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How Much Does End Of Tenancy Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does End Of Tenancy Cleaning Cost?
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  • Oct 20 2020
Have you been dreading the end of your lease? For most of us, the end of the tenancy is easily one of the busiest and scariest phases of our lives. From sorting out all the belongings and packing them in labelled boxes to transporting them safely, there are a zillion tasks on hand. The additional burden of cleaning up the rented property kills the excitement of moving into a new house.

Naturally, most tenants prefer hiring service providers that offer vacate cleaning in Perth to ease up the stress and tension. It is also a fail-safe way of getting the bond back as the professionals are skilled in achieving the best results.

However, most people are concerned about the costs associated with the service and try to do the chore themselves. In their attempt to save a few dollars, they forget that they are putting their deposit at risk, which is much higher than the cost of hiring vacate cleaners.

Thus it makes more sense to get the job done by experts and relieve yourself from the hassle of arduous work and anxiety related to the final inspection. To understand the costing of end of lease cleaning, you must understand the factors that affect the price range.

How Much Does Vacate Cleaning in Perth Cost?

If you are relocating in the city for the first time and are not aware of the price tags associated with these services, then you can refer to the average price list. The typical costing is $400 for a three-bedroom and two-bathroom house and $300 for a two-bedroom property.

The smallest units comprising one-bedroom and one-bathroom get charged approximately $250 for the sanitisation work. The trained cleaners make the property spick-and-span, which rules out any fall out with the landlord or the property manager.

Most reputed vacate cleaning companies in Perth do not have standard prices for the job. They charge according to the services booked by the clients. Here are the factors that are taken into consideration while calculating the customised prices for every client.

The Size of the Property

It is quite obvious that the bigger the house, the higher will be the cleaning cost. We have already discussed that more rooms will add to the final pricing. Since the work hours increase with larger properties, their cleaning price goes up.

Most service providers will inquire about the size on the call to give you a free estimate. It allows you to compare the quote with other companies and make an informed decision. Thus you can choose cost-effective vacate cleaning in Perth by making a few calls during the end of the tenancy.

The State of the Property

You may have a small house, but if it is extremely filthy and has not been cleaned in months, then it would require extra effort from the cleaners. As expected, cleaning of an unkempt property will take more work hours and will consume more supplies. Thus vacate cleaning companies will be adding a few more dollars to the bill if you have not been regular with house cleaning.

The Services Needed by the Customer

Vacate cleaning in Perth is an all-inclusive service which covers every part of the property from the bedroom and bathroom to the kitchen and the laundry. However, some homes have other problems along with the usual dirt and grime. These include pests and filthy and smelly carpets which are not uncommon in households with kids and pets.

Small children have the habit of littering around and spilling food and drinks on the carpets, which can make them stained and putrid. Also, the remote and hard-to-reach corners are the perfect breeding grounds for pests in cluttered households.

It is essential to have the property, and the fixtures immaculately cleaned to get the bond back. Thus tenants requiring these special services have to ask for these services to be added in their customised checklist. The addition of these specialty services like pressure cleaning of carpets adds to the final price.

Hire an Affordable Vacate Cleaning Company

Besides all the considerations for the price, you need to pay special attention to finding the best company for the job. Surely, you do not want to waste money on a company which does a shoddy job at cleaning and fails to get the bond back. The best way of getting complete value for money is by booking reputable vacate cleaners in Perth who know their job well.

They have trained and insured professionals who are skilled in cleaning all types of surfaces and properties. Also, they do not charge on an hourly basis and provide a customised quote. Since they have a large number of customers, their prices are affordable.

An additional benefit of hiring a professional service is that they follow the REIWA approved cleaning checklist, which makes them proficient in the cleaning chore. Also, they offer a bond back guarantee which gives you the assurance of retrieving your deposit without any cuts or disagreements.

The renowned cleaning services also use eco-friendly materials for tidying up the property, which helps in saving the environment from the harmful effects of harsh chemicals. Thus there are a plethora of benefits of booking a service which offers pocket-friendly prices.


If you have been planning to move out of your leased property, then hiring professional vacate cleaners in Perth is the best way to clean up the mess and retrieve your bond amidst the chaos of moving. The service extends the required support within your budget to manage your finances and enjoy a safe and secure relocation.