How To Find The Best Vacate Cleaners In Your Budget

How To Find The Best Vacate Cleaners In Your Budget

By : Georgia
Did you know that the population of Perth increased by around 27,400 people during 2018-19? People are moving to this West Australian city due to the homely neighbourhoods, scenic beaches, Instagram-able cafes, low crime rates and iconic landscapes. Perth is also known as the sunshine capital city as it gets more sunshine than any other place in Australia. If you are also planning to move to this capital city that is filled with warmth and sunshine, you can start looking at beautiful apartments and homes here. But before you do this, you must ensure you follow the rental rules and laws of Western Australia when vacating your old home. This includes leaving your old home in a clean and tidy condition in order to regain your rental bond. If you try to clean your home on your own, it might take a long time, and there might still be problem areas in your old home. For this reason, it is better to opt for vacating cleaners in Perth to help you clean every speck of dust and remove the impossible stains in your home to get your security deposit back. If you need help in finding the best vacate cleaners for this job, there are some tips to guide you below. But first, it is important that you should know your rights as a tenant in Western Australia so that you can vacate your home in the right way:

Know Your Rights

  • Before you find the best cleaners who offer vacate cleaning Perth, you must first learn your rights as a tenant in Western Australia.
  • When you signed a lease agreement with your landlord at the beginning of your tenancy, you had to pay a security deposit.
  • In Western Australia, the bond amount can be up to four weeks’ worth of rent, so make sure you only pay this.
  • At the end of the tenancy, your landlord has to give you this bond back unless you have not met the terms of the tenancy.
  • Your landlord can deduct your security deposit if you do not maintain the home and leave it in a dirty and damaged state.
  • This will be specified in your lease agreement, so make sure you carefully review the terms when signing it.
  • Thus, to meet these terms and ensure you get your bond back from your landlord, you must hire vacate cleaners in Perth to help you deep clean every part of your home. You can get the best people for this job using the tips below:

  • Find The Best Vacate Cleaners

    1. Ask Your Neighbours If you go online, you will find over 35,639 cleaning companies in Australia. Instead of sorting through them all, it is better to make your search more localised and personal by asking your new neighbours and town folk about the best vacate cleaners in the area. You can also ask them what they liked about their services, whether they got the job done, and their price range. 2. Get at least Three Quotes Once you have these references, keep at least three or four of the best options and contact them. You can explain your needs to each of them and ask them for a price quote. This will help you pick the bond cleaner that best suits your budget and your requirements. 3. Look At Their Professionalism Once you zero in on a vacate cleaning service in Perth, you must look at their professionalism. Do these experts follow a REISA-approved checklist in Western Australia when deep cleaning your home? This checklist is specifically meant for vacate cleaning, as most landlords look at this checklist when inspecting their homes. You must also look at what all services they provide and do not provide. For instance, if you have dirty and stained carpets and need to get rid of them before your landlord comes for an inspection, you must ensure your vacate cleaners include carpet cleaning in their services. Thus, you should list what you need to do and then ask these professionals if they provide these services. 4. Bond Back Guarantee You must also ensure you hire a vacate cleaning service in Perth with a bond-back guarantee. This means that this company will follow all the cleaning schedules and rules to get your security deposit back. Due to their experience and expertise, make sure your home looks exactly like your landlord wants. You can also share the property conditional report with them to show them what the house looked like when you first moved in. They will then cover every nook and corner using the most advanced tools and green cleaning solutions to get your home back into its former shape.


    Once your landlord comes and inspects your home and approves your bond, you will get a refund in two to three days. You can then use this bond amount for your moving expenses when you relocate to your new home in the sunshine capital of Western Australia.