How To Clean Furniture And Fight Odours Without Chemical Cleaners

How To Clean Furniture And Fight Odours Without Chemical Cleaners

By : Georgia
Everyone pays attention to countertops, tables, floors and carpets during routine house cleaning but overlooks furniture like cushioned chairs, couches, loveseats, padded headboards etc. Without frequent cleaning, these home décor items gather dust, dirt and grime that weaken their structural integrity and appearance. Additionally, mould and bacteria can develop in the crevices of furniture, making them a health hazard and smell extremely bad. You can hire vacate cleaning in Perth professionals to deep clean furniture in your rental property and get a complete bond repayment. But here is your complete guide on cleaning furniture at home yourself. It has expert tips to help you keep these belongings neat and tidy at all times. Have a look.

Keep Cleaning Supplies on Hand

Spots and stains are common in households with pets, small children or clumsy adults. Besides carpets, your couch, dinner table chairs, and other furniture become the prime sites of these messes. Thus, you must have the following cleaning supplies handy to remove spots and clean spills immediately after they happen.
  • A dry and wet vacuum cleaner
  • Microfiber cloths and paper towels
  • A multi-purpose upholstery cleaner
  • Water
  • Baking soda
  • A soft napping brush

Brush Upholstery Every Few Days

The fibres of padded furniture capture dust, dead skin, allergens and physical contaminants that cause asthma, rhinitis and other respiratory conditions. Regular brushing can remove debris and particles on top of the fixtures, preventing matting and accumulation of pollutants. Additionally, the fibres of upholstery remain fluffy and clean longer with routine brushing.

Refresh Upholstery with Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate can absorb bad smells, dust and moisture from organic materials effectively and efficiently. Professionals performing vacate cleaning in Perth even use natural and organic cleaning agents to sanitise household surfaces and fixtures. Thus, you can sprinkle the powder on the fixtures generously before vacuuming and it will make your upholstery items look and smell as good as new. While doing this activity let the baking soda dwell on the fabrics for at least 15-20 before vacuuming to get the best results.

Always Dab Stains While Cleaning

Rubbing stains is a rookie mistake many people cleaning furniture at home make. It causes the stains to spread and embed deeper into the fibres, making it difficult to remove them. You should always dab stains like professional end of lease cleaners in Perth while cleaning to collect as much residue as possible.
  • Try to remove spills as fast as possible by dabbing messes immediately with a paper towel.
  • Once the stain stops coming off on the paper towel, spray it with an upholstery cleaner and let it dwell for a few minutes.
  • Next, dab with a fresh paper towel o microfiber cloth to remove the stain completely.
  • Repeat the process if the stain remains visible after multiple dabs. You can also dampen the cloth and remove the moisture with the paper towel to get better results.

Clean Leather Upholstery with Vinegar

Cleaning vinegar has acetic acid that works excellently for cleaning grimy and dirty leather furniture. Make a solution of warm water and cleaning vinegar in equal proportions in a spray bottle. Apply the cleaning solution on the dirty furniture and wipe it with a microfiber cloth to remove contaminants. While cleaning, always move top to bottom, making an ‘S’ pattern to protect cleaned areas from re-contamination. It is a technique professional performing vacate cleaning in Perth use to save time, energy and product.

Deeply Vacuum Furniture Every Week

The crevices and fibres of furniture are hot spots for physical contaminants, lint and bacteria that cause bad odours and poor indoor air quality. By vacuuming them every week, you can prevent the accumulation of germs and keep the fixtures sanitary. Before you perform the activity, make sure you have the crevice tool, a flat head brush and other attachments on hand, and the equipment’s HEPA filters are clear.

Always Test Cleaners Before Using Them Globally

While trying any homemade cleaning solution or upholstery cleaner, always test it on an inconspicuous spot first to see how it interacts with the material. This small step can prevent greater damage to the furniture. Professional vacate cleaners in Perth also take this precautionary measure, and you should too. During the test, let the cleaner remain on the spot for at least 5-10 minutes before dabbing with a damp microfiber cloth and paper towel. This way, you will know if the product causes decolouration, burns or any other damage.

Wrapping Up

Keeping furniture in your house sanitary is important to prevent germ build-up and bad odours. Dirt and grime can also mar the appearance and weaken the structural integrity of the items. Therefore, follow the tips shared above to clean furniture at home like a pro. But, if you need to get your bond back in full, ensure to take the assistance of professionals offering services for vacate cleaning in Perth.