How to Clean and Prepare Your House for Halloween

How to Clean and Prepare Your House for Halloween

By : Georgia

Halloween is around the corner, and people have already started planning to celebrate it in a grand way. If you are organising a costume party at your place, you must ensure your home looks immaculate and decorated. Dirty carpets, a stinky kitchen or stains in your toilet can be very embarrassing in front of your guests.

Therefore, you need to clean the right areas and decorate them beautifully. If you need thorough cleaning in your home, then it is advisable to hire experienced vacate cleaners in Perth.

Usually, the professionals are hired to clean the property at the end of the lease period so tenants can get back the bond money. They will ensure that every nook and corner of the home looks flawless. You can utilise the time to plan your party and decoration. To get the job done on your own, you must follow the right approach.

Read on to know more about how to clean and prepare your house for Halloween.

Clean the Kitchen

If you plan to prepare different dishes on Halloween night and expect a few guests to help you, you must have a spotless kitchen.

So, clean your stovetop and countertop, kitchen tile, grout lines, sink, and faucets. When cleaning appliances, pay attention to the oven. Also, make sure that the garbage disposal doesn’t stink.

Scrub the Bathroom Surfaces

Your guests are most likely to use your bathroom, so you do not want them to feel uncomfortable. So, make sure that there are no stains on your toilet, bathtub, sink, etc. Thorough clean the shower glass and mirror, so they sparkle.

Thoroughly scrub the tile and grout lines, and do not forget to clear the drain. Following a checklist is the best ways to clean your bathroom in a hassle-free manner.

Clean hard to reach Areas

There are a few areas in the home that people easily forget to clean. So, make sure that when you are preparing your home for the Halloween, you remove dust from these areas. So, the first thing you need to do is remove cobwebs and dust from the ceiling corners as well as ceiling fans.

Also, clean the light fittings properly with the duster and then wipe them with dampened cloth. When cleaning windows, remove dust from screens, frames, glass, sills and blinds.

Wipe Furniture

Use a microfibre duster to wipe all the furniture, centre table, study table, dining table, chairs, wardrobe, etc. Make sure these surfaces do not have dust and dirt build-up. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to trap the dust and prevent its spreading.

Remove the stains from Walls

The walls are one of those surfaces that people notice the moment they enter the home. Therefore, you should ensure that the surface looks perfectly clean. There should be no scuff marks, food stains, spills, crayon marks, etc., on your walls.

Use a damp cloth to remove most of the spills and food stains. To get rid of scuff and crayon marks, use a magic eraser. There are many effective uses of magic eraser, and you should know all of them.

Vacuum Upholstery and Carpets

Do not forget to vacuum your upholstery and carpet. The last thing you want is your Halloween party guests to notice the stains, spills and pet hair on the surface.

Thoroughly vacuum your upholstery and carpets and if required, use steam cleaners. If you do not want to take any chances, hire professionals who provide reliable vacate cleaning in Perth. They have expertise in cleaning all kinds of carpets.

Decorate your Home

Once you are done with the cleaning, decorate your home by following the following ways:

Make Jack-O-Lantern Outside the House

Even while jack-o-lanterns are an essential characteristic of Halloween, they can be rather messy. The insides of the pumpkin could land on various surfaces if you cut it on your countertop and then carry it outside.

Try to carve Jack-o-lanterns outside the house to prevent such a mess. It would be perfect for your lawn or backyard. If you don’t have access to one, cover the surface you plan to carve with newspaper.

Decorate the House with Lights

People strive to make their homes look spooky during this festival by using various colours, fake blood, candles, glitter, stickers, tapes, etc. Although they may accomplish their goals, these items might be a cleaning nightmare. Staying away from such items is the greatest approach to prevent such a catastrophe.

Instead, employ several lighting sources to give your house a distinctive appearance. There is a wide variety of lights on the market; choose one that suits your needs and budget.

Take Away

Cleaning and preparing your house for Halloween doesn’t have to be a challenging task. All you need to do is to follow the tips mentioned above. If you want to clean the home professionally to improve the hygiene of the home and its appearance, contact a company that offers the best vacate cleaning in Perth.