1. Eliminate Dirt and Grime

    It is more than likely that your wooden doors will be covered in layers of cobwebs and dust. Eliminating them will be important as they are not good for your health. Utilise a duster occasionally to dust off the doors. This will prevent the cobwebs and dust from building up over time.

    Professionals who do the best vacate cleaning Perth recommend dusting the door, especially in the grooves, about once every week. It will prevent the large stains from forming. It is even more crucial for exterior doors as it will help keep insects and spiders from gathering around your home’s entrance.

  2. Clean Using a Mild Dish Soap

    Using a bit of mild dish soap mixed with hot water will be ideal for some basic cleaning. Take a non-abrasive sponge and dip it into the water. Next, use it to scrub the door’s surface. There is also the option of using a small brush so that you can reach the crevices and corners. After the work is completed, remember to rinse away all the residue using hot water.

  3. Do Not Forget the Edges

    Cleaning around the edges is also crucial. Follow these steps for the same:

    • Open the door.
    • Use a clean and moist cloth to wipe off the edges.
    • Rinse the cloth as you go.

    There is no harm in adding some dish soap to the cloth if the dirt appears resistant to being wiped. However, remember to clean off the soapy residue after the work is completed.

  4. Utilise a Vinegar Solution

    There is also the option of using a vinegar solution if you want to clean your doors. To prepare the solution, simply mix one part vinegar with four parts water. Next, using a sponge or soft cloth, scrub the surface gently with the solution. Remember to rinse the door afterwards using clean water to remove any vinegar remnants.

    If the door still appears to be stained, professionals who do cheap vacate cleaning Perth recommend making use of a more concentrated cleaning solution. Just mix one part bleach with four parts water. If any tough spots remain, you can prepare a mixture of equal parts water and baking soda and scrub the surface. Put in a little effort, and your doors will look visually appealing again.

  5. Use Mineral Spirits

    Mineral spirits are considered a great option for eliminating stubborn stains. Just apply a few drops of mineral spirits to a clean and dry cloth. Wipe the door’s surface using a damp cloth. This will help a lot in getting rid of any grime or dirt buildup. Also known as paint thinner, you purchase the mineral spirits from your nearby home improvement store.

  6. Clean the Door Handles

    cropped picture of a person cleaning the door knob

    To ensure the door looks as good as new, paying special attention to the door handles is a must. Begin by using a dry microfibre cloth to eliminate any visible dirt or debris. After cleaning the surface, apply a small amount of DIY all-purpose cleaner to a different microfibre cloth than the one you used before and wipe down the handle.

    You can use a mixture of distilled water, white vinegar and essential oil for the all-purpose cleaner. There is also the option of using a solution prepared by mixing distilled water, castile soap, and essential oil. After wiping the handle, properly rinse the handle using clean water. To dry it, use another different microfibre cloth.

  7. Disinfect the Door Handles

    According to the expert vacate cleaners Perth, just cleaning the door handles on a frequent basis won’t be enough. You must also disinfect them. Firstly, prepare the disinfectant by mixing 1 part vinegar and 1 part water in an appropriate spray bottle.

    Spray it on the handles and allow it to sit there for about 5 minutes. Lastly, use a clean microfibre cloth to wipe the handles. Repeat the entire procedure as and when needed to keep the handle free of bacteria.

  8. Utilise Wood Polish

    Wood polish not only helps eliminate the dirt and grime but it also helps restore shine. Just apply a tiny amount of wood polish to a clean cloth. Use a circular motion for rubbing the polish into the door surface. After you have gone through the entire door, buff using a dry cloth to get rid of any excess polish. Now, your wooden doors will look clean and visually appealing.