How Much Move-Out Cleaning Services Cost?

How Much Move-Out Cleaning Services Cost?

By : Georgia
Move-out cleaning is among the most sought-after professional services in the cleaning industry. Renters use them to get their bonds back without disputes or deductions at the end of the tenancy. Therefore, those who do not have the time to clean, opt for expert vacate cleaning in Perth to successfully move out of rental properties. A move-out clean happens before the final inspection by the rental provider, and you should schedule them a day or two before your tenancy ends. You can perform a move-out clean yourself because the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 necessitates renters to keep and leave rental properties in the same condition they were in at the start of tenancies. A landlord cannot legally ask you to hire professional cleaners. However, hiring a bond cleaning service is a practical and wise solution. It is economical, stress-free and effective. Thus, if you plan to hire professionals for bond cleaning in Perth, here is how much move-out cleaning services can cost. Have a look.

Cost Of End Of Lease Or Bond Cleaning In Perth

  Often people do not consider professional bond cleaners because they think they are expensive. However, delegating the task to professionals is a better bargain when you add the cost of DIY cleaning, buying supplies, spending precious time, and investing your energy in the process of cleaning. Therefore, here is the average cost of end of lease cleaning in Perth to help you make your budget and plan your finances for the move.
  • About $150 for a 1-bedroom house/apartment without carpet cleaning.
  • About $210 for a 2-bedroom house/apartment only and $250 with carpet cleaning.
  • About $260 for a 3-bedroom house only and $300 with carpet cleaning.
  • About $450-500 for a 4-bedroom house without carpet cleaning.
  • About $1000 for a 5-6 bedroom house with or without carpet cleaning.
  These are average estimates, and to get an accurate estimate depending on your house size, location, season and other factors, you must get in touch with multiple bond cleaners in Perth simultaneously. The reputed service providers offer a free quote which can be compared to find the most reasonably priced service that offers value for money.

Cost Of Carpet Cleaning Services

  Many renters do not get a complete bond refund because the carpets are not in the same condition they were in at the start of the tenancy. Therefore, ensure you check your carpets’ condition to avail a carpet cleaning service before moving out. If you need to book carpet cleaners, they can charge $2.50 per sqm. The cost is also subject to size. For example, steam cleaning carpets up to 14m2 can cost $25 to $30. Opting for carpet flee treatment because you have pets can cost $30 per room. Also, these costs can increase if the carpets are heavily soiled. Regular vacuuming cannot get rid of the embedded dust and dirt that can cost you your bond. So, hire professionals for the task who will astonish you with their results.

Cost Of Window Cleaning

  Window cleaning is another popular move-out cleaning service many people avail to get their bonds back in full. On average, window cleaning can cost $30-$45 per hour. This cost can go down or up depending on the size of the windows, their accessibility, condition and more. Therefore, you must get the complete quote with window cleaning charges while asking for a quote for bond cleaning in Perth. A reputed service will ask your requirements at the time of booking and create a customised package to calculate the charges. They even provide a free quote without any obligations. So you can check the pricing without having to book the service.

Cost Of Upholstery Cleaning

  People living in furnished properties with pets and small children usually need upholstery cleaning services because of the mess created by the members. If you are among them, normal fabric sofa/couch upholstery can cost $30 per seat. If the upholstery is microsuede or white, expect the cost to be $5-$10 more than normal fabric. For smaller seats of chairs, stools etc., the cost can be $8/seat. Again, the condition, size and other factors can affect the cost of upholstery cleaning. You must honestly inform the cleaning company about the condition of the furniture to get the right quote and avoid any disputes.

Cost Of Pest Control

  If you have pets in your home, you may have to get pest control before vacating a rental property in Perth. On average, this service can cost anywhere between $300 to $700. Depending on the area and pest control professionals, the starting price can be $110 to $120. To get the most accurate cost for pest control, get an inspection done by a licenced & registered business and choose the appropriate treatment.

Cost Of Other Move-Out Cleaning Services

  Besides the move-out cleaning services, sometimes you have to avail other services. Thus, here are some lesser-used but important services and their costs.
  • Ceiling cleaning: $50 to $200
  • Rubbish removal: $28-30/hour
  • Pressure Cleaning: $150 for 1 – 30 square metres
  • Blinds Cleaning: $15 to $200 per blind
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning: $9 to $11/sqm
  You should ask for pricing of other cleaning services while booking bond cleaners in Perth to ensure you can get a good deal.

Wrapping Up

  Move-out cleaning is one of the most important tasks you must complete when vacating a rental property. You can perform the cleaning yourself, but your chances of getting a complete bond refund are high when you take professional help. Thus, if you need an idea about average move-out cleaning cost and associated services, use this guide.