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How To Clean Outdoor Wood Furniture Naturally?

How To Clean Outdoor Wood Furniture Naturally?
  • Georgia
  • Oct 21 2019
Outdoors provide a refreshing feeling whether you are sitting in your garden and sipping some tea or enjoying a BBQ gathering in your backyard. It is the most relaxing place in your home and also the most loved one.

Thus we spend good time in decorating it with ergonomic wood furniture that makes it even more inviting. The only drawback with this addition is that even if you dust the wood furniture regularly, it accumulates dust and stains. It becomes essential to deep clean it from time to time to keep it in best shape.

People often contact companies providing end of lease cleaning in Perth for this purpose. They have experienced professionals who make sure that the furniture gets properly cleaned without causing any damage to the surface.

However, there are various DIY procedures to maintain the shine of the wood. Here is the complete step by step procedure to clean your outdoor wood furniture naturally. Have a look!

Step 1: Removing The Dust From The Surface

Before you start cleaning the wooden furniture, you must get rid of the dust. Follow the procedure mentioned below.

Remove the Cushions

First, you need to remove the cushions, pillows and other similar objects from your wood furniture. If you have any other hardware that is detachable like screws or other decorative knobs, remove them as well.

All these things require separate cleaning and their presence can be a hurdle during the cleaning of your furniture. Do not try to remove any part that is holding your furniture together.

Dust the Furniture

Use your vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust effectively from the surface as well as cracks. While choosing the brush, always remember that a spinning brush attachment can leave scratches on the surface. So go for a non-spinning brush. As an alternative you can also use a little bit of wet cloth to wipe the wood.

Clean the Cushion

If you use cushion covers, wash them in your washing machine. If not, then, identify the material of the cushion and clean it accordingly. If you are not sure how to clean it, contact a reputed company that offers end of lease cleaning in Perth. Their experts can get the job done in a hassle-free manner.

Step 2: Cleaning Your Outdoor Wood Furniture With Vinegar

Once you are done with dusting, it is time to clean your furniture. People often use commercial products, but they do not realise that such products contain harmful chemicals.

Such chemicals can not only damage the surface but also pollute the environment, and can have a harmful effect on your health. So you must go for natural ingredients like vinegar.

Make the Solution

Mix three tablespoons of vinegar in approx. 240 ml of filtered water. The acid present in the vinegar can be too strong for the furniture surface, so mixing it with water will balance its effect. If you are not sure how effective it can be, and want to use an alternative, you can also go for mild soap and water.

Look For an Inconspicuous Area to Test

To ensure your solution is suitable for the furniture, first, you should test it on a spot that is not easily visible. To do this, you need to dampen a piece of cloth with the prepared solution, but make sure that is it not dripping and is only moist.

Apply the solution on the test area and rub it with a dry cloth. If you don’t find any problems with the test area, clean the entire piece. If you have doubts about the process, you can talk to the manufacturers or suppliers and know the best way to maintain the furniture’s cleanliness.

Wet a Cloth With The Vinegar-Water Solution

First, take a soft and clean rag or a piece of cloth. Then spray the solution on the cloth or dip it into the solution and squeeze it properly. It should be moist and not overly saturated.

Always remember that too much of liquid can penetrate the surface of your outdoor wood furniture and cause damage. Also, avoid spraying the solution directly on the surface of the furniture.

Rub the Furniture Properly

Once you have moistened the cloth properly, rub it on the furniture surface in a circular motion. When you notice that the cloth has become visibly dirty, switch to a new piece of cloth or rinse it into the solution.

If you opt for end of lease cleaning in Perth, you will find that the professionals also follow the same technique while cleaning outdoor wood furniture.

Remove the Excess Moisture

Once you have cleaned the surface of the furniture, you must remove the excess moisture otherwise; it can cause damage to the surface. Take a piece of dry cloth and rub it on the surface in a circular motion.

Step 3: Polish Your Outdoor Wood Furniture With Olive Oil And Vinegar

After cleaning your furniture, you need to polish it so that you can maintain its natural shine. Although commercial polish is easily available in your nearby market in Perth, they can cause harm to your health. So, you should go for natural alternatives.

Mix Vinegar and Oil

Mix olive oil with vinegar (one part each). To add freshness, you can add a few drops of lemon oil or even fresh lemon juice to this mixture. You won’t require the entire solution, so pour the mixture into a jar. Professionals offering eco-friendly end of lease cleaning in Perth often use this type of natural wood polish.

Test it on an Inconspicuous Spot

Before you apply it on your entire outdoor wood furniture, make sure that the solution is not causing any problem. So, first, test it on a small hidden area. Dip a piece of cloth a little bit to get some solution. Rub it on the test area and then use a dry cloth. If you find it perfect, apply it further.

Apply the Solution on your Furniture

In this step, the most important thing is to see that the polish is evenly distributed. Apply it properly to get rid of marks and minor scratches. When it is visibly dirty, take another clean cloth.

Remove Excess Moisture

Once you have applied the polish, use a dry cloth to rub the entire wood furniture. It will remove the excess moisture and will give a natural shine to your outdoor furniture. Always buff the wood in a circular motion.


It is not too difficult to clean your outdoor wood furniture. All you need is some guidance and the right cleaning supplies. The procedure mentioned here will help you to clean your furniture perfectly and without any hassle. In case you don’t have enough time for this, go for end of lease cleaning in Perth.