How to Clean Mineral Stains From Your Bathroom: Vacate Cleaning Tips

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How to Clean Mineral Stains From Your Bathroom: Vacate Cleaning Tips

By : Georgia
Stains, rings, and discolouration are a commonly occurring phenomenon in bathrooms due to minerals like lime, iron, magnesium, and calcium present in hard water. They are pesky and cleaning them is a chore. This is the reason many people in East Perth delay cleaning these stains till the last minute.

However, this chore becomes necessary to complete if you are shifting to a new home, and you want your lease inspection to go without a hitch and secure your bond money in full from your landlord. So, if you are the end of your lease, the best option is to hire professional vacate cleaners in East Perth.

They are experts who are well-trained in the art of removing even the most stubborn and old stains without causing any damages. Another option is to do-it-yourself, but that can be tiring and time-consuming. However, if you do wish first to try to get rid of the stains at home, these pro cleaning tips will be useful.

1. Identify The Problem Areas

Recognise and mark your common problem areas where the mineral stains are the most prominent. This is important as it can help you save time. Usually, this is the first course of action professional vacate cleaners in East Perth adopt.

Mentioned below the key difficult areas in a bathroom:

  • Toilet Bowls
  • Shower Heads
  • Bathtubs
  • Washbasins
  • Faucets
    • 2. Choose The Right Cleaning Agent

      Once you have identified the places you need to clean, it is time to find the right cleaning tools and agent, and vinegar is your saviour. It is a common household item and one of the most versatile cleaners. You can use vinegar with salt, lime, baking soda, etc., to get rid of the stubbornest of stains.

      To remove mineral stains from any surface in your house in East Perth, all you need to do is get a spray bottle, fill it with white vinegar and sprinkle on the stains. Leave the solution on the surface for a while and then clean with a rag or a soft brush. If the vinegar dries out and the stain is still there, you can always spray more to get the desired result.

      A word of caution: Do not use vinegar on granite or marble surfaces in your bathroom as it can lead to discolouration and abrasion. Such damages are noticed during the end of lease inspections and can cost you a portion of your bond money.

      3. Opt For Store-bought Cleaners

      If you don’t wish to use vinegar due to the pungent smell, your next option is to get bathroom & toilet cleaners from your nearest supermarket. A wide variety of such cleaners is available, and they are effortless to use.

      The common practice of using these products is to apply the solution of the surface, leave for 15-20 minutes, and scrub the stains away using a soft brush or rag. Usually, these products have a fragrance that leaves the bathroom smelling fresh and pleasant.

      4. Take Precautions

      Do not use bleach for cleaning toilets and sinks. Bleach will not clean the stain and can cause damage to a septic system. Bleach should never be mixed with ammonia as this can produce toxic fumes. Furthermore, avoid using steel scrubs or brushes.

      While cleaning your bathroom, you have to take these precautions because these damages can lead to deductions from your bond money. In extreme cases, your landlord can withhold your bond money too.

      5. Be Proactive

      Cleaning is an ongoing process, and you should make sure that you do it regularly. Stubborn mineral stains usually form when the bathroom is not cleaned thoroughly and frequently. It is your responsibility to maintain it in the exact condition you got it in.

      If you’ve cleaned your bathroom properly time and again with environment friendly cleaners, then while vacate cleaning, it becomes easier and less time consuming for you as well as the professional bond cleaners, if you hire them.

      6. Hire Experts

      Although you can do vacate cleaning yourself, it is advisable you opt for professional help. The reasons why you should do so are listed as follows:

      • It saves you time as they are experts who have a predetermined plan of action. They are fast as well as effective in their approach.
      • Rather than investing your time and energy, you outsource the work to professionals.
      • Since it’s their field of expertise; they carry the proper tools and products necessary to do the job efficiently.
      • They use the latest techniques and procedures to vacate clean optimally.
      • The experts know the precise requirements of bond cleaning. There is a chance you can miss essential areas (drains, pipes, etc.) that can cause loss of bond.
      Wrapping up

      In the end, it all boils down to “choice”. Whether you wish to hire professional vacate cleaners in East Perth or DIY, ensure you make the decision keeping in mind your bond and the property condition report.