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How To Deep Clean A House With Pets?

How To Deep Clean A House With Pets?
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  • Jul 07 2021
Deep cleaning at the end of a tenancy is necessary when you rent a home or unit with pets, as the property becomes dirty even after regular cleaning. Pet hairs and dander can embed in carpets, get under furniture/heavy appliances, and settle on hard-to-reach surfaces or fixtures.

Additionally, a home with pets becomes soiled from accidents and has pet odours originating from their favourite sitting or resting spots. Hiring professional vacate cleaners in Perth is a wise and practical solution to get your rental property adequately cleaned. Professionals can help get your bond money back in full that can be up to four times your weekly rent if it is less than $1200 per week.

However, if you want to deep clean it yourself, here are expert tips pet owners should follow.

Use Quality Cleaning & Disinfecting Solutions

Always purchase good quality cleaners and disinfectants that remove contaminants and kill illness-causing microbes effectively. Check the label of products before buying to ensure they are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and safe to use in a home with pets.

Also, first clean surfaces to eliminate physical pollutants, then apply disinfectant to remove bacteria, viruses, mould spores and other pathogens. Professional vacate cleaners in Perth use quality products and clean before disinfecting to get optimum results.

Clean With Microfiber Products

Get microfiber cloths, duster and mop to effectively remove pet dander, dust, dirt, and debris from household areas. Microfiber material is made with polymers, and its fibres have an asterisk design that efficiently captures contaminants and bacteria.

You can use the products for wet or dry cleaning and sanitise almost every surface or fixture in your home without making swirls, lines or scratches. Microfiber cleaning products are washable, durable and reduce the requirement of commercial cleaner, which is why they are excellent and safe for cleaning homes with pets.

Vacuum Every Nook & Cranny

For thoroughly cleaning your home before ending a tenancy, you need to vacuum every nook and cranny of the house. Start from the top of whichever room you clean and vacuum the ceilings and fixtures, tracks/frames of windows & doors, baseboards, etc.

To remove dust, dirt, and debris from any spot, use the different attachments like the crevice tool, brush head, nozzle or hose tool etc.

Remove Pet OdoursWith Baking Soda

Baking soda is a versatile cleaning agent that sanitises and deodorises, making it excellent for cleaning and removing pet odours from household surfaces and objects. Here are tips for using baking soda for sanitising your home.

  • Sprinkle baking soda on upholsteries, carpets, beddings and area rugs and let the powder dwell for at least 15-20 minutes. Next, vacuum thoroughly to collect the powder and get rid of pollutants or smells.
  • Make a runny paste with baking soda, dishwashing liquid and water. Use it to clean any surface or objects naturally and without exposing your pets to the toxins of commercial cleaners.

Take Professional Help For Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets and upholstered items in homes with pets can get heavily soiled due to accidents or have pet hair, germs, and dander that make them smell. Professional cleaners can inspect the fixtures or furniture and advice what method will be best for sanitising them.

Usually, vacate cleaners in Perth provide carpet or upholstery vacuuming, steam cleaning and shampooing services to effectively & efficiently clean and disinfect the fixtures or objects.

Steam Clean Surfaces, Fixtures & Objects

Steam is potent for cleaning and disinfecting because its temperature reaches over 300 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it can dissolve grease or grime, exterminate mould and instantly kill most household germs like bacteria, viruses, spores etc. You can use a steam cleaner to sanitise floors, carpets, upholsteries, windows, pet bowls, area rugs, beddings and almost every surface, fixture or object in your home.

Moreover, steam cleaning is eco-friendly and reduces the need for commercial cleaners. Thus, you can deep clean your home without exposing household members and pets to dangerous chemicals and fumes.

Wash Or Sanitise Your Pet’s Things

Besides ensuring your pets are bathed and groomed regularly, you have to wash or sanitise their things because they carry fur, germs, dirt and dander. While deep cleaning your house, make sure you wash the bowls, toys, bed, blankets, cloths, collar and everything your pets play with, wear and use. When your pet and its belongings are sanitary, keeping your abode neat and tidy is less stressful.

The Bottom Line

Homes with pets are dirtier than ones without them which is why as a tenant, you have to put in extra efforts to keep your rental property in a reasonably sanitary condition. For bond cleaning, you can hire professional vacate cleaners in Perth to thoroughly clean your home. However, if you wish to deep clean it yourself, the tips shared above will help manage the task smoothly.