How Should You Clean A Rental House Before Moving?

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How Should You Clean A Rental House Before Moving?

By : Georgia
The excitement of moving to a new place can quickly disappear if you realise that cleaning of your rental property has not been done yet. When you are occupied with different moving responsibilities, cleaning the house can be a mountain to climb. However, this task needs to get done and in the best possible manner. Otherwise, it will put your reputation as well as the security deposit at risk.

That is why tenants often prefer to hire experts who perform reliable vacate cleaning in Perth. They make sure you get desired result and also let you focus on your moving process. However, if you are on a tight budget and want to perform the task yourself, you will require some quality guidance.

Here are some useful ways to clean a rental house before moving out. Let’s have a look.

Follow a Cleaning Checklist

One of the most effective ways to clean a rental house thoroughly is to follow a checklist. It will help you to clean up every nook and corner of the rental property. You can either prepare a checklist on your own or note it down from any website.

When you do the dusting and scrubbing of the entire property, there is always a possibility that you may overlook a few vital spots. A standard checklist will ensure that you don’t miss any crucial area. That is why all reputed professional cleaners who perform vacate cleaning in Perth religiously follow a checklist to clean rental property.

Focus Areas That Worry Landlords Most

Before you clean the house, always put yourself in your landlord’s place and focus on areas that matter most to a property owner. If you can do that, you will find that areas like carpets, kitchen units, windows, walls, oven, etc. can be very costly to clean, repair or replace. Thus, the property owner carefully examines these spots during the final inspection.

When you clean the rental property, spend more time on such areas and make sure that they are perfectly clean. This is how you will be able to impress your landlord and increase your chance of getting the bond back.

Repair or Replace Anything You Damaged

If you want to pass the final inspection, make sure you fix the property damages along with the end of lease cleaning. If you have damaged any part of the rental property during your lease tenure, you must repair or replace it.

A fair amount of wear and tear is acceptable for most of the property owners. However, if there are any major damages like pipe leakage in the bathroom or kitchen, broken handles, light fitting or window glass, you must repair. If there is any major repair work, make sure you complete it before you start any dusting and scrubbing.

Start With the Kitchen

You should always start the end of lease cleaning from your kitchen. This particular room collects a lot of dirt, dust, food particles, stains, grease and kitchen oil. Moreover, it has different surfaces that require different techniques to clean. That is why it always takes more time to clean a kitchen than any other part of the rental property.

If you keep it for the last, then you might have to clean it in a hustle. That is where the quality of the cleaning can get compromised. When you will clean the kitchen, pay special attention to the oven. Landlords always examine this spot during the final inspection.

Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is another room that requires vigorous scrubbing and washing. So, make sure that you clean every corner of the bathroom. From toilet, bathtub, and shower glass to shower head, sink and mirror, clean everything properly. While scrubbing the bathroom tiles, look for mildew and remove them completely.

If you are not comfortable with scrubbing the toilet surface or want to save your time, hire seasoned professionals who perform vacate cleaning in Perth. Do not forget to remove cobwebs and clean the exhaust fan.

Clean Spots You Normally Don’t Clean

When you are cleaning the rental house, do not only focus on the spots that look dirty but also clean the areas that you don’t often clean. Such areas include the ceiling corners, fans, fan blades, faucets, blinds, light fixtures, baseboards and so on. Thus, it is vital to follow a cleaning checklist and the list must have these spots.

You must also focus on the walls and try to remove dirt and all kinds of marks such as crayons and pencil marks, spills, food and ink stains, etc. Try to use the magic eraser as it is one of the most effective ways to remove marks from walls. Paint your walls if they are too dirty to clean.

Hire a Reputed Cleaning Company

The easiest and most effective way to clean a rental house before moving is hiring professionals who can perform the best vacate cleaning in Perth. They use advanced tools and aware of the latest techniques, so you can expect the best possible result from them.

By hiring a reputed company, you not only improve your chance of getting back the security deposit but also save more time to focus on your moving process. Seasoned professionals clean all types and size of the property, so they know what property owners look for during the final inspection. Thus, they clean rental property accordingly.

Take Away

Relocation is a hectic process that can cause a lot of stress. So, if you don’t want any additional stress of the refund of your deposit money, make sure that you clean the property perfectly before moving out. If you want to get the job done is a perfect way, contact experienced vacate cleaners in Perth.