How to Clean Your Natural Fibre Carpet?

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How to Clean Your Natural Fibre Carpet?

By : Georgia
Sisal flooring and other natural fibre carpets are in trend because of their long durability, cosy warmth, and classy look. Plus, such types of natural carpets and rugs are eco-friendly – which is good for the environment.  Of course, natural fibre floor covering looks beautiful and promotes comfort, but they need extra care and special attention. It is because they are inherently absorbent, and you should avoid placing them in damp environments. This means spills and splashes of coffee, wine and other food items have the potential to ruin your plush natural fibre carpets. In such circumstances, make sure you treat spills as quickly as possible. You can also hire trained cleaners for a reliable end of lease cleaning in Perth to secure your bond money at the end of your tenancy. They use high-end machines and follow proven methodologies to transform your rental premises into a clean and organised space. Professionally-trained people know the pro tricks to clean and maintain your natural fibre carpets. If you are looking for DIY cleaning hacks for your coir, sisal, seagrass, jute and other natural fibre carpets, then have a look at this article and include these tips in your cleaning schedule.

1. Vacuum Regularly

A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner with HEPA-filter can help you fetch dust pollens, tiny dirt particles that are accumulated between the fibres of a carpet. For better results, use a machine with a brush attachment that can collect the debris easily. Make sure you do it vacuum your natural fibre carpets and rugs twice a week to enhance their durability.

2. Treat Carpet Spills & Stains Immediately

Always remember that spills and spots need to be treated as soon as possible. Whether it is a coffee spill or a stubborn wine stain, make sure you take immediate action to get rid of them. Any liquid spill, even if it is only water, can ruin the natural fibre of your carpet.  So, you can consider the following hacks to treat spills and stains:
  • Instead of rubbing, it is good to blot the affected area immediately with white paper towels or a microfiber cloth.
  • Remove excess solid from the carpet using a spoon and blot the stains using white vinegar and warm water solution.
  • You can test the solution in an inconspicuous area of your carpet before applying it on a larger part of your floor covering.
  • Now, blot the spill with gentle hands – work inward from the edge of the spot to avoid excess spreading.
  • Don’t overuse water as this could damage the fibres of your carpets. Leave it for 10 minutes – this will break down the spill and help you get rid of leftover marks with ease.
  • Make sure you blot excessive water by applying pressure with a clean microfiber cloth.
Tip: The hot water extraction cleaning method or steam cleaning works effective on the natural carpet made from wool-blend raw materials and nylon, but it can damage your nature fibre carpets. So avoid such methods when it comes to removing tough stains. You can hire professional carpet cleaners in Perth if you want to maintain the look and feel of your expensive natural fibre carpet.

3. Use Dry-Chem Carpet Cleaning Method

Carpets and rugs are extremely delicate and need extra attention while removing tough stains. Well, you can approach towards dry-chemical cleaning method, which is a water-free solution. It helps you remove stains and refreshes the fabric of your natural carpet. A powerful solution is used to treat stains and spills in this method.
  • Call the carpet cleaning experts in Perth who can assist you in keeping your natural fibre carpets clean and shiny.
  • They will apply the dry-chem powder to your stained carpet.
  • A machine with rotating brushes is used to rub into the carpet.
  • The powder will break down the stain and help you get rid of dirt particles.
  • Leave the product for 10-15 minutes for better results.
  • After that, they will use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaning machine to remove loose dirt and the powder.
This is one of the effective ways that can bring back the lost shine of your delicate and expensive natural fibre carpets and rugs.


These are some great hacks that will help you clean your natural fibre carpets quickly and easily. You can also take assistance from professionals for a trusted end of lease cleaning in Perth. They use the best methods to clean your floor coverings and all the rooms of your rental premises. But don’t forget to treat carpet spills as quickly as possible by blotting them with a clean microfiber cloth. For any solids, scraps up the excess products with a butter knife or a spoon. It is good to use chemical-free cleaning agents to remove greasy stains and spills from your natural fibre carpets and rugs.