How Long It Takes Carpet To Dry After Cleaning

How Long It Takes Carpet To Dry After Cleaning

By : Georgia

Eliminating embedded dust, pet hair, and stubborn stains from carpets is one of the most imperative but tedious household tasks.

Besides vacuum cleaning your delicate floor coverings, you must tackle pet accidents, organic stains, spills and splatters using cleaning solvents and warm water. This will help you maintain a healthy living environment because carpets accumulate 50-70 % of dust, dirt and debris that affect the indoor air quality.

However, most people only consider the cleaning and blotting part and forget the drying process. It is important to dry your floor coverings well after cleaning to prevent moisture and mould infestation.

Here is a complete guide to help you know how long a carpet takes to dry after a thorough cleaning for the best outcomes.

Let’s Get Started!

What are the key factors that determine the drying duration of Carpets?

Carpet cleaning is one of the time-consuming processes. Tackling stains, grime, mould, and germs is important for the pristine shine of a home and office.

So, here are the key reasons to help you determine the dry times of your floor coverings after a thorough cleaning.

Cleaning Methods

The dry time of your carpet may vary depending on the cleaning method you opt for. It is imperative to know how quickly each method takes to dry the surface.

  • Shampooing: This method includes adding a deep-cleaning foam cleanser or shampoo and uses hot water to remove carpet stains. It can help you get rid of paint stains, pet urine, and other stubborn stains. But, this type of cleaning needs 6 to 10 hours to dry completely.
  • Steam Cleaning: It is a perfect method for cleaning heavily soiled carpets but the process may take around 24 to 74 hours to dry.
  • Encapsulation: This is also one of the most common carpet cleaning methods that involves a brush machine that sprays a liquid or form cleaner to remove grime and dirt. It encapsulates and surrounds dust particles and debris within the fibres, converting them into dry and small particles. This method only takes one to two hours to dry and leaves no residue behind.
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning: In this method, powdered-based chemicals will be sprinkled on the carpet to tackle dirt and grime. This method will take only half an hour to dry.

You can also book professional vacate cleaning Perth services along with carpet steam cleaning to return the property in a pristine shine at the end of your tenancy. This will help you get your full bond back with ease.

Type of Delicate Floor Coverings

The fabric, thickness and size of the carpet will also decide the time it takes to dry.

A luxury rug with deep piles can take a full day to dry completely, while one with low-quality fabric or lopped yarn will take less than 12 hours.

Similarly, plush carpets take more time to dry because they completely absorb water during the process.

Quick Tip: Polypropylene material dries quickly as it takes 5 hours only, while polyester takes 6-7 hours to dry.

Environmental Conditions

Humidity and temperature also play a crucial role in determining the drying duration for your carpet. The drying process will take hours if you plan to clean during a winter or rainy season.

On the other hand, the process will take a shorter time if your floor coverings are drying in direct sunlight. For wall-to-wall carpeting, install a dehumidifier in the room and open your windows. These small changes will speed up the drying time and prevent your carpets from mould infestation.

Here are the tips to identify the dangers of mould in carpet so that you can treat them as quickly as possible.

Tips to Dry Carpets & Rugs Faster After Cleaning

  1. Open Your Windows and Doors

If you want to speed up the drying process, simply open windows and doors in your home. Let fresh air circulate and dry your wet carpet. It can also eliminate unpleasant odour, and direct sunlight speed up the drying duration.

You can also hire professionals for a thorough vacate cleaning Perth if you want to spruce up your entire rented property before the final inspection.

  1. Turn on Ceiling and Table Fans

This is also a good idea if you want to faster the drying process after a thorough cleaning process. Open the air vents, ceiling and table fans to improve the airflow if you have followed an intense carpet cleaning method.

You can also prepare a DIY homemade fabric upholstery cleaner and carpet stain remover using vinegar and baking soda to keep the indoor air clean and toxic-free.

  1. Use a Wet Vacuum Cleaner

This is a perfect way because these types of vacuum cleaners can soak up water from surfaces quickly and dry the carpet. You can use this technique if you have cleaned a thick carpet.

  1. Install a Dehumidifier

It can be used to reduce the humidity level and moisture on delicate floor coverings. It is an effective tool to prevent mould and dampness in your home as well.

However, don’t run a dehumidifier when windows are open, as it won’t work effectively. It is good to pair it with an air conditioner for quick and desired results.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, the drying time of a carpet and rug after cleaning depends on the cleaning methods, type of carpets and environmental conditions.

If you want to speed up the process to prevent mould and mildew growth, use the tips mentioned above and leave your carpets in a shiny state at the end of your tenancy. You can also hire professional vacate cleaners Perth to spruce up the entire property and get your full bond back with perfection.