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How to Get Your Full Bond Back At The End of Tenancy?

How to Get Your Full Bond Back At The End of Tenancy?
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  • Jul 27 2020
Moving out of a rental apartment is a stressful process, but the thought of losing your full bond money can be really upsetting. Being a tenant, you have to manage everything- from finding a new house in Perth to packing household belongings. One of the most important tasks is to prepare a leased property for the final inspection.

Once you have ended your tenancy, you will have only a few weeks to fix the damages, spruce up the premises before the rental property inspection. A landlord inspects every nook and cranny and can hold back a part of your bond amount if the property is not in a pristine condition.

That’s one of the major reasons why tenants prefer hiring professionals for a thorough vacate cleaning in Perth over DIY cleaning. Experienced cleaners are fully-trained, and know the right cleaning procedure when it comes to impressing the landlord or a property manager. They take care of all your end of lease cleaning needs without giving you a hint of stress.

However, most tenants still a part of their bond because of some silly mistakes or lack of knowledge. Today, we have compiled a list of things you will keep you in mind to secure your full bond money at the end of the tenancy.

1. Fill Out the Initial Condition Report Properly

When you first move in, make sure you inspect every corner of the rental premises. You should take advantage of this situation and note every dent, crack and smudge and other damages to the property.

Prepare a complete condition report by taking photos along with notes that will work as evidence if your landlord tries to withhold your bond money at the end of your tenancy.

So, never skip this process if you want to pass your rental property inspection without any conflict.

2. Address Property Damages and Fix Them ASAP

Whether it is a leaky faucet or a broken door of your kitchen, always tell the landlord as soon as possible. If you break something in the middle of your tenancy, repair the damages immediately.

According to the tenancy agreement, you are responsible for any damages within the property. So, fix them by hiring a reliable handyman in Perth before the final inspection by your landlord.

Tip: Thoroughly check every corner of your rental premises to look for water damages, broken doors and windows, and cracks so that you can fix it before the end of your tenancy.

3. Pay All Your Rents

Most tenants lose their bond money because of their outstanding bills and rents. If you are moving out of your leased apartment, make sure you clear out all the payments, including your rents. This way, it won’t be reduced from your bond when you vacate the premises.

Tip: It is always good to have a good relationship with your landlord or a property manager. Developing good communication can help you get your full bond back without any dispute.

4. A Thorough End of Lease Cleaning

A clean and well-maintained condition of the rental property plays a vital role in getting the full bond back at the end of your tenancy. It is important for you to spruce up every nook and cranny of the property before the final inspection.

Instead of doing it yourself, you can hire professionally-trained people who can carry out the best vacate cleaning in Perth using the most advanced tools and environmentally-friendly products. They clean according to the checklist approved by REIWA so that you can impress the fussy landlord and get the full bond back without any conflict.

Highly-trained vacate cleaners have got expertise in:

  • Removing tough stains, grime, and grease from almost every surface in a home. They use the best cleaning methods to give you sparkling clean results.
  • Wiping down dust from difficult-to-reach areas, such as exhaust fans/air vents, ceiling fans, light fixtures and fittings, top of the cupboards and wardrobe.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting kitchen countertops, sinks, faucets, stove top, kitchen appliances and floors.
  • Driving out mould, soap scum, stubborn stains and other grime from bathroom walls, tile grouts, a bathtub, shower head, curtains, glass door, toilet bowl, etc
  • Vacuuming dirty carpets and rugs

You can do your part of the research and shortlist at least 5 best vacate cleaning companies in your local area. Compare quotes, check customer reviews, know more about their work approach and other key aspects.

This will help you choose the most suitable option when it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning. An experienced company takes care of all your specific needs and assist you throughout the cleaning process. You will get the highest standard of cleaning to help you get the full bond back without any dispute.

If you are cleaning on your own, make sure you have a complete cleaning checklist that includes everything –from top to bottom. Apart from this, arrange all cleaning supplies and prepare homemade cleaning solutions using white vinegar, baking soda, salt, the Castile Soap, Magic Erasers, etc to bring back the lost shine of your rental premises.

5. Do Not Lose the Keys

You could lose your bond money if you forget to return the keys of your rental property that you were given when you moved in. If you do lose a key, make sure you arrange a spare key cut before the final inspection.

6. You Can Check Online

If you are not sure about when you will get your bond refund, you can submit the joint application for Disposal of Security Bond. It will take 7 to 10 days for a Bond Administrator to process a bond refund. You can gather more information on claiming or releasing a bond from WA Commerce.


Preparing the rental property for the final inspection by hiring the most trained people who can perform the best vacate cleaning in Perth. From fixing damages to sprucing up the premises to paying outstanding rents keep all these things in mind if you want to get your bond back without any disputes or conflicts.