How To Find Best Vacate Cleaners In Perth?

How To Find Best Vacate Cleaners In Perth?

By : Georgia
Moving out of a rented property is more challenging than it seems, especially if doing it for the first time. According to the residential tenancy laws in Western Australia, tenants or renters are obliged to perform a thorough end-of-lease cleaning before the final rental inspection. The laws also state that the landlords or property managers have the right to hold back full or a part of bond money if tenants return the property in a dirty or damaged condition. That’s one of the key reasons people opt for professional vacate cleaning in Perth to pass their rental inspection without getting into any dispute. However, doing proper research and finding the best vacate cleaning in Perth within your estimated budget is important. Consider the potential red flags, and avoid falling prey to lucrative or cheap deals when outsourcing professionals. Here are some of the best tips to help you choose the most reliable cleaning professionals for your rented property:

Seek Recommendations and References

Preparing the leased property for the final inspection is a stressful process. In the middle of this, taking out time to search for different cleaning companies becomes even more difficult. In such a scenario, you should always seek genuine recommendations from family, friends, neighbours and colleagues who have recently hired cleaning professionals. It is also good to consider loyal referrals as it can give you valuable insights about the company and help you make the right decision.  You can also report a scam if the company is asking you to pay extra fees during the cleaning task.

Inquire About Included Services

When booking professionals at the end of your tenancy, be sure you inquire about the cleaning services included in their package. A comprehensive vacate cleaning service should cover all areas of the premises according to the pre-approved checklist. It should include all bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living areas, patio areas, laundry room, exterior walls, etc. It is good to inquire about specific services, such as carpet cleaning, pressure washing, and window cleaning, because some companies don’t include these services in the end of lease cleaning package. So, get a clear understanding of the services included in the package and choose the most suitable company as per your specific needs.

Look For Genuine Online Reviews

Choosing the right vacate cleaners in Perth can be tricky without knowing the right hack or trick. If you are unsure about any company, read online reviews on reliable websites. The customer reviews will make your job a bit easier as you will get clarity about specific companies or professionals you plan to hire for a vacate cleaning. It is good to read reviews on promising social media platforms and focus on feedback regarding work approach, cleaners’ ethics, reliability and professionalism.

Compare Different Pricing Quotes

Do you want an affordable yet high-quality cleaning service? If yes, then you should do proper research and shortlist four to five companies. After that, compare the pricing quotes of at least three companies to get an idea. Break down the estimated quotation and choose the one that matches your budget. Remember that a good company always gives you a transparent pricing policy and never asks you to pay hidden charges during the process.

Look For Insured & Bonded Cleaners

Are you concerned about your bond money at the end of your tenancy? You should know tenant’s responsibilities and choose an insured and bonded vacate cleaners in Perth. This will protect you in case of any damages or accidents during the scrubbing, vacuuming and other cleaning processes. They are highly trained, experienced and fully insured, and that’s why renters trust them whenever it comes to detailed end-of-lease cleaning.

Ask About their Experience

It is good to inquire about the experience and expertise of professional cleaners before making a final decision. You should discover how long they have been in the cleaning industry and how many vacate cleaning jobs they have completed. An experienced team can handle even the most complicated task efficiently, giving you peace of mind. Tip: Book cleaners with at least 3-5 years of experience performing all types of vacate cleaning services.

Ask Important Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about cleaning services, such as inclusions, exclusions and other key aspects. Ensure they follow a proven cleaning checklist covering all nooks and crannies to help you pass the rental inspection. Also, inquire about additional services quoted separately, such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, pressure cleaning, etc. It is good to clear your doubts by asking important questions related to scheduling, cancellation policies, insurance policy and much more and make a well-informed decision accordingly.

Check For Guarantees

Most people often forget to check the guarantees and warranties that they offer with cleaning services. A renowned company often provides a cleaning or bond back guarantee or offers a free re-clean service if the customers are unhappy with their first clean. So, do proper research and look for the cleaners that can give you guarantees for their vacate cleaning Perth jobs. They can help you get full bond money back without any dispute because they follow a detailed rental inspection checklist and leave no signs of stains behind.

Read the Terms and Conditions Carefully

It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of service before hiring a cleaning company. Pay attention to the payment terms, cancellation policies, information on additional charges for specific services and much more. By doing so, you can easily avoid unexpected scenarios and have a stress-free cleaning experience.


These are some of the easy ways to find the best vacate cleaning experts in Perth without a hint of stress. Make sure you check their experience, quality of work, pricing structures, etc, to pick the most reliable option for your hard-earned bond money.