How to Clean These 7 Dirtiest Spots in Your Home?

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How to Clean These 7 Dirtiest Spots in Your Home?

By : Georgia
Do you think that your house is perfectly clean? Well, you are not the only one! Many people believe their home is clean because they wash their dishes, dust the photo frames, change the bedsheets and mop the floor regularly. However, you would be surprised to know that despite all this cleaning, your house is not entirely free from dirt and germs. If you want to clean the house thoroughly, hire a reliable company that provides the best vacate cleaning in Perth. They always clean the dirty spots that people often neglect while cleaning. If you want to clean your house properly, here are the dirtiest spots in your home that you should know about. Let’s have a look!

1. Toilet bowl

The toilet bowl is one of the dirtiest spots in your home. It is entirely true that the germs and bacteria flourish on the interior surface of the toilet, but it may surprise you that the outer surface of the toilet bowl is equally dirty. When you flush the toilet, hundreds of germs and harmful bacteria spread everywhere, including the seat and floor. That is why to need to clean it entirely and disinfect the spots likes toilet seat and flush lever that family members touch. You can either use an effective toilet cleaner or go for the combination of baking soda and white vinegar. These natural cleaning agents are equally effective, cheaper, safe and readily available. Professionals, who offer eco-friendly vacate cleaning in Perth, also use these products.

2. Dishwasher

Many people prefer to clean their dirty dishes, bowls and glasses in the dishwasher frequently. This excellent appliance makes everything look sparkling clean but gets dirtier with every use. People do not realise, but a dirty dishwasher carries a lot of germs and bacteria. That is why it essential to clean it up from time to time. You can either use a commercial dishwasher cleaner to clean it or opt for natural products like vinegar and baking soda. Place the vinegar in a cup, place it on the bottom rack and run the dishwasher on the hottest water cycle. After that sprinkle baking soda evenly on the top rack and again run the water cycle on the same setting. It will clean the dirt and eliminate any bad odour.

3. Carpets

Even if the carpets look clean, it can be one of the dirtiest spots in your home. Over time, it accumulates a lot of things like dirt, dust, pet hair, pet urine, insect husks, insect feces, dead skin cells, mould, etc. All these things stay there for a long time and allow germs and harmful bacteria to flourish. That is why it is essential to clean the carpets properly. However, carpets are expensive and one of the most challenging things to clean. Any wrong method can damage the fibre of the carpet or fade the colour. That is why people usually prefer to hire experienced professionals who provide reliable vacate cleaning in Perth.

4. Frequently Touched Spots

When it comes to cleaning the house, people usually neglect cleaning the frequently touched spots. These spots include doorknobs, light switch, flush lever, table surface, TV remote, game, controller, the handle of oven and refrigerator, Laptops, mouse, keyboards, phone, phone case and faucets. As different members touch these spots, and no one cleans it regularly, germs and bacteria flourish on it. That is why you need to clean and disinfect it. Use disinfectant wipes to sanitise these spots. However, before you sanitise, make sure that you have removed the dirt from the surface. Otherwise, the germs will quickly multiply.

5. The Dish Sponge

Many studies have revealed that the dirtiest spot in the home is your dish sponge or dish rag that you use it to clean the dish. People use it to clean the dishes again and again but never clean the sponge. However, you can fix it quickly and effectively! When you finish your cleaning task at the end of the day, properly wash the sponge and get out all the traces of soap. Then allow the sponge/rag to get dry. After that microwave it for 2 to 3 minutes as it will further kill the germs present in it. Wait for a couple of minutes before moving it from the microwave because it will be very hot.

6. Countertops

The kitchen countertop is another spot that looks clean, but in reality, it is not. It accumulates a lot of dust, dirt, spills, food particles, etc. daily. Moreover, differ members touch this place, and whenever your dog get a chance, it goes for counter surfing. So it is expected that the countertop can also have dog saliva. All these things harvest germs and harmful bacteria. That is why experts always advice to clean the countertop. One of the easiest ways is to hire professionals who provide efficient and cheap vacate cleaning in Perth. They thoroughly clean the entire house, including the kitchen and counter and make sure that it is clean and disinfected. Note: If you are cleaning the countertop, make sure you know the right method. If it is made of natural stone, you must not use any acidic products. It will damage the surface.

7. Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink also carries way more germs and bacteria than you can imagine. It is the place where your dirty plates get rinsed before making their way to the dishwasher. Thus, it accumulates a lot of food particles from the plates. Moreover, you wash the vegetables, fruits and other food items in the sink. You sink mat look clean, but the residue of all these things are present in it which allow the illness-causing bacteria like E. coli and salmonella to flourish. So, you must clean and disinfect the spot. Sprinkle baking soda on the sink surface and then add liquid soap and hot water in it. Use a sponge to scrub the surface properly and rinse it with water. Do not forget to clean the faucets also.


Many People take the cleaning process too seriously and get obsessive about germs. You don’t need to do that. However, it is vital that you have a good understanding of dirty spots in your home that can make a negative impact on your health. Cleaning these spots will make your home a hygienic place and protect your family.