How To Create A Cleaning Plan To Make Your Home Sparkle

Young woman sprucing up her house

How To Create A Cleaning Plan To Make Your Home Sparkle

By : Georgia
Often people procrastinate cleaning and rush to do tasks when someone comes over, or household areas become extremely dirty. Playing catch-up with cleaning is tiring and stressful, which is why it is best to have a plan that helps make routine taskshabits. Sanitising your home according to a schedule is beneficial because it helps you clean efficiently, share responsibilities, reduce stress, and ward off procrastination. Having a cleaning plan is especially necessary when you are moving out of a rental house and need to perform bond cleaning. You can hire professional vacate cleaners in Perth, which is a practical and time-saving option. Alternately, you can create a cleaning schedule following the tips mentioned below. Whether it is for regular sanitation or end of lease cleaning, having a plan is always useful.

Analyse Your House and Note Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Chores

Before making any plan, analysis is important for determining what needs to be done. Therefore, survey your house thoroughly and note all the necessary tasks you need to perform every day, week, and month. Use pen and paper, mobile, tablet, laptop or whichever medium you are comfortable with to write the tasks and prioritise them according to importance and urgency. Once you have noted all the tasks, you can figure out the rest of the plan.

Create a Timetable

The key to having a successful cleaning plan is creating a timetable that outlines all the tasks and categorises them as daily, weekly, and monthly. Additionally, the timetable should have deadlines to complete tasks in time, and you should divide the chores among household members by assigning ownership to each task. Create a timetable for each month to ensure everything goes smoothly, and you don’t have to stress too much about catching-up on your cleaning chores. Streamlining your tasks is a great way to get work done effectively and efficiently. Most experienced vacate cleaners in Perth have cleaning checklists that help them complete their tasks in time.

Make Day & Night Swift Cleaning Routines

For daily upkeep of your house, create day and night cleaning routines of 10-15 minutes. One routine you can start and complete in the morning and one in the night. Include necessary sprucing tasks in these schedules like making your bed, decluttering, dusting, washing dishes, sweeping & mopping the floors, throwing the garbage etc. These routines will allow you to keep your house neat and tidy at all times. If you clean for a few minutes every day and night, your house will always be ready for guests, and household members will love coming home to a clean environment.

Stick to Your Cleaning Schedule

You must stick to your cleaning schedule to ensure your house remains spotless and orderly, and you don’t have to stress about pending cleaning chores. Your prime aim for sticking to the cleaning schedule should be to make sustainable sanitation habits. Thus follow your cleaning timetable religiously and if you forget tasks, set reminders. Also, don’t hesitate to involve household members because cleaning alone is tedious and demotivating. Clean with your family to make tiring and challenging tasks easy and save a lot of time and energy.

Take Professional Help

Give yourself a fresh start every few months by hiring professional vacate cleaners in Perth to deep clean your home. Even when you stick to a cleaning plan, your house needs thorough sanitation with modern equipment and expertise, which specialists who perform professional residential house cleaning and vacate cleaning in Perth have. You can book professionals for cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, carpets, walls, windows, blinds, and other areas in your house. Get in touch with a reputed cleaning company in Perth that is a one-stop destination offering a variety of services at competitive rates. Also, obtain free quotes to select a company that can clean your house within your budget.

Create a Cleaning Playlist

As part of your cleaning plan, create a playlist of songs you want to listen to for having fun while doing chores. Music is a great mood elevator, and it can help anyone feel motivated to stick to their cleaning routine. Depending on preference, you can listen to workout mixes, slow songs, EDM soundtracks, various other types of music to get in the grove for cleaning. Many vacate cleaners in Perth who have to clean and disinfect for hours listen to music to remain energetic and in the mood for sanitising entire houses.


Cleaning and disinfecting your house regularly is essential for improving indoor air quality and leading a healthy life. Understandably busy schedules and commitments make it hard to keep up with cleaning chores. By following the tips mentioned above, you can create a viable cleaning plan to streamline your tasks and complete them in time like professional vacate cleaners in Perth. Create a cleaning plan that is easy and comfortable for you to follow and will help turn chores into habits.