House Cleaning Habits to Teach Your Kids: COVID 19 Cleaning

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House Cleaning Habits to Teach Your Kids: COVID 19 Cleaning

By : Georgia
Coronavirus (COVID-19) has created a pandemic situation all around the world with more than 1,853,496 active cases and 114, 256 deaths till now. In Australia, over 6,351 people are infected due to coronavirus. This deadly disease has created a panic, especially families having kids.

Since there is no vaccine for this virus, make sure you follow the health guidelines carefully and keep yourself isolated from the crowded places. According to the health experts, social distancing and keeping a house clean and disinfected are the best ways to fight against COVID-19.

The Australian Government has also taken initiatives and encouraging people to stay at home and practice good personal hygiene to keep the germs at bay. Also, make sure you hire professionals for the best end of lease cleaning in Perth if you are vacating from your rental house.

You can contact an experienced company who can send trained disinfectant cleaners with PPE equipment for deep cleaning of your house. All you need to ensure that your home is clean and virus-free. Try to keep high-touch areas clean and sanitised.

If you have kids at home, then you should teach them some basic house cleaning habits. To make things a bit easier, we are sharing some great habits that will let your children in keeping their rooms clean and germ-free.

Let’ s Get Started!

1. Create a Room Cleaning Checklist

In order to keep your house clean and virus-free, make sure you encourage your kids to keep their room tidy. The best thing you can do is to create a cleaning schedule for them.

You can tell your kids to clean their bedroom on a daily basis. For that, you can make a specific checklist of easy tasks for them to follow, such as:

  • Clear the mess of toys. Keep them organised.
  • Put books back on the shelf
  • Put building blocks in their designated boxes.
  • Removing dust from a study table
  • Disinfecting high-touch areas, such as doorknobs, chair handles, bed frames, etc

If you have small kids who don’t read, then give them one of these cleaning tasks at a time. Encourage them to assist you in household chores, especially during the outbreak of COVID-19.

2. Keep Shoes Outside the House

Teach your kids to take their shoes off before they enter the house, especially those who like to jump on couches and beds. This is important because a virus can come into your living space via dirty shoes.

First, you need to make a habit of keeping your shoes on the rack outside your home and encourage your children to follow the same.

3. De-cluttering the House

Don’t forget to teach your kids to put toys, books and other stuff away as soon as they are finished using them. If your home is a mess, it will make your job difficult when it comes to disinfecting the areas that are lurking with germs and virus.

So, create a routine and let them put all their stuff at their designated place as soon as possible. Make sure their stuffed toys are in bed and books on the shelf.

De-cluttering will make it super easy for you to keep your house clean and bacteria-free.  If you want professional help, you can hire certified cleaners in Perth who can spruce up your house from top to bottom without giving you a hint of stress.

4. Use Clean Dusting Cloths

Let your kids always use clean microfiber cloths when it comes to dusting surfaces or disinfecting contaminated areas. This is one of the great habits that can prevent the spread of germs from one place to another.

When you clean the surface from a dirty or used cloth, it will make the situation even worst. This makes the surface more contaminated and could lead to serious health problems. So, teach them to use a clean microfiber cloth and paper towel for dusting and disinfecting surfaces.

Tip: Don’t forget to dispose of used dusting cloth after every use.

5. Disinfecting High-Touch Surfaces

To alleviate the spread of COVID-19, you need to keep the high-touch areas of your house clean and sanitised. Make sure you use an alcohol-based disinfectant spray or wipes to get rid of lingering germs from the areas like:

  • Doorknobs
  • Light Switches
  • Electronic appliances (door handles and control panels)
  • Mobile Devices, etc.

Let your children wipe down these areas/ surfaces twice or thrice a day with a disinfectant. Also, tell them to wash their hands properly after completing their work.

It is good to wash hands every 30 minutes to combat the spread of this deadly virus.


Teaching your kids about basic house cleaning habits can make a huge difference in maintaining the hygiene level of your house. It is important for every member of your family to keep their house clean and disinfected during this coronavirus outbreak.

If you are at the end of your tenancy and want professional help, then hire experts for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Perth. They can transform your dirty property into a clean and germ-free place using the best quality of products.