How Cleaning Can Affect Your Mental Health?

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How Cleaning Can Affect Your Mental Health?

By : Georgia
A clean and organised home plays a vital role in alleviating stress. When all rooms are in a spick-and-span condition, you can relax for a while and focus on the positive aspects. On the contrary, a messy or cluttered home may seem like a never-ending task. You may feel overwhelmed after seeing piles of dirty dishes in the sink or nasty stains on the carpet. This means a dirty home can affect your mental health and make you feel more anxious. If you want to boost your mental health, then create a customised house cleaning schedule. Simple chores like dusting, sweeping, mopping, doing dishes, and other activities keep you stay fit, relaxed and in a meditative state. According to the recent study, clean and organised bed sheet can help you experience better sleep at night- which is also good for your mind as well as the soul. That’s the reason why landlords inspect every nook and cranny of the rental premises before handing over the bond money. They want the premises in a pristine condition so that they can present it to the potential tenants. So, make sure you hire professionals for a detailed vacate cleaning in Perth who can treat tough stains, accumulated dust, grime and bacteria using eco-friendly products. However, regular cleaning can give you peace of mind and improve your mental status. Well, here are some reasons that will help you discover how cleaning can reduce the stress level and keep you stay calm and composed.

1. Keep Your Home De-cluttered for a Relaxed Mind

Sprucing around clutter is one of the most time-consuming and frustrating chores. There is no use of dusting your windows or vacuuming your upholstery furniture if your room is in a messy condition. It also makes it difficult to concentrate on particular tasks and achieve targeted goals throughout the day. It is good to keep your home clutter-free by purging out unnecessary items. Remove toys, magazines, newspapers and other stuff from your floors before mopping or sweeping. If something is not in good condition, throw them away and increase the space of your home. You can also donate to the local charity in Perth or organise a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items. The bottom line is that a de-cluttered home boosts your self-esteem and keep you stay happy and focused all day long.

2. Shiny Spaces Uplifts Your Mood

Regular cleaning of living space is essential for your mental health. A home which is dirty or accumulated with dust leads to distractions, which can impair the ability of your brain when it comes to processing the information and leave you feeling annoyed. On the other hand, a tidy, organised, and germ-free home brings happiness and automatically uplifts your mood. When you enter in an organised living space, you will feel relaxed. So, make sure you follow the right methods while sprucing up your rooms. It is good to start from the top of your room and make your way down towards windows and floors. Tip: Use microfiber cloths and mops to grab dust particles, dirt and grime because they are super-absorbent.

3. Get Quality Sleep

It has been revealed in a study that people who make their beds every morning get quality sleep at night. It leaves a psychological impact when you sleep on a clean and laundered bedsheets and well-plumped pillows. It gives you a sense of comfort, which in turn relaxes all your muscles.

Tips on Keeping a Home Clean, Organised – and You Happy!

In order to achieve shiny and positive indoor environment, then keep the mess, dirt, stains and bacteria away from your home. Regular cleaning and maintenance can give you peace of mind and also protects your family from viruses and other diseases. Here are some useful house cleaning tips for you:

1. Create a Schedule

Performing household chores can be time-consuming, especially if you are a working professional. If you are under a time crunch, create a cleaning schedule accordingly to your availability. The chores like sweeping, mopping and dusting should be included in your checklist on a daily basis. You can take 20 minutes every day for household chores to keep the household germs at bay. Don’t forget to disinfect the high-touch areas of your home daily during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Top to Bottom Cleaning

Most vacate cleaning experts in Perth follow a streamlined process while sprucing up the rental property. You should also begin the process from the top of the room and make your way down. According to the law of gravity, dislodged dirt and dust particles fall onto surfaces below, and if you start by cleaning floors and carpet, you will have to repeat the process once you have removed dust from ceiling fans or counters. So, first remove dust from ceiling walls, windows and then work down on furniture, carpets and floors. This will also save you a lot of time and energy.

3. Include Your Family

Instead of doing household chores alone, it is always good to include your kids and spouse to the activity. Whether it is about scrubbing bathroom walls or making a bed, you can assign tasks depending on the potential of your each family member. In fact, instilling cleaning habits in your kids will give them a sense of responsibility, and they will understand the importance of a clean and organised home.

4. Arrange Your Cleaning Supplies

Apart from organising your abode, make sure you properly arrange all your cleaning supplies. It is good to have a caddy in which you can carry all the necessary products and tools required for dusting, scrubbing, mopping and sweeping the house. If you are using chemical-based cleaning products, then head towards green or eco-friendly ones. Use vinegar, baking soda, lemon, magic erasers and other natural cleaning products to treat tough stains, grease, mould and mildew.


Don’t undermine the power of a tidy and well-organised house. Regular sprucing can boost your mental wellness and give you peace of mind. With the help of these simple yet effective tips, you can achieve a clean and happy home environment. However, if you are moving out of a rental property, then hire a reliable company for a thorough vacate cleaning in Perth and pass the inspection without any dispute.