How To Clean And Maintain Your Amtico Flooring

How To Clean And Maintain Your Amtico Flooring

By : Georgia

Amtico flooring is substantially easier to maintain than other options like wood flooring. It neither requires frequent refurbishment nor is susceptible to wear and tear.

One of the primary reasons it has become popular over the years is that it is very durable and requires minimal effort to ensure its immaculate look. However, it is still important to give proper care occasionally. Following a few maintenance tips will help homeowners deal with a few problems and keep their Amtico flooring looking as good as new.

One issue often encountered with Amtico floors is that the surface can collect dust and dirt quickly. Another problem most homeowners face is scuff marks and scratches on the surface, making the floor appear dull. This is why professionals who offer budget vacate cleaning Perth recommend cleaning the floors frequently using the products and methods suitable for the surface.

Here is how to clean and maintain your Amtico flooring. These easy-to-follow tips will help keep the floors looking pristine.

1. What is Amtico Flooring?

Amtico is a well-known type of vinyl flooring particularly recognised for its durability and strength, which is why many offices and households prefer it. It is made of plasticisers and resin. These things are compressed and heated, leading to a thin, lightweight, and long-lasting product. It provides an excellent finish, just like stone or wood. Amtico also provides an excellent opportunity to create some intricate patterns and motifs that their counterparts cannot mimic. Additionally, it handles heavy furniture and high heels well.

2. How to Clean Amtico Flooring?

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Scratches, dents, and spills can happen sometimes through general wear and tear or accidents. Even though the majority of floors just require a quick vacuum mop to eliminate dirt, some extra cleaning power is required to get rid of stubborn stains.

Hiring professionals who do budget vacate cleaning Perth is ideal when you are nearing the end of your tenancy. But for regular cleaning, it is important to learn the best cleaning methods. Here are some specific ways to deal with the common issues:

Remove Dust and Dirt

Regularly sweeping and dusting the floors, ideally a few times a week, is recommended to prevent crumbs and debris from adding up and causing damage to the floor. In high-traffic areas or spaces that are prone to spillages, it is best to mop the floor with whatever mop you have available. It does not have to be microfibre. However, it has to be damp but not dripping wet.

Get Rid of Stains

In case your Amtico floors fall victim to scuffs and stains, promptly blot the spills using paper towels. Using any chemical cleaner or even household options like vinegar is considered a DIY cleaning mistake and is not recommended for this flooring material. Instead, apply a stain remover product suitable for Amtico floors. Simply spray the product directly on the stained area and allow it to sit there for a few minutes. Follow up by using a cleaning pad.

Deep Clean the Floors

Occasional deep cleaning, when combined with regular dusting, can bring excellent results. To achieve a thorough clean, using a specialist Amtico Floorcare Stripper is recommended by vacate cleaning Perth experts. It will help get rid of any unpleasant build-up of dirt. The surface will return to its original glory. Apply the product and allow it to sit there for about 10 minutes. Follow up by rinsing off.

Eliminate Scratches from the Surface

There are two very straightforward options homeowners can utilise if their Amtico flooring is scratched. Either completely replace the affected section or tile so that it matches the proper grain pattern, or just hire a professional to repair the affected spot.

Remove Paint

Amtico floors are strong and long-lasting, which means using a scraper is all that is needed to get the paint off the surface. Just apply water and dishwashing liquid before rubbing with a plastic scouring pad.

3. Tips to Maintain Amtico Floors

Besides cleaning the Amtico floors frequently by yourself or by hiring professionals who provide the best vacate cleaning Perth and regular cleaning services, it is vital to take some preventive measures so that the surface stays in perfect condition. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Refrain from dragging furniture across the floor, as that can scratch the surface.
  • Place protective pads under the heavy furniture.
  • Handle any spillages as quickly as possible by wiping the excessive liquid to minimise stains.
  • Do not use steam mops because they can cause damage to the floor.
  • Place door mats to reduce the chance of dirt and water being walked onto the floor.
  • Adopt a no-shoes policy to keep the Amtico looking clean.
  • Ensure your vacuum cleaner is suitable for the floor material.
  • Always clean using an appropriate Amtico cleaning product.
  • Inspect the flooring regularly for any visible signs of wear and tear.
  • Address the minor issues early so that they do not become major problems.

Tips and Tricks to Maintain Clean Amtico Flooring

Tips for keeping your amtico flooring clean

Wrapping Up

The best thing about Amtico flooring is that it is much simpler to maintain than some other flooring materials. By utilising the correct cleaning methods and preventive measures, homeowners can make their floors look pristine and visually appealing for years.