier to clean every nook and cranny of the house
  • There is no heavy furniture, appliances, and other things to move
  • Vacate cleaners can clean the property without worrying about damaging your belongings

If you are planning on hiring professional vacate cleaners in Perth, then make sure your rented property is empty on the day of the experts arrive. Even for DIY vacate cleaning, getting all your property content shifted to the new property before the end of lease cleaning is wise.

Hire Reliable Vacate Cleaners

Most landlords have an end of lease cleaning clause in their lease agreements asking tenants to hire professional vacate cleaners in Perth to sanitise and purge the properties before moving out.

In some cases, the tenant might be at the liberty of performing the final clean without taking assistance of experts. However, usually property owners or manager get their properties cleaned by professionals and expect the same from the tenants, especially if they are pet owners. Therefore, it is wise to book a reliable and reputed vacate cleaning company in Perth that can provide your excellent and personalised solutions.

Look for companies that offer a bond back guarantee which means they are willing to clean your rented property and provide a timeframe within which you can get re-cleans done if your landlord points out any problems related to the vacate cleaning done by their trained vacate cleaners in Perth.

The Bottom Line

Moving out of a rented property is among the most challenging and stressful events of your life because you have to clean the property and get your bond back. Therefore, make sure to follow this guide and the useful tips mentioned in it to get your entire security deposit back.